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  1. runtime array bounds checking on allocated arrays


    ... code to the following program and got the same unwanted behaviour. With compiler flag set to check bounds I got no runtime error where one should be:

  2. array boundary check in ifort


    10 May 2012 ... Or, the programmer has to check manually. Thanks! ... All rights reserved.xwu@ xth3:~/tempcode> ifort -check bounds -O0 ex.f90 && ./a.out 10.1 ...

  3. ifort compilation error- failes to recognize MKL Lapack function ...


    8 Ago 2014 ... ifort -openmp -O0 -g -check bounds -traceback -heap-arrays -c /homes/srihari/ atomion/1Dho/source/Libs/mothpl.f90 ifort -openmp -O0 -g -check ...

  4. Array bound exceeded using higher compilers


    It's very hard to fix the array bounds exceeded errors. ... Note that array bound check is carried out only with the debug version of the program not the release ...

  5. Run-time error (Array bounds exceeded) with Compaq Visual Fortran


    3 Jul 2002 ... Sounds like one compiler is checking array bounds for you (with CVF ... error and prevent this from happening, or just do a /check:nobounds in ...

  6. Intel Fortran 15 compiler error -- pointer becomes unassociated ...


    21 Ago 2015 ... ... causes a pointer to become disassociated where it should not be. This error happens when compiling with --check bounds -O2, and -openmp.

  7. Always recompiling


    /QxW /fpp /define:IFORTWIN32 /free /fpconstant /iface:cvf /module:"Debug/" / object:"Debug/" /asmattr:source /asmfile:"Debug/" /traceback /check:bounds ...

  8. MPI_Allgatherv with large message sizes


    20 Feb 2014 ... mpiifort -warn -O1 -g -traceback -check bounds -ilp64 gather.o -o gather.exe- ilp64. mpirun -ilp64 ./gather.exe-ilp64. I aborts with: Assertion ...

  9. inconsistent ACCESS VIOLATION


    I ran the code with bounds checking turned on (for this part I ran it with only this option in release mode because the code takes days to weeks to run normally ...

  10. Check of number of parameters


    One thing I miss in IVF is the automatic check of the numbers of parameters when calling ... /check:bounds /check:uninit /check:format /check:output_conversion

  11. run time error 157 in CVF


    I built the executable (TEST.exe) with check:all option (this include checking bounds). I have not been able to execute the program successfully so far.

  12. forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation


    Aug 14, 2008 ... If I remove /check:bounds then the code gets farther, then runs into the 157 ... if / check:bounds is used, and gives the 157 error if it is not used.

  13. PRJ0019


    ifort /nologo /debug:full /Od /gen-interfaces /warn:interfaces /module:"Debug\" / object:"Debug\" /traceback /check:bounds /libs:static /threads /dbglibs /c /Qvc9 ...

  14. Parameterized derived type with type-bound procedure: unexpected ...


    1 Mar 2015 ... Parameterized derived type with type-bound procedure: unexpected .... From what I can see, it's only the bounds checking error that is the ...

  15. Assumed shape arrays in the hierarchy (.hie) file of a COM DLL


    I had the switch "/check:bounds" added to my "Additional Options" in the Configuration ... Well, if you turn off bounds checking, then you get no bounds checking!

  16. skipping incompatible /usr/lib64/*


    5 Abr 2013 ... ifort -O0 -g -debug-parameters -auto -ansi_alias- -pad_source -warn -traceback - fltconsistency -fpconstant -nogen-interfaces -check bounds ...

  17. Debugging - "breakpoint will currently not be hit. invalid file line"


    ifort /nologo /debug:full /Od /gen-interfaces /warn:interfaces /module:"Debug" / object:"Debug" /traceback /check:bounds /libs:static /threads /dbglibs /c /Qvc8 ...

  18. 9.1.024 compile time


    11 May 2006 ... I use /check:uninit and /check:bounds compiler options. In previous versions (9.0. 029?) the default optimization would be /Od (no optimaiztion), ...

  19. idb cannot find function defined by preprocessor directive


    ifort -g -O0 -check bounds -warn all -traceback -align all -align rec8byte -o a.o -c a.f90 -I ifort -g -O0 -check bounds -warn all -traceback -align all -align rec8byte ...

  20. recursive subroutines and significant slow down


    check:all may incur more overhead than check bounds, which already is costly. ... Under Windows it does a lot of checking on allocations and deallocations.

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