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  1. Intel® CilkPlus


    Discussion of the Intel® CilkPlus language as implemented in the Intel® C++ Compiler in Intel® C++ Composer XE and in open source and its use in ...

  2. Using Cilk Plus in cross-platform R packages (GCC 4.9.3)


    5 May 2016 ... Is Cilk Plus already a part of GCC 4.9.3 or does it need to be installed separately ? 2. On Windows, is Cilk Plus available for the Mingw-W64 ...

  3. Why does Cilk Plus __sec_reduce_add differ from a sequential ...


    Why does Cilk Plus __sec_reduce_add differ from a sequential addition? Vladimir F. Vie, 20/11/2015 - 19:52. I'm finding a significant error for certain input  ...

  4. Question on the Status of Cilk Plus Support in GCC Mainline


    28 Abr 2014 ... Support for Cilk Plus has been added and can be enabled with the -fcilkplus option. Cilk Plus is an extension to the C and C++ languages to ...

  5. GCC Cilk Plus: warning: unused variable 'sf_01;


    28 Mar 2015 ... Hello, and thank you for your time. I've just installed a fresh version of GCC Cilk Plus, and my first simple program is presenting an anomalous ...

  6. Compile Cilk Plus GCC Runtime Libraries for Debug


    16 Sep 2014 ... Hello All, I was wondering whether there was some way to modify the makefiles for the GCC build of Cilk Plus to keep the labels for debugging ...

  7. Performance degrade with Intel Cilk Plus


    15 Sep 2014 ... Hi,. I am trying to utilize Intel Cilk_plus for parallelization on a multi-core CPU. I have read in one of the Intel website that the best way to ...

  8. OpenCL vs Intel Cilk Plus Issues, Differences and Capabilities


    7 Oct 2014 ... I am curious as to the differences between OpenCL and Intel Cilk Plus. They are both parallel programming paradigms that are receiving wide ...

  9. Efficient prefix scan library in Cilk Plus and accessible from C?


    14 May 2014 ... http://parallelbook.com/sites/parallelbook.com/files/code20131121.zip has the best implementation of prefix-scan in Cilk that I've been able to ...

  10. gcc cilk plus git repository corrupted?


    Mar 7, 2013 ... Hi, I have cloned the gcc Cilk Plus git repo awhile back. Today, when I tried to pull from the repo, it failed with the following error: $ git pullerror: ...

  11. Cilk Plus patch for gcc 4.7


    16 Ago 2011 ... All, There's now an open source implementation of Intel Cilk Plus based on gcc 4.7. Information on how to contribute is at: ...

  12. Parallel Implementation of preconditioned conjugate gradient and ...


    Parallel Implementation of preconditioned conjugate gradient and cholesky decomposition using Cilk Plus. Abdul J. Mié, 06/11/2013 - 04:33. Hi All,. I want the ...

  13. private and shared variables with cilk plus


    Dec 10, 2011 ... Hello, I need to know how the private and shared variables are used for cilk_for loop in cilk plus.For example, this serial code int z=0;int a= 0;int ...

  14. Vectorization of complex number operations using Cilk Plus (C++)


    27 Ago 2012 ... Hi, during optimization of my code I found that even simple C++ std::complex operationsare not vectorized.

  15. Compiling Cilk plus on Ubuntu 12.04 using gcc 4.7


    Aug 23, 2012 ... Hi, I am having trouble building Cilk plus (cilkplus-rtl-001857.tgz) on Ubuntu 12.04. The version of gcc and the error are below: $ gcc ...

  16. No speedup with TBB and Cilk Plus sorting algorithms


    Apr 8, 2015 ... I cannot get any speedup with <b>TBB</b> and <b>Cilk Plus</b> sorting algorithms on Xeon Phi, namely <pre ...

  17. Foros


    Dec 12, 2016 ... New Intel Cilk Plus runtime sources and SDK were just released and are available for download now. Intel Cilk Plus runtime sources build ...

  18. cilk/cilk.h: no such file or directory


    10 Sep 2013 ... Cilk Plus is not in the mainline version of LLVM/Clang. The only version that supports Cilk Plus is the one from the CilkPlus/LLVM project.

  19. cross compile cilk gcc form arm-linux


    Jan 21, 2014 ... I have successfully compiled cilk gcc for a host computer but I would like to create ... What feature (s) in Cilk Plus are you planning to use?

  20. cilkpub with icc 16.0.0


    5 Sep 2015 ... Also, I don't know if this is causing bugs, but the reducer_vector.h header comes with the default Cilk Plus reducers now (I think as of 15.0).

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