clGetPlatformIDs crashes if integrated graphic card disabled

clGetPlatformIDs crashes if integrated graphic card disabled

I have an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU with Intel(R) HD Graphics 530
and my main graphic card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB.

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]

All latest drivers installed from Windows Update.

Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 driver:

Vendor: Intel Corporation
Date: 28.02.2018

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB driver:
Vendor: NVIDIA
Date: 27.10.2017

I have manually disabled my Intel graphic card in Device Manager (my monitor is connected to GTX1060), and when I did that,
clGetPlatformIDs started crashing, when trying to retrieve a number of platforms.

Dump copy for history/search index:
> igdrclneo32.dll!044a6204() Unknown
[Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for igdrclneo32.dll]
igdrclneo32.dll!0449394b() Unknown
igdrclneo32.dll!044dc726() Unknown
igdrclneo32.dll!04494471() Unknown
igdrclneo32.dll!0449ad9f() Unknown
[External Code]
OpenCL.dll!5bd910c2() Unknown
OpenCL.dll!5bd960d0() Unknown
[External Code]
OpenCL.dll!5bd96184() Unknown
OpenCL.dll!5bd9527a() Unknown
IntelOpenCLTest.exe!main() Line 13 C++ sample app attached (the exact version on which dump was made). - full crash dump attached as well.

NOTE: tested on other systems and it is not everywhere gets reproduced.
On other system (not sure what is the Windows/drivers version) it crashes with Integrated graphic disabled only if running with SYSTEM user (e.g. started as Windows Service).

NOTE2: did the same test with disabling my GTX1060 and having monitor connected to Intel Integrated Graphic card - no issues or crashes.

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NOTE3: if I completely disable integrated graphic card in BIOS (so no Intel HD Graphics 530 seen in the Device Managed), and device driver is removed - no issues seen.

ANy update on that. I have the same issue.

Hello IhorD,

Thanks for sharing your sighting.


Do you observe clGetPlatformIDs(...) functioning if the Intel graphics device is disabled in the bios but the Intel Graphics driver stays installed?


If we're in a case where we can assume all devices are enabled, let's backup and look at the issue at a higher level. If a developer goal is to choose a specific OpenCL device for a specific job,  a developer should consider the clGetPlatformInfo(...) facility. The cl_platform_info bitflag has a few different options that should allow a developer to target execution for a specific device with discretion. I'll suggest a healthy program should allow for discernment amongst devices as opposed to picking the first device. The picking first device practice is common in many hello world style programs. Developers should strongly consider using the name, extensions, vendor interrogation capabilities provided by clGetPlatformInfo(...) in order to execute programs consistently. 



Graphics Driver comments:

  • Version is called out in use on the system under test.
  • It may be worth trying an updated Intel Graphics driver. Intel Graphics driver packages for Windows have been seeing updates on relatively frequent regular cadences this year.
  • The driver packages contain OpenCL implementations and are available on Note: OEM vendors may not support drivers that haven't been obtained directly from the OEM vendor. Make sure you check with your vendor before attempting to use an alternate driver package. 
  • If you try an updated driver please share what's observed in this thread.




Some additional comments:

  • Also, can you provide BIOS version and system vendor model number info if you have it? It could prove helpful. If theres no vendor don't worry about it.
    • For BIOS/firmware updates the same guidance given for graphics drivers suggested earlier applies. It could be worth exploring an update for the BIOS.
  • That version of Windows isn't the latest. It could be a good idea to update to a newer version of Windows.



Hi Michael,

Thanks for response.

1. clGetPlatformIDs still crashes, if Intel graphics device is disabled in the bios but the Intel Graphics driver stays installed. I have to remove driver (uninstall hidden device from Device Manager) to make it work.

2. Of course. Even better - I run a series of small kernels on each device to choose which works better/faster/etc., before choosing a final one.
I just don't get that far, if I get a crash at the very beginning.

3. Driver version - is the latest available from Windows Update on my PC.

4. > can you provide BIOS version and system vendor model number info if you have it?

I have AsRock Z170M Extreme4 motherboard with latest stable BIOS installed (P7.40), according to official website:

Also, if it helps: Intel ME FW Version:

5. > That version of Windows isn't the latest

My company's clients may have a different variety of PCs to run our software. That's why developers and QAs are using different configurations/version of PCs/operating systems, to ensure our product quality and stability.

In this particular case, I'm using Windows 10 LTSB update channel, which is claimed to be "Long-Term Servicing Branch".
Version 10.0.14393 is a latest available version in this channel.
There is a list of latest supported Windows versions 

I've updated my Intel Graphic driver to latest available on Intel website (as of now):

Driver Date: 20.06.2018

I can no longer reproduce crash in any of the cases:
- driver installed and enabled (used to be OK - now OK);
- driver installed but disabled (used to crash - now OK);
- driver installed and enabled but device disabled in BIOS (used to crash - now OK).

This pretty much fixes all my issues.

Also, would be perfect if I (and my company's clients) could get latest driver with Windows Update.




Thanks for the feedback around the issues constraining your goals.

Admittedly, I'm not familiar with the Windows Update process but I'll follow up on if there is room to get builds up there more frequently.

The Intel Driver Support Assistant Utility is here it may be applicable to the types of deployments under consideration:




Good to know. Thanks again!

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