MeshCommander - IIS - kvm wont connect

MeshCommander - IIS - kvm wont connect

i have setup a test box server 2012 r2 with IIS installed, then installled the meshcommander.msi with the IIS options.

Im able to connect from a remote or local browser to the mesh commander website and then connect to a AMT provisioned machine to check status, event log etc. But when I choose Remote Desktop > Connect, the message just says "Setup..." and window stays black and goes no further.

Initially I thought it was a network issue but if i use the standalone meshcommander exe from the same IIS server, then the kvm remote viewer is able to connect ok, Can anyone assist with steps to troubleshoot this ??



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Hey Johnny,

My first thought is to make sure you are using the most up to date binaries for the IIS site. Since you have established that the connection using the .exe version works, but the IIS version does not, indicates basic networking is fine.

If I had to guess, disable any firewalls due to other ports may be coming into play with the IIS version. The second thing would be to confirm KVM is enabled, there is a button in the upper right to control this. Unlikely but...

Let me know if either of these helps?


thanks for the reply.

yeah I have gone as far as even disabling the windows firewall service so i dont think its that.

Versioning raises a good point though. Installed the msi from the website, the msi is versioned as 0.4.3 in file properties and chose install options for meshcommander and IIS site

If I launch "C:\Program Files (x86)\Open Source\MeshCommander\nw.exe" then it shows as version 0.4.3

But when I browse to the site, it shows as v0.3.6 in the header bar ? How do I get that up to 0.4.3


Hey Johnny

The IIS and the .exe are not installed together and are separate downloads, the IIS version can be downloaded here

To update your existing site copy the files from the download folder of "MeshCommander/IIS-WebSite" into the site's path.



When you run the msi 0.4.3 setup it has 4 components you can install, which include "MeshCommander IIS Website" - this is what I installed. If I download the IIS Source and Samples zip file from the site, it seems to contain the same files for the site path. I copied them in anyway, iisreset and still the site says its version 0.3.6 and I have the same issue. So i suspect I do have the latest binaries but something in the website just doesnt display it.

I notice in the zip file there is some word documents about setting up IIS, but the documents are very old and seem to reference a manual creation of the website in iis, when it appears thats what the msi is doing anyway.

either way, it seems like all the other functions of the website work, I can send power commands successfully etc, its just the remote console wont connect and Im a bit stumped where to start the troubleshooting.

Hey Johnny,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

I have informed the Developer who confirmed the issue and is working to fix this and will update the thread soon as the update hits the download location.


Thanks for the notice! I just updated MeshCommander v0.4.3 on the website ( with a new .MSI that has the latest IIS version. I did not change the version number on the installer, so uninstall/download/reinstall. Totally my fault, forgot to update it. Thanks again for the note.

Thank you, I can see the site now with correct version but the issue around kvm not connecting through the site still persists. Any ideas ?


Ive updated the IIS site to 0.4.4, still havent managed to get the original kvm connection issue sorted, thought id bump this to see if anyone else can advise. thanks


I sent you an PM to set up a call


Hi there - just to say I have the exact same problem that Johnny N has except I'm using the latest (0.4.5) with the NodeJS server.  I can connect to the AMT device, have control over power options and monitoring but the KVM console doesn't work.  Would love any guidance.


I made a youtube video of the problem here:

Best Reply

Hi. I will take a look at fixing this, but I have a much better solution you should try. This is a not yet announced feature, so it’s a scoop. The problem with MeshCommander as a web site hosted in IIS or NodeJS is that it has no database on the server to keep state, etc. Basically, there is no server smarts at all. Try this instead:

Use NPM in NodeJS to install “MeshCentral”
(NPM link:

Then, run it like this:

node meshcentral --lanonly --nousers

It will run MeshCentral2 in “single user mode” and in “LAN mode”. You can also add “--notls" if you like. Then, browse to the web site, in “My Account” create a new mesh that is “Intel AMT agent-less”. Go back to “My Devices” and start adding your AMT devices or scan the network for them. MeshCommander is built in and it’s a lot more powerful. You can also manage computers that are non-AMT if you use the MeshAgent, etc.

Let me know what you think.

Wow, thanks for this Ylian!  Will get to work on this now.

Hi Ylian,

Just want to say a big thank you - that solution worked well.  Although I should add whilst testing and setting up the environment I updated Node on server the original NodeJS server remote desktop started working.  So it was my fault for not having an up to date environment in the first place.

Just want to reiterate how grateful I am for your work on this Ylian and your responsiveness to feedback and support!


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