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  1. How to read Uncore Events by perf tools.


    18 Oct 2016 ... Hello Does anyone know how to read intel "uncore events" by perf tools? I used to exploit some commands to read core's performance ...

  2. mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged


    30 Sep 2016 ... Hi all In the course of googling for the source of my problem, I came across a report filed on this forum (with the same topic as this one).

  3. perf_even_open (multiple events together)


    8 Dic 2016 ... Hi, I'm new to use PEBS and perf_event_open. Now, I'm trying to collect two events which are ...

  4. Intel PCM v2.9 - getting a list of supporting events


    21 Ene 2016 ... I'm using Intel PCM V2.9 on an Ivy Bridge system. I want to use pcm-core.x to capture events of interest, but thus far am unable to get this ...

  5. VTune GPU Hotspot (processor graphics HW events) and OpenCL ...


    24 Ene 2017 ... Hi, I am teaching a Master's class this quarter at Univ. of Washington EE dept on Applied GPU computing. We are using Intel OpenCL SDK, ...

  6. Broadwell-EP (E5 v4) Performance Events


    18 Ene 2017 ... Hi All, I'm looking for a list of the performance events supported by Broadwell-EP (E5 v4 , 06_4F). The intel developer manual (Chapter 19 ...

  7. Counting Offcore_Response Events Xeon Phi KNL


    8 Ago 2016 ... I am having difficulty retrieving offcore response event values on a development Knights Landing unit (CentOS 7). As an example, in an attempt ...

  8. mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged


    9 Dic 2015 ... Hello, I have a custom board(RC10), which has E3845 and is similar to MinnowBoard MAX. I have customized from Intel Firmware Engine ...

  9. Measurement of C6 events


    25 Oct 2016 ... Hi, I am trying to measure the C6 events (enters and leaves C6) for each core. I am using i7-5820K (haswellEP) and just found the C6 ...

  10. intel xeon hardware cache events not supported


    25 Jul 2015 ... I am trying to use perf tool to measure performance on some program. For some reason perf stat doesn't support hardware cache events.

  11. Can't trap mouse WM_LBUTTONUP events


    23 Mar 2016 ... I have a running application in x64 mode and I wanted to trap a WM_LEFTBUTTONDOWN event, translate the mouse position to my real world ...

  12. What PMU events exactly does the Ivy bridge processor support?


    Jun 27, 2013 ... I have read the Doc.325394 Chapter 19 Performance-Monitoring Events. I need to find all the events supported by my machine(to do some data ...

  13. How to unify the total time and Clockticks events?


    3 Jun 2008 ... Hi, all Can we unify the total time and Clockticks events. E.g. If A is a function that has no callees, then its Clockticks events is total Clockticks ...

  14. UNCORE EVENT information on KNL


    1 Sep 2016 ... Hello. In order to measure the DDR4 and performance of MCDRAM memory of KNL system, I'm looking for uncore events associated with the ...

  15. Ionic events?


    29 Abr 2015 ... I have 2 projects build with (external) ionicframework and Cordova. Both projects are succesfully deployed to the app-store and play-store.

  16. Tap events getting dropped, and other touch problems


    Nov 5, 2015 ... I'm testing my canvas app on an Android phone, and I have frequent problems with touch events when the framerate is low. The lower the ...

  17. <not counted>satus for perf events in perf stats


    12 Dic 2014 ... I want to get several perf events for a process via PID. However when I am running perf stat command with several events for some seconds,in ...

  18. Offcore\Uncore events in Intel PCM


    7 Feb 2013 ... However, one question appeared: Does PCM support uncore\offcore events of SandyBridge\IvyBridge processors? (usual ones, not EP) The ...

  19. How can we know two PMU events are contradicting with each other ...


    Jul 7, 2013 ... Hi, I read from somwhere saying that some events are contradicting with each other so that they can not be monitored at the same ...

  20. ActiveX objects and ActiveX events in Intel Visual Fortran


    15 Sep 2008 ... It's been a while, but I'm finally back to this project, and have deepened my understanding of COM and ActiveX. What I was thinking of as ...

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