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Intel Software Guard Extensions Tutorial Series update: a new SDK version and a brief intermission

An update to the Windows version of the Intel Software Guard Extensions SDK was just posted to the Developer Zone. This new release, version 1.7, adds Visual Studio Professional 2015 Update 3 to the list of supported Microsoft IDE's and the Intel...

See Why Vertigo Software* Recommends Intel® Core™ i7 Processors for their VR game Arizona Sunshine

Learn what advanced features the developers of upcoming VR title Arizona Sunshine were able to add to the game if you have an Intel® Core™ i7 Processor (hint: it involves dismembering zombies).

November Game Dev

The Fab Five: Game Dev Zone Content | November

Top Game Development content for November includes Open GL tips, ideas for building games for VR and how one company topped the charts using Intel technology.

Improve Media App Performance with Hardware Acceleration

Publicado en 28 de febrero de 2016, actualizado 5 de noviembre de 2016Por Gael H. (Intel)

Try out FFmpeg and the Intel Media SDK API sample: sample_multi_transcode to get the most out of your media processing.

New IoT Botnets Emerge

On the heels of severe Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, new Internet-of-Things (IoT) powered botnets are emerging.  There are already hundreds of such botnets which exist in the underground hacking ecosystem, where services, code, and...

Offloading Graphics Processing from CPU to GPU

Find out why you should offload video processing from the CPU to the GPU.

Let’s Talk About Cyber Risks

In the last 12 months, we have seen an unprecedented number of cyber-attacks occur or come to light.  Sophisticated attacks against governments, businesses, consumers, and the pillars of the Internet itself.  The future appears to be fraught with...

November Top Ten

Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories | November

November's Top Ten includes direct N-body simulation for Modern Code, creating an IoT pressure sensor, tips to getting started in AI, and a reason to leave the nest this month.

Top 5 Things to Know About Recent IoT Attacks

Recent internet attacks resulted in popular sites becoming unreachable, such as Twitter, Etsy, Spotify, AirBnB, Github, and the New York Times.  These incidents have brought to light a new threat to online services: Internet of Things (IoT)...

Cerber Ransomware Now Hunts for Databases

Cerber is one of the more popular ransomware packages and has upgraded itself to also target databases.  It is available for purchase as a service (ransomware as a service) on the darknet as part of an affiliate program.  The Cerber malware is...

Metal Minds

Metal Minds is a collection of the best articles and blogs focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning from the Intel® Developer Zone.

Will the Future U.S. Leaders Establish a Cybersecurity Strategy?

The U.S. lacks of a clear and comprehensive national cybersecurity policy, objectives, and plan.  It is very concerning.  As cyber issues continue to grow, we will look back and ask ourselves "why didn't we move on this earlier?"  It is far easier...

Connecting to the Gateway

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Intel® IoT Developer Stories for October 2016

Our team of software developers, experts, partners and enthusiasts have continuously shared innovative and exciting ideas in the Intel® IoT Developer Zone. This month download several new Code Samples, discover the IoT Developer Kit and more.

The Latest IoT Device I Do NOT Want Hacked

What if someone hacked this remotely controlled semi-autonomous tractor? I am a cybersecurity guy and a huge fan of technology.  One of the challenges we are facing in the security industry is the growth of the Internet of Things (...

How to Secure the Future of IoT

The world of IoT security just became more complex.  IoT devices are no longer a potential threat to their owners, now they pose a significant threat to everything connected to the Internet. The old IoT security problem For the past year, the...

SIGGRAPH 2016 Insights and Observations

At SIGGRAPH 2016, Intel presented sessions on occlusion culling, deep learning, high-dynamic range video, 360 video editing workflow for VR, and 4K video scaling. You can find the slides from these presentations on our SIGGRAPH Special Sessions page.

Pipeline and the Efficient Chef (Part 2)

Advanced computer concepts for the (not so) common Chef In Pipeline and the Efficient Chef (Part 1), we showed how the basic pipeline is equivalent to what our Chef does when following one step in his recipe. To say it differently, the execution of...

G7 Publishes Cybersecurity Guidelines for Global Finance

The Group of Seven industrial powers wrote up a basic, yet foundational, cybersecurity strategy and operational framework document.  It is intended to be the building blocks of consistency across the financial sector and includes 8 basic elements...

The Visualization Toolkit, Enhanced by Software Defined Visualization

Publicado en 13 de octubre de 2016Por David D.

Greetings, developers. My name is David DeMarle and I am a developer at Kitware. I’d like to discuss some of the work we’ve been doing recently with Intel and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). Kitware is a software consulting company that...

Learn once, apply everywhere: Why React.js is today’s trending Web Dev technology

Having kids has been incredibly helpful in making me aware of the latest technology trends … like the Augmented Reality game Pokéman Go, which one of my daughters—an early adopter of whatever is "hot"—was playing well before it started trending in...

The Best of Modern Code | October

Find out the latest blogs, articles, videos and more on Modern Code. This month we visit CERN, review a case study on BerkleyGW* and review efficient C language implementation of parallel in-place square matrix transposition.

Top Ten October

The Fab Five: Game Dev Content | October

Read about GameStream* and the challenge of Cloud Gaming, OpenGL* performance tips and 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.

Should Cybercrime Victims be Allowed to Hack Back?

Being hacked is a frustrating experience for individuals and businesses, but allowing victims to hack back against their attackers is definitely a dangerous and ill-advised path. Compounding the issues is the apparent inability of law enforcement...

Cybersecurity Bounty for iOS Zero-Day Exploits Rise to $1.5 Million

Zerodium is offering a $1.5 million bounty for Apple iOS*10 zero-day exploits.  This is the latest in escalating vulnerability bounties to cybersecurity researchers. It may seem excessive, but this is a market driven by demand. Crowd-sourcing to...

Faster, Smarter Development for Embedded Solutions - Free Webinars

Take advantage of these two deep dive free technical webinars for optimizing embedded applications and system software. Find and fix power efficiency and performance issues, improve reliability, and speed your development so you can go to market...

Sharing Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence is the Only Way We Win!

  Cybersecurity is a team sport. The bad guys share information, expertise, code, and help one another. The good guys must do the same to keep pace. Sharing Threat Intelligence is a key aspect where knowledge gained by owners of sensor networks...

What Will Kill ROP Cyberattacks?

IBM recently announced a software-oriented solution to help eradicate Return Oriented Programming (ROP) malware attacks.  ROP is a significant and growing problem in the industry.  Crafty hackers use snippets of code from other trusted programs...

Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories | October

Find out what's buzzing this month with the October Top Ten!

The New Reality for IoT Security

Recent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are forcing a shift in Internet of Things (IoT) security thinking. The dangers are expanding as attackers are taking advantage of billions of IoT devices and conscripting them into their botnet...

Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest – 2016 Runners Up

Each year we celebrate the winners of the Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest. This year’s field had both a large of number of submissions and was very deep with wonderful games that our internal screeners enjoyed play testing.  The strength of the...