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  1. pcm tools for DIMMs - Intel® Developer Zone


    7 Sep 2013 ... Hi, With PCM, we can monitor channel read and writes. ... all DRAM channels, since channel interleaving on cache-line granularity is the most ...

  2. SSE vs AVX optimized code generation


    Data set size: 32smps/channel (= 256 bytes per channel) All times shown are for ... Elapsed time with interleave 16: 1283.882935 ms. ======== GCC 4.8 -O3 ...

  3. 7560 vs 5570 - Intel® Developer Zone


    14 Jul 2010 ... If you don't have at least 1 DIMM per channel, 7560 memory ... As Roman pointed out, the 2-way interleave BIOS setup option should be ...

  4. Español - Intel® Developer Zone


    An easy way to do this is to interleave the L2 prefetches for the A and B arrays. ... DRAM banks (16 GDDR5 DRAM channels with 16 DRAM banks per channel).

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