MeshCommander - Keyboard Mapping (Backslash Key)

MeshCommander - Keyboard Mapping (Backslash Key)


When I use the KVM functionality of MeshCommander, the backslash key comes out as the hash key on the client end. 

Both the viewer and client are set to English - United Kingdom.

Any ideas why the mapping isn't working correctly or how I can fix it?

Thanks for any assistance,


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Hey Blair,

If you tried VNC Viewer Plus? If not, please let me now if the behavior stays the same please


Oh, that is interesting. I am traveling until June 6th, so I can take a look when I am back in the office. It would be helpful if we know if a different viewer does the same thing of not.

Joseph, Ylian

Thanks for your assistance.

As requested, I have tried connecting from the same viewer system to the same client device using VNC Viewer Plus and the backslash key mapping does work correctly. 

Having glanced at the source code for MeshCommander, I guess this is something related to the keysym characters or keyevents in the amt-desktop-0.0.2.js file. I don't see a visual studio project file in the source so I guess I can't compile a new executable version myself?

Acknowledged regarding your travels Ylian, I look forward to hearing from you on your return.

Kind Regards, 


Hey Blair,

Thanks for the feedback  and I am sure Ylian we tackle the issue upon his return


Hi Joe, Ylian

I was just following up on this topic to see if you had a chance to look at this yet?

Kind Regards,


Hi. I just looked into this and indeed, there is a problem. Windows performs a key conversion before giving it to MeshCommander. The key is then sent to the other computer who them perform it's own local keyboard conversion. One really good setup I have has both computers use French AZERTY keyboards and when I type QUERTY on my keyboard, I see QUERTY show on the other screen because of the double conversion. Set one of the two computers to US-English and I see AZERTY show up.

A workaround is to set MeshCommander's computer to US-English, that way, the keys are sent without conversion to the remote computer who then perform the UK conversion. I don't have a UK keyboard, but it seems this work for me and would work (mostly) for any language.

Can you try that? If it works, I can see if I can try getting keys into MeshCommander without the viewer side key mappings.


Hi Ylian,

Here are the results I am getting my end. 

Viewer Computer (UK English) + Client Computer (UK English) = Incorrect Mapping.

Viewer Computer (US-English) + Client Computer (UK English) = Incorrect Mapping.

Viewer Computer (UK-English) + Client Computer (US-English) = Correct Mapping.



Thanks for the test! I am a bit surprised US/UK did not work, I have to check that again on my setup. This said, UK/UK is no surprise it does not work and UK/US did also work for me.

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