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Call for Papers: Inspire the Global IoT Community by Speaking at Intel Global IoT DevFest III

Submit Your Abstract by May 4 to Present at this Two-day Virtual Conference June 19-20

If changing the world through the Internet of Things (IoT) is what animates and inspires you, here’s your opportunity to drive that change:...

Folsom City Library Embraces VR

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending a twice monthly VR lab at the Folsom Library.  This lab is  part of the XR Library initiative which is a think tank and clearinghouse so to speak for libraries to share best practices in the...

MeshCentral2 - Notes, Account Management & Locking

MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. This week is the last feature release for a little while because of traveling and vacations coming up and a bit more focus on bug fixes. This said, we have a...

April IoT Top Trending

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for April

Download code samples this month to create an IoT Hub for communication between the Microsoft Azure* cloud platform and your UP Squared* device. We also give you more on smart sensors, actuators, and protocols.

How to Securely Move Mission Critical Workloads to the Cloud

As organizations increasingly move their business-critical workloads to the public cloud, encryption is an effective and popular control for data protection. With encryption protecting the data, the risk then transfers to the encryption keys....

AI DevCamp:Chicago

I write this as an observer of something I had yet to witness. Early in the morning of April 7th, facing bitter cold and a lack of coffee, roughly 200 developers and students entered TechNexus in downtown Chicago. They were brought there by the...

The Best of Modern Code April 2018

Updates for Fortran 2018, a new issue of the Parallel Universe and more Python*.

Intel Security Essentials: A Built-in Foundation with Security at the Core

Today at RSA in San Francisco, Intel announced a framework & built-in foundation of security capabilities called Intel® Security Essentials. These capabilities are available across Intel® processor lines, and they enable security...

MeshCentral2 - Frame rate, Temporary agent, Processes

MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. The pace of releases is accelerating as the core components of MeshCentral2 are maturing and it’s getting easier to build new features. The “all JavaScript”...

Intel & Industry Partners Showcase Advances for Data Scientists & Analytics Software Developers at the Strata Data Conference

Amazing customer presentations and demos showcased new capabilities and opportunities for data scientists, data engineers and analytics software developers at the Strata Data Conference/San Jose. At jam-packed technical sessions and...

1000 Machines in a Simulation

This is the second “Wind River® Simics® at 20” blog featuring feats from the past and how they reflect into current technology and best practices.

A “kilo-machine”

Back in 2004, Simics was being developed by the startup company...

What's New in Intel® Media Server Studio 2018

Intel updated its media software development tools, Intel® Media Server Studio, and Intel® Media SDK 2018 versions, used to optimize video solutions from camera to cloud. With these tools, media developers and video solution providers can speed video transcoding and streaming (live, OTT and VOD),...

May Flowers

Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories April

Modeling May flowers? Learn more about creating visuals and assets for virtual reality projects this month. We also learn about persistent memory management and more.

What's New in Intel® Media SDK for Windows* 2018 R1

Speed Video & Image Processing with New  Intel® Media SDK

Just released, Intel updated its media software development tools, Intel® Media Server Studio and Intel® Media SDK 2018 R1, which...

Intel Software Innovator Tejumade Afonja: Making a Difference in Nigeria

A thirst for knowledge is what has brought Intel® Software Innovator Tejumade Ajonja to where she is today. She has a drive to not only continuously learn, but to also continuously prove that women can be in the forefront of technology. As...

Suggestions for 2018 ESDC teams

Publicado el 7 de abril de 2018

Author:Prof. Han Deqiang from Beijing University of Technology

In order to help the participating teams to better select the boards and complete the contest, we have the honor to invite Prof. Han Deqiang from Beijing University of...

Intel Unite® Solution FAQ

Publicado el 15 de noviembre de 2016, actualizado el 6 de abril de 2018Por Joseph O. (Intel)

FAQ for Intel Unite® Developers looking at developing plugins for the Intel Unite hub software

MeshCentral2 - MeshCmd + User Notifications

MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. This week, Bryan Roe significantly improved the MeshCmd tool that is included in MeshCentral2 and available as a standalone download. Bryan...

-NEW- Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 64-bit [6th, 7th & 8th Generation]

DRIVER VERSION: (Windows Driver Store Version DATE: March 27, 2018 Here are some of the benefits for developers in driver Vulkan* memory optimizations for DOTA 2* and other games Performance...

Optimizing ML and DL framework using Intel Deep Learning toolkit



This is a completely open source optimizing toolkit from Intel.

We can get it separately or embedded within Vision SDK.










Exciting Innovations Showcased at the 2018 Game Developers Conference

Exciting innovations and opportunities enthralled more than 25,000 attendees at the world's largest professional game industry event, the 2018 Game Developers Conference (GDC), March 19-23 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. On the show...

MeshCentral2 - Multi-computer desktop viewer

MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. This week is spring break in Oregon and we are going to celebrate with a smaller and more fun MeshCentral2 update. We just released support for viewing...

The Parallel Universe, Issue #32: Computer Vision is Coming Soon to a Browser Near You

My first exposure to the field of computer vision was Gary Bradski’s OpenCV* article in Dr. Dobb’s Journal. Gary was working in Intel Labs at the time. I’d just joined Intel a few months earlier and was surprised to learn that we were working in...

AI Student Ambassador Kshitiz Rimal: Using AI to Create a Positive Impact in Nepal

The Intel® Student Ambassador Program was created to work collaboratively with students at innovative schools and universities doing great work in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence space. I had the opportunity to get to know one of...

MeshCmd - New Intel AMT command line tool

Just posted on the web site a new do-it-all command line tool for Intel® AMT that runs on both Windows and Linux. The new tool is called “MeshCmd” also called “MeshCommand”. It makes it easy to do all...

Intel® Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks March 2018

Every month I pick out a few projects from Intel® Developer Mesh that I find interesting and share them with you. There is a diverse array of projects on the site, so narrowing it down to just a few can be difficult! I hope you’ll take a few...

Introducing the New Graphics Multiframe Analyzer Tool for Metal* Beta

Publicado el 26 de septiembre de 2017, actualizado el 20 de marzo de 2018Por Giselle G. (Intel)

Say "Hello!" to the newest member of the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) tool suite.

Perform Live Analysis Using the System Analyzer HUD

Using the new System...

Intel® Black Belt Software Developers, Intel® Software Innovators, & Intel® Student Ambassadors: March 2018

Intel® Developers and Innovators were busy over the last month! Here’s an update on what the Intel® Software Innovators, Intel® Black Belt Software Developers, and Intel® Student Ambassadors were up to around the globe.


Top Trending IoT March

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for March

Publicado el 14 de marzo de 2018, actualizado el 16 de marzo de 2018Por Amelia N. (Intel)

Here's a look back on some of the best from the Global IoT Dev Fest II. Learn about predictive maintenance and how to cut energy costs with our articles for March.

Intel Debugger

The Best of Modern Code March

Take a deep dive into Modern Code this month; grow your expertise with Python* and more.