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  1. Export Results in other types (e.g. csv, xml)


    12 Abr 2016 ... I see there is the possibility to export result but only with the extension .inspxez Is it possible to export results in other types like csv or xml to ...

  2. Cant upload csv files


    8 Mar 2013 ... EDIT: Problem is solved.. please close this one Thanks and best regards.

  3. cilkview/gnuplot errors on Cilk++ SDK for Linux


    8 Ene 2010 ... gnuplot> plot [0:16] [0:16] x title "parallelism" lt 2, 2.012881 notitle lt 2, "qsort.csv" using 1:2 title "burdened speedup" with lines lt 1, "qsort.csv" ...

  4. Buscar | Software Intel®


    22 Mar 2016 ... Hi, I am trying to modify the hands viewer example so I can save the joint data, along with the current time stamp, to a .csv file. I first used .

  5. Strange errors with stream I/O


    Hello, I was experimenting with different ways to read a CSV file and found that this program terminates on a rather unconspicuous location in the file: ...

  6. Surfing the call graph in the text mode.


    Mar 4, 2003 ... S # top 10 functions with biggest ?Self Time?, which is the 5-th column in library # ?libc? grep libc MyAppPath1_func.csv | sort -k 6 -n -t; -r | head ...

  7. how to convert character data to integer data


    4 Jun 2010 ... read(Date,500) idy,imth,iyr close(1) open (1, file="/home/rf.csv") write(1) idy,imth, iyr 10 print*, idy,imth,iyr 500 format (i2,1x,i2,1x,i4) close(1) end.

  8. Intel PCM Syntax for Linux


    9 Jul 2014 ... -csv or /csv => print compact csv format. Example: pcm.x 1 -nc -ns. I'm trying to measure the counters values before and after my program run, ...

  9. Call to Excel fails when Excel already open


    25 May 2013 ... I have the following code to invoke Excel, where filename is the name of the form name.csv.However, it won't work if Excel is already open.

  10. run spark kmeans with daal throw jvm error


    17 Nov 2015 ... I run SampleKmeans.java in spark cluster with daal:( data size Kmeans10w.csv 174m) bin/spark-submit \ --class daal.SampleKmeans \ --master ...

  11. | Zona para desarrolladores Intel®


    Fill out the title and filename for each book page in document order. Replace special characters and commas (same as metadata.csv) Fill in the '... Last updated ...

  12. Android* - Gameloft e Intel: trabajo en colaboración para dotar de ...


    9 Feb 2015 ... Solo hay que agregar a System Analyzer las métricas que uno desee, y pulsar el botón “CSV” para que vuelque las métricas deseadas a un ...

  13. How do I use this library?


    Mar 27, 2015 ... The library supports a set of data sources including MySQL*, csv file ... Component Analysis (PCA) applied to the data stored in csv format:.

  14. Is a bug? Run astar benchmark many times execute once.


    Sep 13, 2016 ... Locating output formats: ASCII, config, CSV, flags, HTML, mail, PDF, PostScript, raw, Screen, Submission Check Reading config file ...

  15. Performance of Copy Function


    Feb 16, 2009 ... ... for IppsCopy_32fc function alone( using ipps.exe found in tools/prefsys/ folder) on my machine and have attached the results in IppsCopy.csv.

  16. Backspace command confusion between Compaq and Intel Fortran


    Hello, I am working with legacy fortran code that uses the backspace command to read a CSV file that has the following contents: $Units, SI, $Independent ...

  17. bandwidth analysis on xeon phi using Vtune


    amplxe-cl -report hw-events -format=csv -csv-delimiter=comma -report-output= output.csv -show-as=sample -r /home//bandwidth2/ -call-stack-mode=user-only ...

  18. * format


    Jul 16, 2013 ... For simple output to Excel I prefer to use csv - a typical office ... the csv extension to Excel so by simply typing the name of the csv file at the ...

  19. Call stacks: "Result directory does not contain data applicable to this ...


    amplxe-cl -R top-down -call-stack-mode all -report-output 'dummy.csv' -filter " Function ... Also, you *can* export data from the GUI in CSV (right-click in Bottom- up ...

  20. Announcing Intel® DAAL Open Source Project


    14 Abr 2016 ... Data connectors to HDFS, MySQL, CSV files, in-memory strings, as well as user defined data sources. Descriptive statistics algorithms: low ...

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