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  1. Extensiones ISA - Intel AVX | Zona para desarrolladores Intel®


    Intel® AVX es una nueva extensión del conjunto de instrucciones de 256 bits para Intel® SSE y se diseñó para aplicaciones que usan Floating Point (FP - Punto ...

  2. Illegal instruction when running AVX program


    11 Sep 2015 ... I used icpc to compile an AVX program with instruction such as _mm256_maskload_epi32. The program compiles and links fine. When I run it, ...

  3. Choosing between AVX and SSE2 at run time


    Sep 29, 2015 ... In my case, my processor has AVX instructions available, but I would like to test the SSE2 path as well. Is there any way I can do this, or must I ...

  4. AVX horizontal sum and store


    The next thing is how to store only, one value of an AVX register. In SSE I just used _mm_store_sd. I could do a cast from __m256d to __m128d and use SSE ...

  5. Extensiones ISA | Zona para desarrolladores Intel®


    Descargas. Intel® Software Development Emulator (Intel® SDE) Esta versión incluye compatibilidad con: Las instrucciones de Intel® AVX-512, Intel® Secure ...

  6. Interpreting Intel SDE avx/sse transition tracker


    8 Ene 2015 ... Hello, I am running Intel SDE in 'ast' mode (AVX/SSE Transition tracker.) on Mac OSX. I struggle to interpret the results. First off, in the output, ...

  7. AVX platform question


    14 Ene 2014 ... Dear all, until now we were using only Westmere X5650 base machines. Now Ivy Bridge E5-2670V2 nodes arrived. To get benefit from AVX I ...

  8. SSE vs AVX optimized code generation


    I have both SSE and AVX versions working well for single-element processing - however, when I extended the code to support higher order parallelism, the ...

  9. CPUID AVX-512F


    14 Oct 2013 ... The latest release of SDE appears to allow support of AVX-512 instructions. However, I seem to be having trouble querying the processor ...

  10. Intel® AVX Special German and United Kingdom Discussion 2010 ...


    We will be inviting the top forum participants to to an event in early May 2011 to talk with Intel® Software Black Belts and Intel engineers about Intel® AVX and ...

  11. AVX Power consumption (on i5)


    4 Mar 2014 ... Dear all, Is there any data on how much more power is consumed when using the AVX, specifically on an i5 ? Where can I get some data on ...

  12. Intel® AVX


    11 May 2015 ... Intel® AVX ... Storage Acceleration Library Performance under Xen* Project Hypervisor · Inicie sesión para comentar. Suscribirse a Intel® AVX.

  13. AVX crash


    3 Nov 2014 ... Hello OSX 9.5, Embree 2.3.3 built with icc 13. Crashes on machine with AVX, same scene renders Ok with ssse3, sse4.1 etc. It's machine of my ...

  14. Using AVX for algorithms


    4 Abr 2011 ... ... but should probably add this as a blog post. Assuming that this is true, AVX sounds to me like a good solution for algorithm implementations.

  15. AVX coding examples


    1 Feb 2011 ... I found some good C/C++ coding examples for using AVX to solve different mathematical and modelling problems here: ...

  16. AVX cloth Whitepaper : SOA Cloth Simulation with 256-bit Intel AVX


    1 Feb 2011 ... Im Basher Khan I know few AVX experts inside Intel so if you have any quarries you know who to ask! You may find this article very useful, ...

  17. Backwards compatibility of AVX


    16 Nov 2010 ... Could you clarify please whether there are any backwards compatibility issues with AVX? Should programmers consider it an added extra ...

  18. What is _MM_SHUFFLE macro meaning in the context of AVX


    26 Ago 2014 ... Hi guys, I really do not understand yet the _MM_SHUFFLE macro meaning in the context of AVX _mm256_shuffle_ps() (For SSE, it's Ok).

  19. No speedup AVX over SSE


    2 Sep 2012 ... Hi. I'm trying to speedup some serial code using SSE and AVX (computational code with SOA data structure). SSE version gives good speedup ...

  20. Quad precision floating point arithmetic with SSE/AVX?


    Does latest x86 architecture offer native support for quad precision (QP)floating- point (FP)arithmetic?If no,canQP be emulatedon XMM and YMM registers with ...

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