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  1. Excel call to Fortran DLL function with array argument


    Dec 7, 2004 ... Hi, I need a little help in building and calling a Fortran DLL from within an Excel spreadsheet. The exported Fortran function contains a bunch of ...

  2. Passing one-dimensional array from Fortran dll to Excel 2010


    3 Ago 2012 ... I am trying to pass a one-dimensional array from a Fortran dll to Excel 2010. I havesuccessfully run the sample program and I have successfully ...

  3. Passing Arrays from MS Excel to a DLL


    Dec 14, 2000 ... Hi (1) I was delighted to (eventually) be able to access a FORTRAN 6.1 DLL from MS Excel. The example DLL I made and used had only ...

  4. Write to EXCEL from FORTRAN use COM Interface


    Sep 27, 2013 ... 2) write columns or rows with various data types stored in an array of VARIANT's. ... Put Integer array values into excel spreadsheet

  5. Export Fortran arrays during debug in Visual Studio 2012 - Fortran ...


    1 Dic 2015 ... I know if I go with the mouse on the array, I can see the elements and if I ... What I need to do is export this array someway (text file, excel, matlab.

  6. Using Fortran dll in VBA of Excel 2010


    3 Mar 2015 ... Hello every one, I am trying to use Fortran dll in VBA of Excel 2010, but I have a problem now. I want to get virtual array as returned value, but ...

  7. VB.NET to Fortran Arrays


    Oct 22, 2012 ... I neet to retrieve calculation results in an array, created by the Fortran ... makes a dll out of fortran, and I call a routine in the dll from Excel VBA.

  8. CPU Utilization for Excel -> Fortran DLL


    5 Feb 2001 ... The Excel spreadsheet/DLL runs fast on the Win 2000 CVF computer .... in Excel 97 by updating the array formula call within the spreadsheet.

  9. assumed shape arrays in a dll


    Mar 30, 2009 ... Hi,I have written a subroutine in Fortran 90 that I would like to call from VBA in Excel. I would like to use assumed shape arrays for some of the ...

  10. output from fortran to excel


    31 Mar 2014 ... in my programme, i took a output excel file but when i took my output ... if we assume that your data is in an array named R, one could use:.

  11. VB.NET calling Fortran COM server


    9 Ago 2016 ... NET program (and all other kind programs, like VBA in Excel, C++, other ... where the array of strings is extracted from the SafeArray of BSTR's.

  12. 64bit Fortran DLL works when called from VBA but not from VB.NET


    Sep 28, 2015 ... In 64bit OS, VBA (64bit Excel) works fine, but VB. ... works just fine without _c_float and _c_int attributes in the fortran side and with 2D arrays.

  13. Passing derived types, vb.net and fortran dll


    Jun 15, 2011 ... I would like the derived type to contain 1D and 2D arrays. ... to VBA in Excel which appears to store arrays in column-major order as per Fortran ...

  14. Fortran DLL & MS Excel


    Browsing the DVF and Excel documentation also doesn't seem to get me ... If you want to handle character strings or, god forbid, arrays, then ask for more help.

  15. FORTRAN subroutine not running from VBA call


    Apr 29, 2014 ... ... the project into a .dll so that I could call it from an Excel VBA macro. ... And then I get "fortl: severe(408): fort: (2): Subscript #1 of the array Var1 ...

  16. where is problem in this code?


    12 Ene 2011 ... ... output file and need simple code for read data that highlited and list in new file as xy (two colume for excel) ... 15. read(iunit,'(5f14.0)') array.

  17. Calling Intel Fortran DLL from Excel VBA...


    31 Oct 2005 ... ... using CVF 6.6 Pro to make a Fortran dll that I call from Excel VBA. ... Real-, Double-Vars, Arrays and Strings are next goals for tomorrow.

  18. I need simple fortran code for read data from file


    Jan 10, 2011 ... ... output file and need simple code for read data that highlited and list in new file as xy (two colume for excel) ... 15, read (iunit, '(5f14.0)' ) array ...

  19. Access violation in spline function


    29 May 2012 ... Interpolation results are packed into r array - parameter of ... If you need the Excel workbook and the IVF project I have used please tell me.

  20. Cannot access fortran dll routines from VB macro


    Feb 21, 2012 ... /heap-arrays /fpstrict /static /threads -link /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE ... However, if I try calling test from an Excel macro, Excel claims that the ...

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