Installing Wind River Software

Downloading the Wind River Installer

  1. On your Development Computer, use your Wind River account credentials to log in to Wind River Windshare (
  2. Under the Products menu, select Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform XT 3.1, and then click Installer for Linux.

    The installer begins downloading.

  3. When the download completes, move the Installer file into the $HOME/Installer directory on your Development Computer.
  4. Change to the Installer directory and unzip the file:
    cd $HOME/Installer
    unzip idp*.zip

Installing the Wind River Development Tools

  1. Start the Wind River Host Tools Installer:

  2. In the Extract Installer window, browse to the $HOME/WindRiver directory. Click OK.
  3. Click Next in the Installer Welcome screen.
  4. On the Online Update Settings screen, keep the box at the top checked to look for and apply Installer updates.

  5. Click the triangle to expand Network Settings.
  6. If your company uses a proxy server:
    1. Check the option Connect to the Internet using a proxy server.
    2. Select the radio button for your proxy server type.
    3. Enter your proxy server information and port number.
      Note: You can use either an IP address or a proxy server name in the IP Address field. The screen shows an example proxy server name.
  7. Click Test Internet connection to verify Internet connectivity. If the test fails, verify your proxy configuration and try again.
  8. Click Next, and then, in the Login required popup, provide your Wind River account login information.

    The Installer takes about two minutes to check for updates.

  9. Select Typical as the installation type.
  10. If you agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement, click I Accept.

    The installer continues to download software for a few minutes. If prompted for it, supply your Wind River account login information.

  11. When the Installer - Select Product page displays, click Install.

    The installation beings. It downloads approximately 27 GB of information. This might take several hours and can run unattended. The Intelligent Device Platform XT 3.1 installation is complete when you see Installation Successful. Click Finish.

  12. Install the Wind River license by moving the file WRSLicense.lic, obtained in Activating Your Wind River License, from your $HOME directory into the $HOME/WindRiver/license directory.

Verifying All Required Linux Packages Are Installed

  1. Change to the $HOME/WindRiver/wrlinux-7/scripts directory and verify all packages have been installed:
    cd $HOME/WindRiver/wrlinux-7/scripts

  2. Respond to the message you receive:
    • If the message says All required host packages are installed, proceed to Building a Gateway OS.
    • If the message says that packages must be installed, install them, replacing [package #1] [package #2] [etc] in:
      sudo apt-get install [package #1] [package #2] [etc]

      If prompted, provide your Linux password.

Installation Complete

Your installation of the Wind River® Linux development environment and of Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform XT 3.1 is complete. You are ready to develop applications for the Gateway and then build a custom operating system.

Para obtener información más completa sobre las optimizaciones del compilador, consulte nuestro Aviso de optimización.