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  1. Encapsulator


    25 Oct 2012 ... I just tried to create a new MSI file from our new AIR file like before...and the encapsulator is only accepting zip files of web pages.

  2. Update on Intel AppUp® encapsulator for the Intel AppUp ...


    11 Oct 2011 ... To create Web apps for the new Intel AppUp® developer challenge: Web Apps Edition, you can use the Intel AppUp® encapsulator beta ...

  3. Encapsulator Error in AIR packaging : file was not found,appcode.msi


    2 Mar 2012 ... Hi: I get the following error when I try to package an Adobe AIR file in encapsulator for Windows. "msg:assertion failure,file was not found ...

  4. msvcp100.dll and others are not packaged with the Encapsulator.


    28 Ago 2012 ... I just installed Windows 8 Release and the msvcp* dlls are not there, and are not packaged with the Encapsulator. So the App does not work on ...

  5. http://_app url and redirection


    20 Jul 2012 ... Also, this guide will provide you with very useful information while developing your application using the AppUp(R) Encapsulator tool How to ...

  6. Repeat sound make app crashes


    26 Oct 2012 ... The encapsulator 2.0 can play the same sound multiple times? The first code I've used it this: when load object var sound = new Audio(); ...

  7. In App Purchase APIs


    2 Oct 2012 ... I see the In purchase APIs examples in Javascript on the Advanced API tab of the Encapsulator. However they don't see to work? Is that work in ...

  8. Encapsulating and deploying Web apps generated using Adobe's ...


    12 Oct 2011 ... ... if anyone else has been using Edge (for admittedly more complex apps) and what their experience has been using the encapsulator?

  9. bcrypt.dll is not found


    6 Sep 2012 ... Hi, We are testing some sample html5 using app using Encapsulator. After transforming the app using Encapsulator, we've tried installing it on ...

  10. Tentative timeline for availability of Flash SDK


    9 Jun 2011 ... I guess currently we have only choice of using encapsulator for Flash apps but some details about the Meego supoort would be appritiated.

  11. Window with close button?


    10 Jul 2012 ... Hi, When I use the Encapsulator (2.0), the generated app does not have a normal window with icon, minimize/maximize and exit buttons.

  12. Qt 4.8.0


    20 Oct 2011 ... If would be great to see encapsulator updated to Qt 4.8.0 so we can take advantage of it (at least on Windows. On MeeGo it's using the ...

  13. HMTL5 support for Windows XP Embedded systems


    Not sure if I understand your question. do you mean if you can wrap up your html5 app using Intel AppUp encapsulator and runs on WinXP ...

  14. How to create an Intel App with msi file or with some Folders


    4 Ene 2012 ... Hi, I want to create an Intel App. Using this URL http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en- us/encapsulator-beta. Go to 'Make your App' tab. In that i m ...

  15. How to submit MeeGo application after submiting .MSI application


    8 Feb 2012 ... ... sumbit the MeeGo application as well, or is there any different process for submitting the MeeGo application(Created in Encapsulator)? thanks.

  16. How to convert web apps?


    17 Nov 2011 ... I meant that it's not possible ;) There is no tool for that and the technologies used by the encapsulator (C++/Qt/QtWebkit) are not available for ...

  17. remove title bar from html5 application


    11 Sep 2012 ... Hi,. What you are looking for is full-screen mode, see this link for details: http:// software.intel.com/en-us/articles/using-intel-appup-encapsulator-.

  18. Unanswered forum topics


    Topic · Forum. Normal topic, IOS build failed . error en ios. This topic has been moved to "Foro de Desarrolladores" (View topic). Normal topic, Chipset intel 8 ...

  19. Active forum topics


    Topic · Replies · Last post sort ascending · Forum. Normal topic, IOS build failed . error en ios by ivan r. on Mon, 01/16/2017 - 09:04, by ivan r. Mon, 01/16/2017 ...

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