2018 studio causes kernel panic on zion skylake with RHEL 6.9

2018 studio causes kernel panic on zion skylake with RHEL 6.9


While 2018 studio update 1 crashes on skylake with RHEL 6.9 I cant seem to download any of 2017 builds to use before 2018 is fixed. Web page throws me into login. BTW, I can download 2018, 2016 and previous studio builds just fine. Is 2017 still available? Any alternative way to download it?


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Could anyone help me with older version download?

Hi Sergei

You should be able to download the 2017 VERSION by going into the IRC , Logging in and then selecting Intel System Studio int he products. After selecting that you can choose the version you want to download from the "Choose a version" drop down box. 

Please send me a screenshot of the problem you are facing doing this.



I did all that and when I click "Full download" or whatever I got thrown into login screen repeatedly. That apart, I got 2017 version of parallel studio (2018 version of it has same skylake kernel panic issue). Thank you for looking into it none the less.

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