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  1. Oct. 18 webinar - Vectorization Insights with Intel® AVX-512


    12 Oct 2016 ... We will describe, with C and Fortran examples, new opportunities for performance-enhancing vectorization provided by the Intel® AVX-512 ...

  2. AVX best performance min function with usigned char


    3 Ene 2017 ... Considering that A,B,C are 8 bit datatype so with AVX vectorization I should have 16 operation per clock cycle, but the function fmin work with ...

  3. AVX-512 in graph process applications


    29 Nov 2016 ... I'm currently researching possibilities of graph algorithm implementations using vector instructions (working in KNL and using AVX-512) and ...

  4. AVX add slow due to vinsertf128


    Dec 17, 2016 ... CPU is a 3820, ICL 14.0 and VS2013, variables are double's auto newvel = velocitiesy[i] + force;That line is slow because instruction ...

  5. AVX Base and Turbo Frequencies on non E5 CPUs


    19 Oct 2015 ... The AVX Base and Turbo Frequencies for the Xeon E5 v3 CPUs are well documented: ...

  6. Why is my AVX slower than SSE?


    2 Jun 2015 ... As the description of "IIR Gaussian Blur Filter Implementation using Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions", The AVX should be faster than SSE ...

  7. Intel® AVX Special German and United Kingdom Discussion 2010 ...


    The Intel® Software team in the United Kingdom and Germany are organizing an exclusive opportunity for software developers. We will be inviting the top forum ...

  8. AVX coding examples


    1 Feb 2011 ... I found some good C/C++ coding examples for using AVX to solve different mathematical and modelling problems here: ...

  9. How to zero extend packed unsigned 8-bit integers with an AVX ...


    29 Ago 2016 ... I need to zero extend packed unsigned 8-bit integers with an AVX intrinsic. Question: How do you generate a "vpmovzxbd xmm, xmm" ...

  10. How to compile avx intrinsics in linux device driver?


    24 Mar 2015 ... Ubuntu on core i7 How to compile avx intrinsics in linux device driver? ... assembler in a Linux device driver than to use the AVX intrinsics.

  11. AVX crash


    3 Nov 2014 ... Hello OSX 9.5, Embree 2.3.3 built with icc 13. Crashes on machine with AVX, same scene renders Ok with ssse3, sse4.1 etc. It's machine of my ...

  12. Build for Atom requires AVX function?


    4 Ago 2016 ... I'm attempting to build a dynamic library as part of an application that runs on an Atom E3845 under a custom OpenEmbedded-based Linux.

  13. post AVX killer apps here


    16 Nov 2010 ... I was wondering which applications will profit most from AVX extensions. There are some AES, fp and integer math operations. Please post ...

  14. When is AVX 512 on a chip, not just an emulator?


    1 Jul 2014 ... I have seen the official statement that Broadwell chips will be available before Christmas, but I can't tell if Broadwell includes the AVX 512 ...

  15. ifort 17.0.0 AVX dot_product bug on i5-6300HQ with -O2 -xHost


    28 Sep 2016 ... I may have found a compiler bug on Linux, for ifort version 17.0.0 on a Debian ' testing' distribution (uname -a: Linux e5470 4.6.0-1-amd64 #1 ...

  16. AVX preprocessor macro in bvh.cpp, bvh_statistics.cpp, primitive.cpp


    Jul 8, 2016 ... We noticed that while we are trying to move to embree 2.10.0 there are linkage errors when we link our codebase to an avx build embree:.

  17. avx vs avx 2 performance.


    10 Sep 2013 ... We try 3th gen processor (i7-3517UE with avx) and we try 4th gen processor (i5- 4402E with avx2). We configured all processors to work on the ...

  18. Disabling AVX


    26 Mar 2014 ... Hi all, Is there a way (under Windows 7) to disable the support of AVX. I wan't to make sure that on a pre-SB machine I don't get "Illegal ...

  19. AVX Turbo bins for Broadwell-EP


    6 Sep 2016 ... Hi, I was wondering whether the information available in Table 3 of ...

  20. AVX cloth Whitepaper : SOA Cloth Simulation with 256-bit Intel AVX


    1 Feb 2011 ... Im Basher Khan I know few AVX experts inside Intel so if you have any quarries you know who to ask! You may find this article very useful, ...

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