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  1. howto to call IVF8 static library from VS.c++NET


    As I did with VS C++ 6 and digital visual fortran 5, I have added the .lib fortran taic library to a C++ project using IVF8and VS.c++NET. It does not work and I got ...

  2. Trouble using a fortran static library in C++


    May 4, 2016 ... I have a fortran static library which I need to call from C++. I added the library to the C++ project and when I run the programI get this:.

  3. C library compatible with Intel STM compiler


    8 Feb 2008 ... I am looking for a C library for linux which is compatible with Intel STM compiler. I would like to make some Intel STM specific changes to the ...

  4. Procedure entry point error when calling Fortran library functions ...


    6 Feb 2017 ... I have a Fortran library that is beibg called from a C++ main program. ... entry point error when calling Fortran library functions from C++ ...

  5. Building C library interfaces with ISO_C_BINDING


    15 Ago 2008 ... I have been experimenting with building Fortran interfaces to C library functions. Here are some of my ideas. It would be good to hear what ...

  6. Link C static library (.lib) into Fortran Application


    3 Oct 2003 ... Hello, i have problems integrating C-static libs into a FortranApplication. In the Fortran Code are several functions referenced.For example: ...

  7. Problem passing pointer from C to Intel FORTRAN and back to C


    27 Ene 2017 ... Hi there, I am having an issue with FORTRAN/C interop using Intel FORTRAN that ... It is illustrated by the contrived example below: library.f90:

  8. Linking C code with fortran library


    Apr 7, 2010 ... Hi Iam having a hard time linking c code with a fortran library that is compiled with intel visual fortran. I believe the function names arent the ...

  9. C Project calling a Fortan Library


    Jun 28, 2006 ... We have a C project that calls a fortran library. This fortran library is created from a separate project that we've made-- myFortranLibrary.lib.

  10. differences between c standard library and MKL


    Nov 2, 2008 ... Hi, I have some differences between the c standard library and mkl when using vdTanh and tanh. double val = 0.020630512405774085; ...

  11. MPI + mixed C++/Fortran library issue


    2 Nov 2010 ... I am trying to use MPI in a mixed C++/Fortran code. The main routine is C++ which calls Fortran subroutines. I have successfully compiled the ...

  12. Efficient prefix scan library in Cilk Plus and accessible from C?


    14 May 2014 ... The code is in C++, so you could instantiate it in a C++ object file and call that from C. Whether it beats the sequential code will depend on ...

  13. linking errors in C language from fortran library


    Jul 2, 2009 ... Application contains both 'C' and fortran code. I am compiling the fortran code and creating library called server_lib.lib(library is createing with ...

  14. mixed language issues


    I am developing an application for others to use which is a mixture of C and Fortran. Essentially, the user will be provided a library file which they can call from a ...

  15. How to allocate a Fortran dynamic array in a dynamic-linked library ...


    16 Ene 2016 ... Hello, I'm trying to allocate a Fortran dynamic array in a member function of a dynamic-linked library written in C. The compiling and linking is ...

  16. Facing The Problem To Linking With Static Library


    26 Nov 2013 ... I am facing the problem to linking with static library. I am getting the below error message. exchange_data.c:(.text+0x374): undefined reference ...

  17. Decimal Floating-Point Math Library newbie question


    8 Sep 2008 ... Hi all: I'm trying use/understand the Decimal Floating-Point Library. ... So you need to list (in decimal.h or main.c) all the library functions you ...

  18. C examples in MKL's ScaLAPACK


    May 18, 2015 ... So finding at least an example with MKL and ScaLAPACK in C ... From the link you provided, I can see only the Buy option for Intel MPI library.

  19. linking with c/c++


    20 Sep 2013 ... Hello I have problem linking f90 code with c/c++ code using ifort. ... This function call "tetrahedralize" defined in tetgen library (in c++). When I ...

  20. Calling C# to Win32 class library run on Intel C++ Compiler Beta


    23 Ene 2009 ... Now I try to develop Image processing applicationusing Windows Form (C#) andWin32Classlibrary run on Intel C++ Compiler Beta in order to ...

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