"Architectural Performance Monitoring version is 0" error

"Architectural Performance Monitoring version is 0" error

Trying out Intel System Studio on a machine with Xeon E5-1660 v4

Most of VTune targets report the following: "Cannot enable event-based sampling collection: Architectural Performance Monitoring version is 0. Please make sure that vPMU feature is enabled in your hypervisor. Refer to the 'Using Intel VTune Amplifier with a Virtual Machine' help article for details."

I'm not inside a VM, so it's not clear why am I getting this message, and I can't see any relevant settings in Bios. Googling the error message doesn't help either. Could anyone give an advice how to make VTune work?

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Solved by uninstalling Hyper-V from the system and updating VTune right after that (not sure which one solved the problem).

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