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  1. Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 11.1 is needed


    Hi All, I am a PhD student, and I am working with ABAQUS 6.11 FEM software. It requires specifically Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 11.1 to run some functions of ...

  2. DLL files difference generated based on IVF version 11.1.067 and ...


    We previously used IVF 11.1.060 with visual studio 2005 to generate a DLL file from FORTRAN codes. Now the we have updated to visual studio 2008 with IVF ...

  3. Converting a program from CVF 6.6 to IVF 11.1


    Hello everybody, I am converting a program from CVF 6.6 to IVF 11.1 and I am looking for an equivalent to this part of the code below : 1. What library should I ...

  4. Intel HD 540 only advertises feature level up to 11.1


    6 Abr 2016 ... D3D11CreateDevice fails if you ask for 12.1, but succeeds if you ask for 11.1 Feature level 12.1 features (such as conservative rasterization) ...

  5. Using Visual Fortran Compiler 11.1 to compile a 9.1 project


    On my machine, i have Windows 7, Visual studio 2005 and I also have integrated the IVF 11.1 successfully. However, when I tried to compile the project I got ...

  6. Pardiso now fails after upgrading from to


    Hi, I just upgraded my Mkl library from to and now Pardiso crashes. All I'm doing is running a solve on a 4x4 matrix for 3 vectors, it used to work ...

  7. What is the difference of version 11.1.072 and 11.1.048


    15 Abr 2016 ... There is a Fortran program and two testing datasets,when compiled in VS 2008 with Intel Fortran version as 11.1.048 (Win 7, 64 bit), both work ...

  8. Need silent install INI file for C++ 11.1 for Linux


    6 Abr 2016 ... I am looking for “silent install INI file” or “silent_config.ini” for Intel(R) C++ Compiler Professional Edition 11.1 for Linux* OS to download.

  9. Obtaining Intel Fortran compiler 11.1


    27 Nov 2013 ... In order to this I'll need the Abaqus compatible Fortran compiler 11.1. I've read on the forums that older versions can be obtained from the ...

  10. IVF 11.1?


    21 Ago 2014 ... can you please tell me where I can buy exactly this release "Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows 11.1", and if it possible to get a discount, ...

  11. Problem installing intel compiler 11.1.038 in fedora 11


    Hi, I'm using fedora 11 and I'm trying to install intel compiler v11.1.038. During installation process, I received some problems with pre-requisites. they are:

  12. ifort 11.1/089 OpenMP problem - OS X 10.6.4 - wrong numbers


    Hi Folks,I am getting incorrect numbers when using more than 1 OpenMP thread with ifort 11.1/089and a Fortran90 code. I am running OS X 10.6.4 and Xcode ...

  13. Compilation error using 11.1.046 & not 10.1.018


    Hi, I tried to compile a code that uses both C and F90 languages. But with 11.1. 046 i get this error which 10.1.018 does not show:

  14. Visual Fortran 11.1 and Visual Studio 2012


    25 Nov 2013 ... I have used Visual Fortran 11.1 and Visual Studio 2008 for 4 years. Today, I had a new computer with Visual Studio 2012. After I installed ...

  15. Ifort 11.1 bug (?) segfault with nested OpenMP and large private arrays


    Ifort 11.1 bug (?) segfault with nested OpenMP and large private arrays. Ifort 11.1 bug (?) segfault with nested OpenMP and large private arrays. jonathanvincent.

  16. Problem installing intel visual fortran 11.1 redistributables


    12 Sep 2012 ... One of our clients is having trouble installing the Intel Visual Fortran 11.1 Redistributables on their machine. It appears the the error occurs in ...

  17. Download intel fortran 11.1


    2 Sep 2014 ... In order to work with Abaqus, I need to have intel fortran 11.1. I have the serial number but I fail to find the link to download it. Can I have one?

  18. Help me on Fortran Compiler 11.1 licence Issue


    3 Ene 2013 ... I am working with Visual Studio 2008 IDE and installed Fortran Compiler 11.1 by IT admin. I dont know howmany users are using this.

  19. Redistributable merge module (.msm) file for 11.1.065 version of ...


    10 Jun 2015 ... Is a redistributable merge module (.msm) file available for the Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows 11.1.065 update 6 Redistributable ...

  20. Version 11.1 of the Compiler Tools supporting QNX* Neutrino ...


    27 Jul 2009 ... In ww31, 2009 we launched Intel C++ Compiler 11.1 Professional Edition for QNX* Neutrino* RTOS. The tools which are validated for Windows ...

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