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  1. ifor accuracy


    ifor accuracy. Christoph I. Vie, 02/12/2016 - 01:21. Hi,. in my code I sum up the array values i and i-1 in a manner that in the end the result should be 0. Like the ...

  2. Some accuracy questions about neural network in DAAL


    Some accuracy questions about neural network in DAAL. Hanxi F. Dom, 25/12/ 2016 - 21:30. Here I use this data set: ...

  3. ifor accuracy


    Dec 2, 2016 ... Hi, in my code I sum up the array values i and i-1 in a manner that in the end the result should be 0. Like the following.

  4. Gaze tracking accuracy with the Intel RealSense


    31 Ago 2015 ... Is there some documentation about: - Gaze tracking accuracy?; - How well does it work when the person rotates the head?; - Does it work well ...

  5. [Request] Power model & accuracy


    Feb 25, 2010 ... (a point ofpower(orenergy)model's accuracy) Please send me the information. Regards, Jihwan Park (jh79.park@samsung.com)

  6. x87 FSIN/FCOS mediocre accuracy


    May 16, 2010 ... accuracy of results obtained in normal rounding mode by pushing a double, executing fsincos and popping the results as two doubles.

  7. Quad precision (real*16) accuracy problems


    Jan 29, 2006 ... Hi, The quadruple precision available in ifort-9.0 is supposed tobe a IEEE-style floating point format with 113 bits of accuracy, right?It seems ...

  8. Accuracy of face recognition


    Accuracy of face recognition. yhu y. Jue, 07/04/2016 - 03:26. Hello. I am making a face recognition module in C # using the RealSense. But the problem has ...

  9. About FPU/SSE determinism


    Oct 7, 2004 ... of the floating point unit and how many temporary values are held in the floating point registers (with 80-bit accuracy) versus the XMM registers ...

  10. bit rate parameters not affect the communication performance


    14 Oct 2013 ... Hi, I'm tring to control the bit rate and I tried to configure the following parameters: while using ABVR: accuracy and convergence and while ...

  11. Why is my code faster than MKL???


    Nov 20, 2007 ... I've messed around with the various MKL options like accuracy modes and # of threads, but saw no changes. Does anyone have any thoughts ...

  12. Redirected from comments on the Intel Energy Checker SDK page ...


    14 Abr 2010 ... Thanks for your interest in our SDK! The accuracy for power/energy measurements you will get is the accuracy of the power analyzer you will ...

  13. Adaptive spike solver error -309


    9 May 2011 ... TYPE OF SOLVER ? 3 !! ACCURACY OUT. ? 1.000000000000000e-07 !! NB ITMAX OUT. ? 50 !! ACCURACY IN. ? 1.000000000000000e-05.

  14. VML vcAbs precision vs. AVX


    Apr 17, 2013 ... It means that VML_EP should be used when speed is needed and accuracy of calculations is less important. You need to decide what is more ...

  15. Why Fortran Composer XE 2013 has optimization option ...


    I understand the striving to make compiler code faster but why to do this at the expense of accuracy? Developers of source codes from netlib.org worked in XX ...

  16. matrix inversion precision issues on two different processors


    1 Abr 2013 ... Accuracy _PC_64 - long double - Result: 1.0000000000079181. Test-Case 4. Matrix A 101.0 201.0 301.0 401.0 501.0 601.0 701.0 801.0

  17. GPS sensor not working/active in Intel Ultrabook?


    29 Oct 2012 ... I often see a response with lat 0 long 0 and accuracy 0. I have never seen Altitude or Speed returned. I'm in conversation with Norman (Intel) ...

  18. differences between c standard library and MKL


    Nov 2, 2008 ... Make sure you are aligning the first value of your arrays (or, in this case your variable) to the 16-byte boundary to guarantee accuracy. See the ...

  19. Compiler runs into problem compiling F77 code


    May 28, 2015 ... ACCURACY OF COMPUTATIONS DDELT = .10D-02 ^ ampld.new.f(8): error # 5149: Illegal character in statement label field [C] ACCURACY ...

  20. Ativar GPS do celular(Android)


    7 set. 2014 ... accuracy = pos.coords.accuracy; altitude = pos.coords.altitude; altitudeAccuracy = pos.coords.altitudeAccuracy; heading = pos.coords.heading;

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