This section contains tutorials for developing projects for and working with your system.

Reference implementations, code samples, and additional documentation

You can check out the following reference implementations for steps to leverage your system to create some realworld solutions:



You can also view additional code samples and OpenVINO™ toolkit documentation.

Debugging your project

  1. To debug your project, click the Debug drop-down list in the toolbar, and click the name of your project. If you see a message asking you to open the debug perspective, click Yes.

    The debug perspective opens.

  2. To return to the C/C++ perspective once you're finished debugging, click the blue C/C++ icon in the top right of the application.

    Note: If you don't see the C/C++ icon, you can instead go to the menu and choose Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > C/C++ to exit the debug perspective.

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