how to refer in the cmakelists for android

how to refer in the cmakelists for android

 i have complie the tbb for android platform arm64,

and in the build folder there are some .o .d and .so files.

then i want refer the tbb in jni,but i do not kown how to refer the files in cmakelist.

i try to only refer the as below:


the errors occur when i build :

C:/Users/msewi/Desktop/3rd/tbb-2018_U5/include\tbb/internal/_flow_graph_impl.h:266: error: undefined reference to 'tbb::task_group_context::is_group_execution_cancelled() const'


i guess only refer the is wrong.

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Hi Liu,

First of all, maybe it would be easier to use android binary package and then use the official CMake tutorial. Secondly, I think you missed target_link_libraries(...) command.


thanks for your reply.

it seems that i have made a simple mistake  -_-!


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