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  1. Mixing coarray and MPI


    25 Mar 2016 ... I would like to develop a code which mixes coarray language features (for their elegant simplicity when it comes to accessing/transferring data ...

  2. Submodule+coarray bug with IVF 16.0


    7 May 2015 ... The following code triggers compiler error #8361 (A coarray or an object with a coarray ultimate component shall be a dummy argument or ...

  3. Meaning of "variable is defined" in the context of coarrays


    I'm not sure whether "a variable" means the entire coarray involved in the definition, or just the specific subobjects of a coarray that might be defined. On c.l.f. I ...

  4. Problem with distributed memory coarray program


    Hi,I am having problems running a simple "Hello from this image" coarray program on distributed memory.

  5. Simple coarray test program generates segment faults


    29 Mar 2016 ... Hi All, Just started playing with coarrays, and have this simple program.

  6. Derived-type co-array error if nested allocatable components


    FOR NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY I've found a error when using a derived- type co-array which has a two-level nested allocatable component. Runing the ...

  7. Advance in Coarray Fortran (PGAS) Programming


    Oct 12, 2015 ... Hi everybody, this is to share information about our Coarray Fortran experiences so far. Hope you'll enjoy it :-) Task-based Parallel Software ...

  8. 一个关于Coarray Fortran 中sync image 奇怪的问题


    2016年8月5日 ... 你好, 我从 "Coarrays in the next Fortran Standard" by John Reid 那里抓了个例子 ,用来实现所有其它image等待image 1执行完特定的代码, ...

  9. Coarray implementation of QR decomposition?


    1 Jun 2015 ... I am wondering if there exists a coarray implementation of the QR decomposition somewhere, in library or source form. We are probably years ...

  10. Coarrays and defined assignment


    28 Jul 2014 ... I don't think that this is right! It's not polymorphic .... MODULE Assign IMPLICIT NONE INTEGER :: factor TYPE, PUBLIC :: Mytype INTEGER ...

  11. Coarray problem


    23 May 2014 ... In attempting to do the Coarray Tutorial, I've encountered a problem on one (and only one) of my three machines. On the one machine, after ...

  12. Co-Array vs OpenMP using Intel ifort v12: Process based Co-Array is ...


    4 Abr 2011 ... I am testing co-array using /Qcoarray:shared on my core 2 duo PC. It looks like Intel's co-array is just a wrapper to mpiexec. For example, if I run ...

  13. MPI, UPC/Coarray Fortran on Phi


    6 Feb 2013 ... I am also interested in running Unified Parallel C (UPC) and Coarray Fortran codes in these configurations. Are these programming models ...

  14. CoArray I/O, Windows Instruction File, and Setting Max Images


    18 Jul 2013 ... How is I/O handeled with CoArrays on Windows. I know that WRITE(* goes to all images and READ(* is set to Image 1, but if I have an input file ...

  15. Memory Alignment in Co-Array Fortran


    23 Oct 2012 ... We are attempting to use Direct IO file I/O with Coarray Fortran (CAF) We would like to write a distributed CAF array to a file opened via Direct ...

  16. fort run out of comunicators with coarray fortran


    21 Ene 2015 ... Hi, I am running a coarray fortran application with intel fortran compiler ifort ( IFORT) 13.0.1 20121010, and after some transfers between images ...

  17. Intel Compiler **Internal compiler error: internal abort** related to ...


    24 Ene 2014 ... I have run into an issue trying to use coarrays with transpose causing the Intel fortran compiler to crash. Its on centos 6.4 with compiler version ...

  18. Coarray type with an allocatable component of length zero


    25 Mar 2014 ... I get a SIGSEGV when running the following code type t real, allocatable :: a(:) end type t type(t) :: data[*] allocate(data%a(0)) print*, ...

  19. DLLs with coarrays


    2 Dic 2015 ... Hi, I want to refresh the issue that was posted in 2012 about using DLLs with coarrays: Steve Lionel (Intel) Fri, 11/02/2012 - 12:49.

  20. Issue with string coarrays


    12 Ene 2016 ... The following program outputs some garbage in the string S (after the concatenated part), is this expected? PROGRAM P IMPLICIT NONE ...

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