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  1. Intel AppUp® developer program Events (Archived)


    Talk about upcoming or past Intel AppUp® developer program events, such as Application Labs, sessions at conferences, or roadshows. Find out about where ...

  2. Events - Todos


    Intel is a proud sponsor of GaymerX. An annual convention focused on games and gaming culture - Video games, Tabletops Games & Card Games. Adicionar ...

  3. Missing Hardware events


    9 Ago 2016 ... I've come across several discussion forums where events like ` UNC_IMPH_CBO_TRK_REQUESTS.WRITES` are mentioned, for example ...

  4. Counting Offcore_Response Events Xeon Phi KNL


    8 Ago 2016 ... I am having difficulty retrieving offcore response event values on a development Knights Landing unit (CentOS 7). As an example, in an attempt ...

  5. Events - Todo


    Cualquiera -; Android*; Aprendizaje mecánico; Centros de datos; Cliente empresarial; Código moderno; Desarrollo de juegos; HTML5; Herramientas de ...

  6. Events - Todo


    Intel is a proud sponsor of GaymerX. An annual convention focused on games and gaming culture - Video games, Tabletops Games & Card Games. Agregar ...

  7. What PMU events exactly does the Ivy bridge processor support?


    I have read the Doc.325394 Chapter 19 Performance-Monitoring Events. I need to find all the events supported by my machine(to do some data mining stuff:>).

  8. How can we know two PMU events are contradicting with each other ...


    Hi, I read from somwhere saying that some events are contradicting with each other so that they can not be monitored at the same time(probably can be do by ...

  9. UNCORE EVENT information on KNL


    1 Sep 2016 ... Hello. In order to measure the DDR4 and performance of MCDRAM memory of KNL system, I'm looking for uncore events associated with the ...

  10. Events - Todo


    Attendees flock to family friendly Maker Faire to glimpse the future and find the inspiration to become Makers themselves. Agregar ...

  11. Intel PCM v2.9 - getting a list of supporting events


    21 Ene 2016 ... I'm using Intel PCM V2.9 on an Ivy Bridge system. I want to use pcm-core.x to capture events of interest, but thus far am unable to get this ...

  12. Make sure you have root privileges to analyze Processor Graphics ...


    5 Jul 2016 ... Once I select "Analyze Processor Graphics hardware events" to "Overview" I'm getting error as in subject. Running as sudo/root doesn't help.

  13. Profile events on xeon by using perf


    17 Mar 2016 ... My concern is that the results of my events in xeon are thousand times higher then the results from AMD, but the runtime on xeon is much better ...

  14. Click Events are not firing in windows8 app


    12 Mar 2015 ... Hi, I ported my cordova app from android to windows 8. Some how click event for anchor tags are not firing in windows8. I also see" ...

  15. mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged


    9 Dic 2015 ... When the Linux system boots, it shows "mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged" 300 seconds after the boot. 1. Since the original ...

  16. Can't trap mouse WM_LBUTTONUP events


    23 Mar 2016 ... I have a running application in x64 mode and I wanted to trap a WM_LEFTBUTTONDOWN event, translate the mouse position to my real world ...

  17. Participate in Intel Developer Events


    7 Abr 2011 ... ... Lab, you must to be logged in and enrolled in the Intel AppUp developer program. For More Details, http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/events.

  18. Baytrail SoC Uncore Event Groups


    VTune Amplifier XE 2015 update 1 doesn't seem to list those event groups or the individual events shown within them. The VTune events do match those ...

  19. Panel events not firing?


    1 Feb 2016 ... Hello, I am trying to handle the "panelload" event. For this example, I added the following code into index.html which is located in the App ...

  20. Ionic events?


    29 Abr 2015 ... I have 2 projects build with (external) ionicframework and Cordova. Both projects are succesfully deployed to the app-store and play-store.

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