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  1. Vista compatibility with Fortran, C++ & VS versions


    Hi Fortran Folks, Dr. Fortran, For many years (Open)VMS / Fortran was my thing. And thereforehappy enough with Windows2000 ona notebook, CVF-Prof-6.6c, ...

  2. O SUBMODULES, Where Art Thou?!


    b) as Dr. Fortran prescribes, I really prefer NOT to setup interfaces for internal routines if I can avoid them. This is especially so because Fortran routines cannot  ...

  3. How do I track an infinite loop?


    Dear Dr. Fortran - If I am debugging a Fortran program, and it appears to be " hung" in a loop, how do I find where the problem occurs? I don't get printout to help ...

  4. Debugger Issue - Symbols not Loaded


    Thanks for the reply Dr Fortran. ... Also - I re-installed Fortran Studio XE 2013 and noticed that there was an error message that the Debugger Extension could ...

  5. error #6633: ...actual argument differs from dummy argument...IVF 11.0


    Nov 18, 2008 ... Hi I downloaded IVF 11.0 which has the latest Fortran compiler & MKL bundles. ... Note that the Dr. Fortran column explicitly typed the variables.

  6. Fortran pointer error inside subroutine


    Fortran pointer error inside subroutine ... Take a look at this blog from Dr Fortran: ... As Steve, it is a problem that the debugger team for Intel Fortran integration ...

  7. choice of Fortran vs other HPC language for new software ...


    Oct 25, 2015 ... Dear Intel Fortran team, and Steve Lionel, I am a member of a ... material, you may want to review those recommended on the Dr Fortran blog: ...

  8. Entry point not found in libmmd.dll


    23 Jul 2013 ... Dear Dr. Fortran and community, I am getting the following entry point not found error message: "The procedure entry point _libm_sse2_cbrt ...

  9. Incorrect build order causes 'Error in opening the compiled module file'


    16 Dic 2013 ... Compiling with Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE [IA-32]... sbm.f90 bcm.f90 ... Interesting catch by Dr. Fortran! The Unix file utility, ...

  10. Q about passing array boundaries or sizes


    Oct 19, 2014 ... Take a look at Doctor Fortran Gets Explicit! and Doctor Fortran Gets ... Dr Fortran blog, books recommended therein, and technical papers, etc.

  11. Compatibility issues with new (2008 SP1) Visual Studio


    27 Ago 2008 ... Hello Dr. fortran and others; I have the latest IVF, but the old 2005 Visual Studio, which for my purposes worked well. I need to reinstall both ...

  12. Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable '_RUNTIME ...


    6 Oct 2014 ... I bought the intel fortran and visual studio 2013, I ran a simple example ... If you plan to do more with Fortran, please see Dr Fortran blog: ...

  13. Update free-non-commercial license after expiration


    3 May 2016 ... Anyhow, can someone (Dr. Fortran?) give a feedback about "how many keys" I can ask for? Digging the online Intel pages I found that ...

  14. Compaq Visual fortran vers 6.5 problems


    Aug 23, 2011 ... I have been using Compaq Visual Fortran Vers 6.5 on my HP laptop Windows ... I found a forum under Steve Lionel Dr Fortran Intel blog where ...

  15. Make static library of modules


    MOD file generated by a Fortran compiler, intended for its own use when .... and share the results here, and Dr. Fortran may have comments on impediments to ...

  16. extended precision (64-bit precision)


    31 Jul 2015 ... I have just updatet my fortran compiler under WS(Professional 2013 .... Steve ( under "Dr. Fortran") has several good articles relating on how to ...

  17. Update free-non-commercial license after expiration


    3 May 2016 ... ... obtained a free-non-commercial license of the great Intel Fortran Compiler ( Parallel Studio for Linux), ... Anyhow, can someone (Dr. Fortran?) ...

  18. Need help with UNSIGNED integer arithmetic


    Feb 8, 2008 ... First of all, does Intel Fortran have a package for doing unsigned arithmetic? ... Does Fortran have a Swap BYTES library call? ... Hi Dr. Fortran;.

  19. programmatically launch a program when location is unknown


    @paul , I used to do things like in your code but Dr Fortran's method using shellexecute is much better in my opinion. It is a one liner, you tell windows to open ...

  20. GEN and WARN interfaces


    Sorry Dr. Fortran, but I just could not find it - -. I looked in the area ... Intel Fortran Compiler for 32-bit applications, Version 9.1 Build 20071017Z Copyright (C) ...

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