Crash message while running SOLIDWORKS

Crash message while running SOLIDWORKS

Hi, i'm sorry if this is out of topic, if this is the case please tell me where i need to post this. I was running a particular SOLIDWORKS simulation, on other simulations it never happened, i got this message in the CMD and the program crashed:

OMP: Warning #2: Cannot open message catalog C:/Program Files/SOLIDWORKS Corp/SOLIDWORKS/1040/libiomp5ui.dll:

OMP: System error #2: Impossibile trovare il file specificato.

OMP: Info #3: Default messages will be used.

OMP: Warning #96: Cannot form a team with 56028 threads, using 32767 instead.

OMP: Hint: Consider unsetting KMP_ALL_THREADS and OMP_THREAD_LIMIT (if either is set).



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