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  1. Function Name from Callback


    4 Oct 2016 ... I have set up callbacks to get timing info for begin/end of parallel regions, threads , and tasks. Is there a convenient, built-in way to determine the ...

  2. Example of C# WPF GUI calling FORTRAN DLL and callback


    12 Ene 2017 ... Dear Friends: I beginning a project to port a Fortran console app to Windows. I would like to allow the user the enter data via WPF (windows) ...

  3. cursor position in editbox after callback


    In our programs we are using a callback routine to check if the input is an integer value. So when a character (or a dot etc.) is entered an error beep is generated ...

  4. RFID Scan Callback


    14 Feb 2011 ... if a rfid is scanned i have to do a lookup in a database and update an ui. so i was looking for a opportunity to do a callback each time a tag is ...

  5. How to call a fortran in vc++ and callback c function


    14 Nov 2016 ... Hi! I create a fortran dll that it can pass an array to sum its elements and call a c function below:

  6. Ajax callback not fired when testing on mobile device.


    19 Abr 2016 ... Hello I am trying to test the application in debug mode but the ajax callback is not fired in any case. The apk version works fine - even in the ...

  7. Access violation when calling callback function


    Jul 28, 2016 ... I have a legacy application that is mixed language C++ / Fortran and have upgraded from CVF to Intel Fortran and from Visual Studio 6 to VS ...

  8. Ajax Error callback not catching 401


    10 May 2016 ... Hello, I am trying to call my RESTful service, which works okey when i have access. The problem is that when ever i encounter a 401 status i ...

  9. Dialog focus callback


    18 Feb 2010 ... Is there a way to define a callback routine, which is called when one dialog gets new focus. Similar to retlog = DlgSetSub( dlg, IDD_DIALOG, ...

  10. Problem calling a dummy callback from Fortran


    18 Oct 2012 ... I have a problem calling a dummy callback from Fortran. We have a C++ program which calls Fortran code, EQCONTOUR.It passes a function ...

  11. 请教crosswalk-cordova callback问题


    2015年8月12日 ... dear all: 1)使用crosswalk-cordova-16.44.385.0-arm 以share mode方式常见工程 2)plugman install --platform android --project bbb --plugin ...

  12. Callback functions with c#


    Callback functions with c#. Darren Thompson. Vie, 28/11/2008 - 20:26. Hi,. My collegue posted a topic a few days ago regarding returning strings from c#, ...

  13. Callback Signature error in JavaScriptCore binding


    Apr 20, 2016 ... At first,I want to say,MOE is great! I am writing some code for ios.JavaScriptCore, When I using Callback With JSClassDifinition,I catch a ...

  14. Problem passing pointer from C to Intel FORTRAN and back to C


    27 Ene 2017 ... 06, subroutine callback(data_ptr) bind (c) ... 09, end subroutine callback ... 24, procedure(callback), pointer :: f_fn_ptr ...

  15. Ajax calls not reporting correct status in Android App Preview


    24 Abr 2015 ... I make an Ajax call to a page that returns a HTTP 403 response, but the status code in the JQuery Ajax callback is 200. To be clear, this only ...

  16. missing emulation for that API


    6 Jul 2015 ... Push the Fail button to continue the API by calling the fail callback. Push the Success button to continue the API by calling the success callback.

  17. OMPT Callbacks not being called


    30 Ago 2016 ... Hi Intel OpenMP team! I am trying to get a simple "Hello, World!" application up and running with OMPT. I downloaded the 20160808 version of ...

  18. addEventListener scroll not working?


    21 Ago 2015 ... addEventListener("scroll", callback, false); function callback(){ alert("Scrolling"); } This wont however work. All the other addEventListeners ...

  19. Intel MPI with LSF got stdoe_cb assert (!closed) failed.


    29 Abr 2014 ... pm/pmiserv/pmiserv_cb.c:831): error in the UI defined callback ... tools/demux/ demux_poll.c:77): callback returned error status

  20. Using the enter key in dialog box


    Jan 6, 2001 ... What I did is make one callback for the two edit boxes and one check box I wanted the enter key to move the cursor between, and I used a ...

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