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  1. Buscar | Zona para desarrolladores Intel®


    This release ensures binary compatibility with existing codes. ... I used a couple of versions of Watcom C++ compiler released between 1994 and ..... Here is a .

  2. Compatible Intel Compilers for IPP 8.0


    7 Ene 2016 ... Is IPP 8.0 compatible with this compiler version? b.) Will I get any ... Intel® C++ Compiler versions supported: 12.0 and above. Also, IPP 8.0 is ...

  3. IMSL library compatibility confusion


    9 Jul 2009 ... IMSL library compatibility confusion ... VNI does rebuild IMSL with each new major compiler release, including changes and bug fixes they ...

  4. Compiling option /od introduce results difference between the ...


    Apr 2, 2013 ... In release mode, the compiling option is /nologo /real_size:64 ... /assume: options in my ifort.cfg so as to remove a few compatibility problems.

  5. Compatibility with visual studio 2015


    6 Ago 2015 ... ... to release a version that compatible with visual studio 2015 compiler? ... If not, this looks like a Microsoft bug (change between 2015RC and ...

  6. Compatibility of Intel Compiler to glibc


    25 Oct 2012 ... Hello, I'm using Intel Compiler 11.1/064 to compile my application. ... which provides an table for compatible Glibc, Kernel & g++ versions ...

  7. Compatibility with OS X Yosemite and Xcode 6.0.1


    Will XE Composer be compatible or ,what do I need to do to ensure XE Composer works with ... We release updates to the compiler roughly every 3 months.

  8. Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 has been released!


    28 Ago 2015 ... Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016, including Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 16.0, is now available. If your support license is current you can download ...

  9. The intel compiler does not work


    Sep 14, 2015 ... I have installed Intel Compiler for Windows v.10 to ASUS notebook with OS ... As Tim notes, I do not know whether these older 10.x releases can be ... As we've said before, compatibility between ifort 10 (VS 2008 shell?) ...

  10. No license for old compiler using trial


    Mar 22, 2016 ... Begin Compiling Abaqus/Standard User Subroutines .... Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition 2016 - Initial Release" compatible with "Visual ...

  11. Question About the Next Release


    This is done is by compiling the Fortran as DLLs and using the PInvoke feature ... Specifically, when the new release of Intel Fortran that is fully compatible with ...

  12. Peculiarity of /fpconstant between release and debug in calls


    Jan 28, 2012 ... When compiling with debug and telling the compiler to check interfaces, I get no warnings. ... Peculiarity of /fpconstant between release and debug in calls .... The purpose of this option is to maintain compatibility for pre-F90 ...

  13. CVF vs IVF


    Aug 18, 2004 ... ... source-compatible with Compaq Visual Fortran (CVF), versions 5.0 to ... But in general,what are the incompatibilities between the compilers?

  14. Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Compatibility?


    16 Jul 2013 ... Supported C/C++ and Fortran compilers for Windows*: ... Please take a look at Release Notes for Intel C++ compiler ( v12.x or 13.x any Update ) ...

  15. Warning #673: the initial sequence of preprocessing directives is not ...


    31 Ene 2013 ... >>Compiling with Intel(R) C++ Compiler XE [IA-32]. ... sequence of preprocessing directives is not compatible with those of precompiled header ... with Intel C++ compiler v8.1 Update 38 ( Release date 06.06.2006 ).

  16. Compiler flags CVF compatibility


    It seems if I use the ifl /Gm flag or the /iface:default flag the compiler ignores ... My understanding is that the calling conventions differ between ifl and df, that is/was my ... Interesting question as to what we're doing for the combined release.

  17. cannot allocate memory and end-of-file during read with Release ...


    Dec 19, 2008 ... Hi When one of my library project is set as Release, error shows: ... Inicio › Foros › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows* ... The "where" would naturally differ between an unoptimized and ... As I said I set fortran->Compatibility->Powerstation i/o format (yes), ...

  18. Compatibility with GCC 5.1.0


    29 Abr 2015 ... When I attempt to compile any source file with icpc that includes the complex ... compilation errors indicating a collision between the Intel and GCC ... icc tends not to pick up such changes in major gcc releases which don't ...

  19. icc (16.0.1) w/ gcc 4.8.3 compatibility cannot compile std ...


    4 May 2016 ... Hello, icc version 16.0.1 w/ gcc 4.8.3 compatibility: cpc -v -E -x c++ ... 16.0.1 (gcc version 4.8.3 compatibility)cannot compile the following ... (DPD200410621) and will update you as soon as the release with the fix is out.

  20. Version 15.0 of the compiler is now available. Intel® Software ...


    Use the new "icl" and "icl++" compilers on OS X* for improved compatibility with the clang/LLVM* ... This release ensures binary compatibility with existing codes.

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