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  1. gdb issue when compiling with '-check bounds'


    Jul 28, 2015 ... So I suggested we try catching array overruns when they occur, i.e., not wait for memory corruption, and use '-check bounds' when we run tests.

  2. array boundary check in ifort


    10 May 2012 ... Or, the programmer has to check manually. Thanks! ... All rights reserved.xwu@ xth3:~/tempcode> ifort -check bounds -O0 ex.f90 && ./a.out 10.1 ...

  3. Bounds checking, zero sized array and sequence association


    14 Ene 2016 ... Zero sized arrays are not a problem during program execution but when I turn on bounds checking there doesn't seem to be any way to have a ...

  4. ifort compilation error- failes to recognize MKL Lapack function ...


    8 Ago 2014 ... ifort -openmp -O0 -g -check bounds -traceback -heap-arrays -c /homes/srihari/ atomion/1Dho/source/Libs/mothpl.f90 ifort -openmp -O0 -g -check ...

  5. Array bound exceeded using higher compilers


    forrtl: severe (161): Program Exception - array bounds exceeded ... Note that array bound check is carried out only with the debug version of the program not the ...

  6. Run-time error (Array bounds exceeded) with Compaq Visual Fortran


    3 Jul 2002 ... Sounds like one compiler is checking array bounds for you (with CVF this is / check:bounds) and the other isn't. Generally it is considered bad ...

  7. -check is missing from online documentation for Linux


    Aug 20, 2013 ... check bounds Enables compile-time and run-time checking for array subscript and character substring expressions. An error is reported if the ...

  8. The cost of MPX bound check instructions


    25 Dic 2016 ... I want to know the cost(throughput & latency) of MPX instructions(e.g. BNDCU , BNDCL, and so on). But I can't find it in Intel's optimization ...

  9. Intel Fortran 15 compiler error -- pointer becomes unassociated ...


    21 Ago 2015 ... This error happens when compiling with --check bounds -O2, and -openmp. I am attaching a tar file with a short Fortran program and Makefile ...

  10. 'var$2004' is being used without being defined


    5 Feb 2014 ... I am encountering a strange message related to run time check. ... particular cutdown program, I changed "check uninit" to "check bounds" and ...

  11. Assumed arrays


    14 Oct 2013 ... We tried -check all and -warn interfaces,nouncalled -fpp -gen-interface -g - traceback -check uninit -check bounds -check pointers with no ...

  12. skipping incompatible /usr/lib64/*


    5 Abr 2013 ... ifort -O0 -g -debug-parameters -auto -ansi_alias- -pad_source -warn -traceback - fltconsistency -fpconstant -nogen-interfaces -check bounds ...

  13. suppress floating invalid in runtime check due to large number


    15 Mar 2013 ... :~/work/programming/various/floating_invalid/.ifort -i8 -g -w -assume byterecl - DVAR_IFORT -traceback -check bounds -fpstkchk -check ...

  14. Fortran Dll file size by IVF 8.0 much larger than by CVF 6.x


    Curious - I'm not aware of any bugs in CVF's array bounds checking. I don't know why using that in Intel Fortran would make the image size bigger - please ...

  15. Problem with array bounds


    26 Feb 2012 ... Problem with array bounds ... -assume protect_constants -assume noaccuracy_sensitive -check bounds -fltconsistency -traceback -c nrtype.f90 ...

  16. No error message when devision with zero


    10 Dic 2009 ... To enable check for vector/array bounds set /check:bounds option. The default is /nocheck that implies no checking is performed for run-time ...

  17. Español


    forrtl: severe (161): Program Exception - array bounds exceeded .... However, the compiler option check:bounds was in place as always, and the error is ...

  18. fftw3 function crashes when running intel MKL


    12 Oct 2012 ... ... /object:&quotx64\Debug\\&quot /Fd&quotx64\Debug\vc100.pdb&quot / traceback /check:bounds /check:stack /libs:static /threads /dbglibs ...

  19. Intel Fortran OpenMP compiler options


    21 Dic 2016 ... /nologo /debug:full /Od /Qopenmp /module:"Debug\\" /object:"Debug\\" /Fd"Debug \vc120.pdb" /traceback /check:bounds /check:stack /libs:dll

  20. ifort version vs ifort 16. factor of 3 slower?


    29 Ago 2016 ... ... -lmkl_sequential -lpthread -lm -ldl -opt-report 3 -opt-report-file=opt.lst -ansi- alias -check bounds -align all -fno-alias -fno-fnalias -fp-model.

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