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  1. MIC Fortran Error : could not find 'k1om-mpss-linux-ld.exe'


    Apr 9, 2015 ... I stepped back to the beginning Xeon Phi labs and used the provided code as a simplest case which I knew should work and the error was still ...

  2. MPD Daemons and MIC?


    13 May 2013 ... Since the Phi card is treated as a separate node, one would think that ... My basic understanding is the method was changed beginning with ...

  3. Prefetching in Xeon Phi


    Oct 29, 2014 ... ... to disable both software and hardware prefetching on the Xeon Phi. ... the beginning of each page before the HW prefetcher starts bringing in ...

  4. Small dgemm call poisons OpenMP performance


    Oct 4, 2013 ... I know that small dgemm calls are inexplicably slow on Phi, but I am very ... empty OpenMP loop, timing how long it takes for each thread to start ...

  5. Parallel Studio for Students and Educators


    18 Sep 2015 ... Dear All, we are at the beginning of the new academic semester and ... and optimize applications on our Intel servers and Xeon PHI processor.

  6. Automatic Offload not working for dgetrf, dgetri


    13 Jul 2013 ... ... the MKL dgetrf & dgetri routines on our server with two Phi cards. dgemm routines in this code work just fine. ... Beginning PRH computation.

  7. Getting call stack info in VTune when profiling native application on ...


    28 Ago 2013 ... I'm trying to profile native application running on Phi using VTune .... I recommend putting these at the very beginning and very end of the ...

  8. Host OS Ubuntu 14.04 Virtual Centos 7.1


    Sep 10, 2015 ... So I am trying to start a virtual machine on ubuntu 14.04 using virtual ... -to-work- with-intel-xeon-phi-coprocessors Minus the kernel patch part.

  9. TSC, DVFS and standard sleeping function calls


    Sep 25, 2013 ... Why doesn't Xeon Phi have such a behavior and do you plan to ... are not updated except at the beginning and end of an offload section.

  10. What is the status of VZEROUPPER use?


    Nov 25, 2016 ... ... of recommendations now that people are beginning to make AVX512 ... Xeon Phi and Xeon have different implementations and as a result ...

  11. Can't build shared libraries via libtool


    Apr 6, 2014 ... I'm trying to port a project as a native Xeon Phi application. ... 3) Open the configure script in an editor and look for lines beginning with

  12. Intersection Precision Limits at Extreme Ranges?


    May 16, 2016 ... ... a given camera position in theta/phi space (we convert to Cartesian). ... that a value other than 0 would effectively move the beginning of the ...

  13. Issues using micnativeloadex for cross-compiled hwloc on MIC


    17 Ene 2017 ... Before beginning, I set my compiler variables, as well as exported the ... Binary was built for Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) Coprocessor. (codename: ...

  14. Linking BLA95 and LAPACK 95 to a shared library in Linux


    Jun 2, 2014 ... The library was written in Fortran 2003 from the beginning, so uses ... At the moment I'm not using a Xeon Phi coprocessor, but I plan to get one ...

  15. omp parallel on the same CPU


    Jan 14, 2016 ... ... of Process and Thread Affinity Management from the beginning and .... Xeon Phi works best with strong mandatory thread binding using the ...

  16. MIC has no IP on Windows Server R2 2012 after installing MPSS 3.7.2


    Oct 24, 2016 ... micctrl --start. Inicio ... I have a Xeon Phi 7120P Knights Corner (as shown in the mic_logs.txt file attached in my second posting here).

  17. Compiler runs into problem compiling F77 code


    May 28, 2015 ... thet0= 56.00 thet= 65.00 phi0=114.00 phi=128.00 alpha=145.00 beta= .... being stitched on to the beginning of the file, lines beginning with 'C', ...

  18. Haswell GFLOPS


    Jun 26, 2013 ... >>...this header is for Xeon Phi targets. It doesn't say anything at the beginning and some time ago I've asked Intel software engineers what is it ...

  19. effect of using array alignment


    Mar 17, 2014 ... ... full-cache-line moves on MIC even at the beginning of the loop. Inicio ... This is definitely not the case for Xeon Phi, it really likes aligned data.

  20. Dramatic performance decrease on Intel Xeon E5-2660v3 based ...


    Jul 16, 2015 ... Beginning with win7 SP1, the OS improved thread scheduling under HT, but ... Scheduling on Intel(r) Xeon Phi(tm) presumably is more under ...

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