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Chess Mob

Descripción del proyecto:

Have you ever wanted to play chess with only one type of player?  It's never been done...until now!  Chess Mob is a revolutionary twist based on the greatest game of all time.  Play with a "mob" of pawns, bishops, knights, rooks, or queens against another mob of chess players of your choice.  Which mob is the best?  Perhaps it is the mobile queens? Perhaps the numerous pawns? Play with your favorite mob and find out!

Uso de herramientas y SDK Intel:

Used the x86 Porting documentation to help optimize Chess Mob for the x86 architecture but other than that we used Eclipse and Visual Studio for development.

Características destacadas:

+ Improved Computer Player Intelligence + Improved Computer Player move time on higher difficulties + Better support for small screens + Fixed Convert Piece / Resume game bug + *** Optimized for Intel x86 architecture phones ***

Espacios o áreas que se requieren para ampliar esta aplicación:

As development continues we are going to keep balancing the chess piece sets that player get when they play to make the game more fun. We eventually want to expand the capabilities of the application to player vs player over Bluetooth or WiFi.

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