MPI Application Analysis Workflow

The following figure shows basic steps required to analyze performance of MPI applications with the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier integrated into the Intel Cluster Studio XE.

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Configure and run MPI application analysis via amplxe-cl command line utility

Use the mpirun or mpiexec tool to run the VTune Amplifier command line interface (amplxe-cl) and collect data about an application. By default, VTune Amplifier analyzes all processes but you may filter the data collection to limit it to a subset of processes.


mpirun is a higher-level command that dispatches to mpiexec or mpiexec.hydra.

VTune Amplifier collects data, automatically finalizes data (resolves symbol information), and creates an individual result directory for each spawned MPI application process that was analyzed with the captured MPI process rank value. For proper symbol resolution, you may need to adjust the search settings using the -search-dir option.


View collected data

Open the content of each result directory via the VTune Amplifier standalone graphical interface to analyze data for a specific process. Alternatively, you may use amplxe-cl -report option to vide the collected data from the command line.


  • The file system contents should be the same on all nodes to make sure that the modules referenced in the collected data are available automatically on the host where the collection was initiated. To overcome this limitation, you can manually copy the modules for analysis from the nodes and adjust the VTune Amplifier project search directories.

  • For the VTune Amplifier, the CPU model and stepping should be the same on all nodes so that the hardware event-based sampling operates with the same Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) type on all nodes.

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