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  1. Skylake Xeon and AVX-512VL


    16 Feb 2017 ... As I need to use the AVX-512VL (not AVX-512F or others) instruction set, ... Phi Co-processor supports AVX-512F but not AVX-512VL, am I right?

  2. mitigating permute costs in AVX 256?


    Jan 15, 2017 ... Hello, I'm investigating conversion of a number of compute kernels from AVX 128 to AVX 256 and would appreciate any guidance which might ...

  3. E5-1650 v4, What are the AVX 'Base and 'Turbo' Speeds?


    Jan 31, 2017 ... Hi; I'm trying to determine if (what appears to be) unexpected (below base frequency) throttling on my new system is being caused by AVX ...

  4. Code scales poorly with AVX


    11 Ene 2017 ... This code scales poorly with AVX on my Sandy Bridge, how can I make it more vectorizer friendly: for (auto i = 0; i < pcount; i += 2){ for (auto j ...

  5. AVX in SGX


    24 Feb 2017 ... Are AVX instructions available to an enclave? If so, would SGX protect the entire data path of the SIMD workload? Thanks!

  6. Cache and AVX


    15 Oct 2016 ... Hi, I wrote down a piece of code which searches a file for one or two character matches using AVX. Source code is here: ...

  7. Question about performance difference SSE4/AVX vs. AVX2 with ...


    Feb 1, 2017 ... Hi, today I've interesting question about your experience (not only theoretical improvement) with code performance difference on SSE4/AVX ...

  8. Intel® AVX Special German and United Kingdom Discussion 2010 ...


    We will be inviting the top forum participants to to an event in early May 2011 to talk with Intel® Software Black Belts and Intel engineers about Intel® AVX and ...

  9. AVX preprocessor macro in bvh.cpp, bvh_statistics.cpp, primitive.cpp


    Jul 8, 2016 ... Hello! I would like to know the purpose of some preprocessor macros that do specific template instantiation and function definition.

  10. AVX platform question


    14 Ene 2014 ... Dear all, until now we were using only Westmere X5650 base machines. Now Ivy Bridge E5-2670V2 nodes arrived. To get benefit from AVX I ...

  11. AVX coding examples


    1 Feb 2011 ... I found some good C/C++ coding examples for using AVX to solve different mathematical and modelling problems here: ...

  12. post AVX killer apps here


    16 Nov 2010 ... I was wondering which applications will profit most from AVX extensions. There are some AES, fp and integer math operations. Please post ...

  13. Build for Atom requires AVX function?


    4 Ago 2016 ... I'm attempting to build a dynamic library as part of an application that runs on an Atom E3845 under a custom OpenEmbedded-based Linux.

  14. AVX best performance min function with usigned char


    3 Ene 2017 ... Considering that A,B,C are 8 bit datatype so with AVX vectorization I should have 16 operation per clock cycle, but the function fmin work with ...

  15. Auto vectorisation with AVX not as expected


    I have converted one of my numerical processed to use AVX on an 15-2500k and achieve good performance improvements in this way as shown in the attached ...

  16. avx vs avx 2 performance.


    10 Sep 2013 ... We try 3th gen processor (i7-3517UE with avx) and we try 4th gen processor (i5- 4402E with avx2). We configured all processors to work on the ...

  17. Why is my AVX slower than SSE?


    2 Jun 2015 ... As the description of "IIR Gaussian Blur Filter Implementation using Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions", The AVX should be faster than SSE ...

  18. AVX Base and Turbo Frequencies on non E5 CPUs


    19 Oct 2015 ... The AVX Base and Turbo Frequencies for the Xeon E5 v3 CPUs are well documented: ...

  19. Disabling AVX


    26 Mar 2014 ... Hi all, Is there a way (under Windows 7) to disable the support of AVX. I wan't to make sure that on a pre-SB machine I don't get "Illegal ...

  20. Illegal instruction when running AVX program


    11 Sep 2015 ... I used icpc to compile an AVX program with instruction such as _mm256_maskload_epi32. The program compiles and links fine. When I run it, ...

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