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Simiyu The Chicken

Descripción del proyecto:

Guide the super chicken named Simiyu through 40 action packed platform levels and unlock a mission for Simiyu. Simiyu the chicken has been to space and back, and boy is he ready for some thrilling action. His ultimate success depends on you, and you can bet he is already such a hero. Simiyu the Chicken is a fantastic 2D platform game in its style. Have fun collecting coins and points as you help the Chicken travel through the Under-world! Run and jump, explode, what you want! All the best! Great for people of all ages, children, boys, girls, men and women. They will enjoy it!

Uso de herramientas y SDK Intel:

Beacon Mountain/NDK

Características destacadas:

Native(C++) collision detection system, amidst Java design

Espacios o áreas que se requieren para ampliar esta aplicación:

- 2D sprites - C++ developer - Story line development

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