Window: Summary After Analysis Is Complete

Intel Inspector displays this window after analysis is complete and when you open an existing result.

The Summary window shows application problems detected during analysis, problem severity, and associated code locations. It also provides access to generic error explanations and corresponding source code in your default editor. Use this window to:

  • View prioritized problems and choose problems of interest to display in the Sources window.

  • Temporarily limit the problem list to only those items that meet specific criteria.

  • Graphically visualize the relationship between threads and code locations (dynamic analysis results only).

  • Change problem state and suppress problems to help you focus on only those problems that require your attention during this and future analysis runs.

  • Report result data in plain text format.

  • Merge state information from a result with an overlapping set of problems.

  • Annotate problems and merge annotations from a result with an overlapping set of problems (static analysis results only).

  • Launch a new analysis in conjunction with a debugger to stop at problems of interest (dynamic analysis result only).

Window Layout

Window layout-Summary window

Window Panes and Toolbars

  1. Analysis Type
  2. Toolbar: Navigation

  3. Pane: Problems

  4. Pane: Code Locations-Dynamic Analysis

    or Pane: Code Locations-Static Analysis

  5. Pane: Timeline (dynamic analysis results only)

  6. Pane: Filters

See Also

Supplemental documentation specific to a particular Intel Studio may be available at <install-dir>\<studio>\documentation\ .

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