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  1. FORTRAN CUDA basics


    24 Sep 2015 ... Hi, I am interested in developing a FORTRAN code with CUDA routines. I can get few sample programs but i dont knw how to compile the cuda ...

  2. CUDA 7.5 sample failed


    11 Jul 2015 ... If you download latest CUDA 7.5 and compile the samples with Pre-Release ( Beta) Package ID: w_comp_lib_2016.0.06 most of the Projects ...

  3. Mixed-programming with CUDA C to create DLL for Excel


    14 Nov 2014 ... However, I would now like to integrate some CUDA C GPU code. I am trying to use the Fortran 2003 C interoperability features to make Intel ...

  4. Newchem cuda input file


    5 Jun 2016 ... Sir , I am not able to find a Nwchem cuda input file. If anyone can please attach an nwchem cuda input file it would be great. Maximum cores ...

  5. Overlapping parallel_for with CUDA


    17 May 2011 ... Hello, I'm implementing a heterogeneous matrix multiply on the CPU + GPU by using TBB (parallel_for) and MKL on the CPU and CUDA on the ...

  6. Windows: CUDA 6.5 and Intel Compiler (2015)?


    18 May 2015 ... Can the Intel compiler be used with CUDA 6.5 or 7.0 on Windows / Visual Studio 2013? I did manage to get it to work for a few hours, but then ...

  7. ICC - Compiling with CUDA Build Rule


    17 Oct 2010 ... 1>D:\\I\\NVIDIA\\CUDA\\CUDA32_SDK\\v3.2\\\\bin\\nvcc.exe" - DDOUBLE_PRECISION -m32 -arch sm_13 -ccbin "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft ...

  8. Unable to use CUDA nvcc compiler with ICC 13.x


    5 May 2013 ... An error occurs on the nvcc compilation stage (compiling .cu file with CUDA kernel): nvcc : fatal error : A single input file is required for a ...

  9. CUDA support , any news ?


    6 May 2013 ... Is there any news or official statement regarding support to compile CUDA code with Intel C++ Composer in the future ? Thanks, Armando.

  10. problem to use NVCC (cuda) with Intel C/C++ 12.x


    13 Jun 2012 ... I have a project including host .C files and .CU files for NVidia Cuda Compilation. The project is OK for MS C compilation but fails when I switch ...

  11. cuda + mkl


    7 Jul 2011 ... Hello, I have a piece of code that uses both Cuda BLAS and regular BLAS calls from MKL.When I try to compile (using nvcc - nvidia's C ...

  12. using cuda with icc, and a kernel compiled with icc


    27 Ago 2010 ... Has anyone done this? I have messed around with the search function, and searched for "icc cuda", but I got nothing relevent. I don't think I ...

  13. Tools to develop Cuda programs.


    21 Oct 2013 ... Hello Does Intel Studio have tools to develop and debug Cuda programs? or can Nsight or other nVidia tools be integrated with Intel Studio?



    Jun 24, 2011 ... I went to the website of Nvidia and I found that there is a new FORTRAN called CUDA FORTRAN from the Portlang Group, which supports the ...

  15. Installing Cuda library on Intel Edison


    27 Mar 2015 ... Hi everyone, Does anyone know a way to install the Cuda library from Nvidia to use with OpenCV on the Intel Edison boards? I cannot find any ...

  16. CUDA and oversubscription


    Jun 13, 2011 ... Hi, I am trying to build a pipeline in which one of the stages decides wether to run one piece of code on the CPU or on a GPU this way: void* ...

  17. Failed to use CUDA nvcc compiler with ICC 13.x


    5 May 2013 ... An error occurs on the nvcc compilation stage (compiling .cu file with CUDA kernel): nvcc : fatal error : A single input file is required for a ...

  18. a question about icc & cuda


    2014年9月3日 ... 如果我只是用icc14.0.1编译NAMD,不用CUDA,能正常运行。 如果我用GCC编译, 并用CUDA,也能正常运行。 所以想问一下是不是icc对cuda的 ...

  19. Xeon PHI in terms of OpenCL Platform Model


    8 Feb 2013 ... Processing Elements = 16 SMs x 32 SPs = 512 (this number is equivalent in terms of NVIDA: 512 CUDA cores). The question is, is available ...

  20. Cluster xeon phi + xeon +Gpu tesla


    Jan 7, 2016 ... We want to run NBody simulations on all co-processors by using MPI, and on all GPUs by using CUDA. So far, we tried this on GPU only.

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