Whole Vector Operations


Concurrent invocation of these operations on the same instance is not safe.

The following table provides additional information on the members of this template class.
Member Description
void reserve( size_type n )

Reserves space for at least n elements.

Throws std::length_error if n>max_size(). It can also throw an exception if the allocator throws an exception.

Safety: If an exception is thrown, the instance remains in a valid state.

void shrink_to_fit()

Compacts the internal representation to reduce fragmentation.

void swap( concurrent_vector& x )

Swap contents of two vectors. Takes O(1) time.

void clear()

Erases all elements. Afterwards, size()==0. Does not free internal arrays.


To free internal arrays, call shrink_to_fit() after clear().


Erases all elements and destroys the vector.

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