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  1. pcm tools for DIMMs


    7 Sep 2013 ... Hi, With PCM, we can monitor channel read and writes. ... be mapped to the same rank in all DRAM channels, since channel interleaving on ...

  2. Performance loss migrating from Xeon X5550 to Xeon E5-2650 v2


    Feb 29, 2016 ... One difference is in DRAM channel interleaving. ... (4 cache lines) will interleave across all three channels on the Xeon X5550, but will direct all ...

  3. using ippiAlphaComp with separate RGB and A buffers


    7 Jul 2016 ... so I gather that I need to interleave the alpha and RGB images... ... channel from an 8u_C1R image into just one channel of an 8u_C4R image?

  4. SSE vs AVX optimized code generation


    Originally the code was written with the 'interleave' variable in the mathops class set as a ... Data set size: 32smps/channel (= 256 bytes per channel) All times ...

  5. 7560 vs 5570 - Intel Developer Zone


    14 Jul 2010 ... If you don't have at least 1 DIMM per channel, 7560 memory ... As Roman pointed out, the 2-way interleave BIOS setup option should be ...

  6. Can someone explain how NUMA is not always best for multi-socket ...


    ... -interleaved-memory-aka-suma-there-is-no-difference-a-forced-confession/ .... difference, but a single thread should use various QPI channels about evenly.

  7. L2_DATA_WRITE_MISS_MEM_FILL during sequential memory ...


    An easy way to do this is to interleave the L2 prefetches for the A and B arrays. ... DRAM banks (16 GDDR5 DRAM channels with 16 DRAM banks per channel).

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