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  1. Intel AppUp® developer program Events (Archived)


    Talk about upcoming or past Intel AppUp® developer program events, such as Application Labs, sessions at conferences, or roadshows. Find out about where ...

  2. Events - Todo


    Deliver fast, efficient real-time & OTT video simply with new media acceleration technologies & reduce costs. Learn more: http://intel.ly/1OjtAf8. Agregar ...

  3. Tap events getting dropped, and other touch problems


    5 Nov 2015 ... I'm testing my canvas app on an Android phone, and I have frequent problems with touch events when the framerate is low. The lower the ...

  4. intel xeon hardware cache events not supported


    25 Jul 2015 ... I am trying to use perf tool to measure performance on some program. For some reason perf stat doesn't support hardware cache events.

  5. Counting native events


    29 Jun 2015 ... Hi, I try to count some performance events of a part of an application written in C. So far, I have used PAPI to count events. It works fine for ...

  6. I don't receive any cloud events


    I don't receive any cloud events. Johan D. Mar, 08/09/2015 - 02:32. Hi,. I can't receive any of the Cloud-based Context States, I register callback for all of them:.

  7. Events - Desarrollo de juegos


    ... de nov. de 2015 (9:00am - 6:00pm CET). A one day community event that brings game developers together with industry leaders to network, learn and inspire!

  8. Failed to generate map.events file on system wide analysis


    Failed to generate map.events file on system wide analysis. Ken R. (Intel). Jue, 29/10/2015 - 15:54. I am trying to do a system wide analysis on a Linux machine.

  9. Which events record absolute Number of L1 Data Cache Hits/Misses?


    Hey all, I'm trying to record the total number of L1 cache hits / misses. It's obvious with regards to the L1 Instruction cache, the two events are L1I_READS: ...

  10. Does the App Preview support multitouch events?


    28 Jun 2015 ... Are there any examples which demonstrate scale and rotate of an image by 2 finger tips?

  11. Events Not Working in C#?


    30 Nov 2014 ... Hello there, Recently got the chance to (finally) try out the camera, and while nice so far, I've been having trouble with getting events to work.

  12. Events - Windows*


    Conéctese con Intel en eventos de desarrolladores y de la industria en todo el mundo.

  13. Ionic events?


    29 Abr 2015 ... I have 2 projects build with (external) ionicframework and Cordova. Both projects are succesfully deployed to the app-store and play-store.

  14. DRAM monitoring events for Haswell Core i7 CPU


    Jun 17, 2015 ... Hi all, I am looking at monitoring DRAM events on a Haswell CPU (Core i7-4790, Signature 06_3Ch). Also possibly on other processors such ...

  15. TLB events in Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2695 v2


    11 Nov 2015 ... Hi, I have a problem about how to check TLB events. I went through /sys/devices/ system/cpu/*/ and found no information about TLB size.

  16. Server-Sent Events & WebSocket (Comunicaciones, Parte 3)


    30 Jul 2012 ... Los Server-Sent Events (SSE) son una forma estandarizada de enviar información a un grupo de clientes. Se utiliza en escenarios tales como: ...

  17. OFFCORE events for CODE/DATA traffic measurements on Sandy ...


    OFFCORE events for CODE/DATA traffic measurements on Sandy Bridge. Alexander Alexeev. Jue, 06/11/2014 - 13:57. Hello. First of all, I am not trying to profile ...

  18. Our new Intel AppUp developer program events page is live!


    6 Ene 2011 ... Hi everyone - our new developer program events page is now live at: http:// appdeveloper.intel.com/events Please visit the page to see which ...

  19. <not counted>satus for perf events in perf stats


    12 Dic 2014 ... I want to get several perf events for a process via PID. However when I am running perf stat command with several events for some seconds,in ...

  20. About architectural and nonarchitectural performance-monitoring ...


    20 Ago 2013 ... Hello all, I am reading the manual, Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual, chapter 19 performance-monitoring events, ...

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