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  1. How to read Uncore Events by perf tools.


    18 Oct 2016 ... Hello Does anyone know how to read intel "uncore events" by perf tools? I used to exploit some commands to read core's performance ...

  2. mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged


    30 Sep 2016 ... Hi all In the course of googling for the source of my problem, I came across a report filed on this forum (with the same topic as this one).

  3. Counting Offcore_Response Events Xeon Phi KNL


    8 Ago 2016 ... I am having difficulty retrieving offcore response event values on a development Knights Landing unit (CentOS 7). As an example, in an attempt ...

  4. Intel PCM v2.9 - getting a list of supporting events


    21 Ene 2016 ... I'm using Intel PCM V2.9 on an Ivy Bridge system. I want to use pcm-core.x to capture events of interest, but thus far am unable to get this ...

  5. Measurement of C6 events


    25 Oct 2016 ... Hi, I am trying to measure the C6 events (enters and leaves C6) for each core. I am using i7-5820K (haswellEP) and just found the C6 ...

  6. Disable/ enable/Pause video events not working


    25 Oct 2016 ... Hi Lei, With the new version of Intel CS MCU 3.2.1 and JS SDK 3.2.1 Disable/ Enable video , Pause video events are not working as expected ...

  7. What is different between these AVX events on v3?


    21 Sep 2016 ... I found these events on v3. And test xhpl_hybrid_intel64 ( parallel_studio_xe_2015.tgz). "AVX_INSTS_LOADS", "AVX_INSTS_STORES" ...

  8. mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged


    9 Dic 2015 ... When the Linux system boots, it shows "mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged" 300 seconds after the boot. 1. Since the original ...

  9. Events - Todo


    Cualquiera -; Android*; Aprendizaje mecánico; Centros de datos; Cliente empresarial; Código moderno; Desarrollo de juegos; HTML5; Herramientas de ...

  10. perf_even_open (multiple events together)


    hace 19 horas ... Hi, I'm new to use PEBS and perf_event_open. Now, I'm trying to collect two events which are ...

  11. Which events record absolute Number of L1 Data Cache Hits/Misses?


    Hey all, I'm trying to record the total number of L1 cache hits / misses. It's obvious with regards to the L1 Instruction cache, the two events are L1I_READS: ...

  12. Can't trap mouse WM_LBUTTONUP events


    23 Mar 2016 ... I have a running application in x64 mode and I wanted to trap a WM_LEFTBUTTONDOWN event, translate the mouse position to my real world ...

  13. Baytrail SoC Uncore Event Groups


    VTune Amplifier XE 2015 update 1 doesn't seem to list those event groups or the individual events shown within them. The VTune events do match those ...

  14. Profile events on xeon by using perf


    17 Mar 2016 ... My concern is that the results of my events in xeon are thousand times higher then the results from AMD, but the runtime on xeon is much better ...

  15. Tap events getting dropped, and other touch problems


    Nov 5, 2015 ... I'm testing my canvas app on an Android phone, and I have frequent problems with touch events when the framerate is low. The lower the ...

  16. Ionic events?


    29 Abr 2015 ... I have 2 projects build with (external) ionicframework and Cordova. Both projects are succesfully deployed to the app-store and play-store.

  17. Intel HLAPI Events usage C#


    13 Ene 2012 ... Hello, I'm trying to develop a program using the Intel HLAPI. So far I got everything working fine, but I can't get my head around the events.

  18. Panel events not firing?


    1 Feb 2016 ... Hello, I am trying to handle the "panelload" event. For this example, I added the following code into index.html which is located in the App ...

  19. Some events missing in the manual is not necessarily inexistent!


    26 Ago 2013 ... Becasue in E5 chip description, the location of event number 20H, Umask ... is empty, I guess maybe the event also functions in the Chip as well.

  20. Intel PCM: FLT_SENT, NULL_IDLE Events?


    9 Ene 2012 ... I am trying to understand the events FLT_SENT (Flit Sent) and NULL_IDLE (Null Idle Flit Sent). The tool uses e.g. FLT_SENT events together ...

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