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  1. SSE vs AVX optimized code generation


    I have both SSE and AVX versions working well for single-element processing - however, when I extended the code to support higher order parallelism, the ...

  2. Cache and AVX


    15 Oct 2016 ... Hi, I wrote down a piece of code which searches a file for one or two character matches using AVX. Source code is here: ...

  3. AVX Turbo bins for Broadwell-EP


    6 Sep 2016 ... Hi, I was wondering whether the information available in Table 3 of ...

  4. What is different between these AVX events on v3?


    21 Sep 2016 ... I found these events on v3. And test xhpl_hybrid_intel64 ( parallel_studio_xe_2015.tgz). "AVX_INSTS_LOADS", "AVX_INSTS_STORES" ...

  5. Oct. 18 webinar - Vectorization Insights with Intel® AVX-512


    12 Oct 2016 ... We will describe, with C and Fortran examples, new opportunities for performance-enhancing vectorization provided by the Intel® AVX-512 ...

  6. Do the Intel 11.1 compilers support AVX?


    Title says it all. Just wondering if the 11.1 version of the intel C and Fortran compilers generate AVX code? Can someone verify this? Thanks for any assistance.

  7. How to zero extend packed unsigned 8-bit integers with an AVX ...


    29 Ago 2016 ... I need to zero extend packed unsigned 8-bit integers with an AVX intrinsic. Question: How do you generate a "vpmovzxbd xmm, xmm" ...

  8. Missing AVX-optimization of atan2f


    Using Intel CC 14.0 under Visual Studio 2013SP2 atan2f() with AVX: 3.915 sec. with SSE2: 0.800 sec. atanf() is not affected with AVX: 0.475sec. with SSE2: ...

  9. AVX thread safety problem


    Seems like there's some sort of thread safety problem in the AVX code inside MKL. ... The AVX kernels in MKL require 32-byte alignment to obtain consistent ...

  10. Intel® AVX Special German and United Kingdom Discussion 2010 ...


    The Intel® Software team in the United Kingdom and Germany are organizing an exclusive opportunity for software developers. We will be inviting the top forum ...

  11. AVX preprocessor macro in bvh.cpp, bvh_statistics.cpp, primitive.cpp


    Jul 8, 2016 ... We noticed that while we are trying to move to embree 2.10.0 there are linkage errors when we link our codebase to an avx build embree:.

  12. question on avx instruction encoding


    XDIS 0: AVX AVX C4C17458C5 vaddps ymm0, ymm1, ymm13 XDIS 5: AVX AVX ... In AVX, the other places that registers can be specified (MODRM.REG ...

  13. Stencil loop is not AVX vectorized


    When I replace the X-1 index with X in line 13 then I get true AVX code. Is there something I overlooked ? Thanks for any hints. michael The command line is ...

  14. Mixed (with/without AVX) project


    Hello I've a static lib bult with -xAVX. In runtime if CPU has no avx the lib is unused. However this lib presence forces my app to crash. In Link Map file I see ICC ...

  15. AVX coding examples


    1 Feb 2011 ... I found some good C/C++ coding examples for using AVX to solve different mathematical and modelling problems here: ...

  16. VisualStudio compiler parallelisation options and AVX


    The code is a floating point intensive modelling code that would likely benefit from AVX. Are the Sandybridge extensions incorporated within the current intel ...

  17. Build for Atom requires AVX function?


    4 Ago 2016 ... I'm attempting to build a dynamic library as part of an application that runs on an Atom E3845 under a custom OpenEmbedded-based Linux.

  18. Why is my AVX slower than SSE?


    2 Jun 2015 ... As the description of "IIR Gaussian Blur Filter Implementation using Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions", The AVX should be faster than SSE ...

  19. AVX Base and Turbo Frequencies on non E5 CPUs


    19 Oct 2015 ... The AVX Base and Turbo Frequencies for the Xeon E5 v3 CPUs are well documented: ...

  20. How to use the auto-dispatching for AVX (plus some more questions)


    Hi, 1) I spent more than a day playing with AVX intrinsics just to find out, that despite I made almost as fast as my assembler code (with ICC actually slightly ...

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