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Intel Advisor provides tools that help you decide where to add parallelism to your application. Use Intel Advisor for applications:

  • Created with the C/C++ or Fortran programming languages.
  • Containing serial code that could possibly be replaced with parallel (multithreaded) code.

Intel Advisor Access

  1. Open a terminal session.
  2. Use an ls command to locate the Intel Advisor installation directory. The default installation directory is /opt/intel/advisor_xe_2013/.
  3. Type source /opt/intel/advisor_xe_2013/ to set up your bash shell environment (specify .../advixe-vars.csh if using a different shell).

  4. Type advixe-gui to launch the Intel Advisor GUI.

Intel Advisor GUI

Intel Advisor GUI IDE

The menu, toolbar, Advisor XE Workflow, and Project Navigator offer different ways to perform many of the same functions.

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After you open a project, its name appears in the title bar. Use the menus to create and open projects; set various options; and open the Intel Advisor Getting Started page and the Help.

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Use the toolbar to open the Intel Advisor Getting Started page, create or open projects, specify project properties, create and open results, open or close the Project Navigator, and view a summary report.

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Use the Advisor XE Workflow to guide you through the recommended workflow. It helps you launch Intel Advisor tools and view tool reports.

Click the Project Navigator button to display the Project Navigator tab. Use the Project Navigator:

  • Tree diagram to see a hierarchical view of your projects and results based on the directory where the opened project resides.

  • Context menus to perform functions available from the menu and toolbar. You can also delete or rename a selected project or result, close all opened results, and copy various directory paths to the system clipboard.

Use the result tab to view the data collected by Intel Advisor tools. There is one active result for each project. You can also create read-only result snapshots. To display a context menu, right-click the displayed data or code in the various result windows.

Intel Advisor Result Tab

Intel Advisor result tab


The result name appears in the tab. It consists of the specified project name (such as nqueens_fortran), followed by an identifier in the format ennn (shown as e000). For read-only result snapshots, the words (read-only) appear after the result name that you previously specified (see Decide on the Proposed Tasks).


Click buttons on the navigation toolbar to change window views.

The displayed result shows the selected window view, presenting the finalized data collected by the Intel Advisor tool analysis.

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