When MEMORY POOL could be officially released?

When MEMORY POOL could be officially released?

Memory pool is very useful. However, to use memory pool, I've to define TBB_PREVIEW_MEMORY_POOL, which makes me fear that it could have bugs.

So when MEMORY POOL could be officially released?


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Hi Kevin,

Preview macro doesn't mean, that the feature has bugs. It means that the feature is in a stage of collecting feedback from the users, so interfaces, as well as implementation, can be changed.

However, recently, due to the number of requests, we have started work for Memory Pools productization. I can't say the exact dates, but we are working on it.

Thanks for the update.

(Come on, dude. Every pro knows what PREVIEW means ^_^)

Then, as a pro user, maybe you can give us feedback about what can be improved in Memory Pools API? We will consider it during the productization.

Thanks, Nikita

Mem alloc/free is always a big headache for c/c++ lang. One of the major pro of the pool concept is that once you do memory alloc on a pool, you can free the pool as a whole, you don't need free memory piece by piece, which reduces the chance mem leak/crash, in case your forget to free or you free duplicately. Thanks.

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