Copying the Gateway OS to a USB Flash Drive

In this section you will copy your Gateway OS onto a bootable USB flash drive. The USB flash drive must be at least 8 GB and any content on it will be erased.

  1. From your Development Computer, display the storage devices:
    ls /dev/sd?

  2. Insert the USB flash drive into your Development Computer.
  3. Run ls again and compare the results to determine the newly connected storage device (USB flash drive):
    ls /dev/sd?

    You will need the USB flash drive name in the next step. In this example, the USB flash drive is /dev/sdb

  4. Change to the appropriate directory:
    • If you built the OS using Workbench, change to the workspace directory, replacing <YourProjectDirectory_prj> with the directory name:
      cd $HOME/workspace/<YourProjectDirectory_prj>
      Note: There will be two similarly named project directories, one of which has _prj appended to it. Change to the *_prj directory.
    • If you built the OS from the command line:
      cd $HOME/Project
  5. Deploy the Gateway OS to the USB flash drive. The compiled OS file is named to match the processor type in the Gateway. Use the appropriate command for your Gateway and replace /dev/sdX with the USB flash drive storage device name:
    • IoT Gateways based on Intel® Atom™ processors:
      sudo ./deploytool \
      -f export/intel-baytrail-64-idp-idp-dist.tar.bz2 \
      -d /dev/sdX -y -u -B 1; sync

    • IoT Gateways based on Intel® Core™ processors:
      sudo ./deploytool \
      -f export/intel-haswell-64-idp-idp-dist.tar.bz2 \
      -d /dev/sdX -y -u -B 1; sync

    • IoT Gateways based on Intel® Quark™ processors:
      sudo ./deploytool \
      -f export/intel-quark-idp-idp-dist.tar.bz2 -d \
      /dev/sdX -y -u -B 1; sync
  6. Type your Linux password if prompted and click OK.

    The deploy process might take up to 15 minutes. The bootable USB drive is created when you see DONE!

  7. Remove the USB flash drive from your Development Computer.
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