Help!!! Uninstall intel fortran composer XE 2011

Help!!! Uninstall intel fortran composer XE 2011

Good afternoon,

I have a problema, when I try the path  to unistall intel fortran composer XE 2011 in SUSE 11 sp4. I need help please!

The message is:  Package has been installed by another user. Press enter to exit.

path: # /opt/intel/composer_xe_2011_sp1.10.319/bin/ ./uninstall




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I think the message is quite clear: you don't have permissions to uninstall the Intel Composer because it was installed by another user, possibly the root user.

Good Morning,

I'm trying to uninstall as a root user and it does not working, how can I uninstall


thanks, regards.



This forum comment might help you, as this is a pretty old version:

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