Dialog Box: Per-process Configuration

To access this dialog box:

  1. On the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier toolbar, click the Project Properties button to open the Project Properties dialog box.

    The Target tab opens by default.

  2. Select the target type from the drop-down menu: Launch Application or Attach to Process.

  3. Check the Analyze child processes box to enable Per-process configuration field, and click the Modify button on the right.

    The Per-process Configuration dialog box opens.

Use This

To Do This

Process field

Specify the name of the process you want to configure analysis on.

Analyze drop-down menu

Use This Option

To Do This

Do not analyze

Ignore the process and child processes it spawns while collecting data.

Only parent

Analyze the process but do not collect data on any child processes.

Only child

Do not analyze the process but collect data on child processes it spawns.

Parent and child

Collect data on process and child processes it spawns.

Remove directory button

Remove the selected process from the list.

The Default process configuration represents how all processes should be analyzed. This line cannot be removed, only analysis configuration can be specified.

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