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  1. x87 FSIN/FCOS mediocre accuracy


    accuracy of results obtained in normal rounding mode by pushing a double, .... term, there are various techniques for improving the accuracy of this calculation.

  2. Where are the VML performance and accuracy tables/graphs?


    15 Abr 2016 ... Hello -- Can someone please point me to the performance tables and accuracy tables/graphs for the Vector Math Library? They seem to have ...

  3. Gaze tracking accuracy with the Intel RealSense


    31 Ago 2015 ... Is there some documentation about: - Gaze tracking accuracy?; - How well does it work when the person rotates the head?; - Does it work well ...

  4. Accuracy/performance of Intel Math Library


    hace 22 horas ... Can you please point me to the accuracy and performance tables for the Intel Math Library described at ...

  5. Quad precision (real*16) accuracy problems


    Jan 29, 2006 ... Hi, The quadruple precision available in ifort-9.0 is supposed tobe a IEEE-style floating point format with 113 bits of accuracy, right? It seems ...

  6. About FPU/SSE determinism


    Oct 7, 2004 ... It is possible to force the floating point unit to use standard accuracy ... depending on the accuracy mode that is specified in the compiler flags.

  7. bit rate parameters not affect the communication performance


    14 Oct 2013 ... Hi, I'm tring to control the bit rate and I tried to configure the following parameters: while using ABVR: accuracy and convergence and while ...

  8. Mixing of Floating-Point Types ( MFPT ) when performing ...


    22 Ene 2013 ... Some developers are Mixing Floating-Point Types ( let's call it as MFPT ) when performing calculations in order to improve accuracy of results.

  9. Makefile and MKL


    31 Ago 2015 ... 02, OBJS = $(OBJSDIR)/main.o $(OBJSDIR)/IO.o $(OBJSDIR)/alloc.o $( OBJSDIR)/communication.o $(OBJSDIR)/accuracy.o ...

  10. Adaptive spike solver error -309


    9 May 2011 ... TYPE OF SOLVER ? 3 !! ACCURACY OUT. ? 1.000000000000000e-07 !! NB ITMAX OUT. ? 50 !! ACCURACY IN. ? 1.000000000000000e-05.

  11. vmlSetMode


    May 11, 2009 ... I've noticed that the VML functions have a way to control precision - High Accuracy (HA), Low Accuracy (LA), and Enhanced Performance (EP) ...

  12. Why is my code faster than MKL???


    I've messed around with the various MKL options like accuracy modes and # of threads, .... For example, accuracy-relaxed algorithm for multiplication could be:

  13. Fast approximate of transcendental operations


    Nov 2, 2014 ... Is there any other transcendental function which is also available as fast (and low accuracy) version? I need it in one of my ordinary differential ...

  14. Vector math library speedup


    Jan 12, 2006 ... For example, the high accuracy single precision VML logarithm takes ... VML low accuracy functions are comparable in accuracy with SVML ...

  15. differences between c standard library and MKL


    Nov 2, 2008 ... VML_HA -> High accuracy versions of VML functions will be used. ... clearly are limited to double, with no possibility of extended accuracy.

  16. GPS sensor not working/active in Intel Ultrabook?


    Oct 29, 2012 ... GPS based location with high position accuracy is a must for my app to ..... if the ( Intel) driver developer could just set the accuracy return value ...

  17. Integer VS fp performance


    ... something like 40 multiplies on 200 element vectors, that all fall in a small range, (so I can multiply them by lets say 1000 and I would get the accuracy I need if ...

  18. Ativar GPS do celular(Android)


    7 set. 2014 ... accuracy = pos.coords.accuracy; altitude = pos.coords.altitude; altitudeAccuracy = pos.coords.altitudeAccuracy; heading = pos.coords.heading;

  19. Double precision Newton-Raphson


    31 Oct 2012 ... According to the URL you posted, about 48 bits accuracy was all that was ... where Intel compilers make use of the lower accuracy options.

  20. Inconsistency in floating point results on Different Architecture!!! How ...


    Jul 25, 2014 ... I tried the solution recommended in the link below, but it didn't change anything. The industry in which i work, data accuracy upto 16th decimal ...

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