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  1. Compra de compilador Fortran


    4 Ene 2017 ... No soy experta en estos temas de compilación y lenguaje Fortran, así que me surgen algunas dudas y me gustaría que nos orientaran sobre la ...

  2. Using intel Fortran compiler with cmake


    24 Oct 2016 ... The project is written in c++, but it need a Fortran compiler. I choosed the intel compiler. While running cmake, it failed. Here is the error ...

  3. Free Intel Visual Fortran for students!


    Jun 30, 2015 ... Intel Fortran is now available under a free, non-commercial license for qualified students on Linux, OS X and WIndows.

  4. Lahey Fortran TO Intel Fortran


    Dec 27, 2015 ... Hello, I'm finishing my PhD in Geotechincal Engineering, in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. I've implemented Fortran Code within ...

  5. Fortran 16 fails at "contains"


    19 Oct 2016 ... Bottom line: I'm having problems getting a program to compile under Intel 16 Fortran and I suspect it isn't the code being flagged but is ...

  6. Problem with array mixing C++ and Fortran


    Jul 27, 2016 ... Hello. I have a Fortran static Library with one subroutine. I call that subroutine from C++ and I pass one array, inside the subroutine the array ...

  7. Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows*


    This is the place to ask questions of and share information with other users of Intel Visual Fortran. Compaq* Visual Fortran users are also welcomed.

  8. Fortran-Matlab interface


    10 Ago 2016 ... Hello, I am very new to Fortran. I am building some Fortran codes to run some post-processing of data acquired by an ultrasound system that is ...

  9. Intel Fortran 2016 Update 3 - significantly slower compilation ...


    23 Nov 2016 ... Hi guys, The problem of slower compilation when migrating to newer version of fortran compiler has already been adressed on this forum, ...

  10. Archived Visual Fortran (read-only)


    A read-only archive of topics from the previous Visual Fortran forum hosted by Compaq. Buscar. Es foro está archivado y ya no es monitoreado. Puede realizar  ...

  11. error building netcdf-fortran in intel parallel studio xe 2016 update3


    29 Sep 2016 ... Hi all, after build netcdf 4.4.1, i'm trying to build netcdf-fortran 4.4.4 (netcdf 4.4.1 is ok), with intel parallel studio xe 2016 update3, in rhel ...

  12. Fortran compiler


    Oct 7, 2016 ... I need to type a fortran program, but installation is not working for me. I downloaded this: parallel_studio_xe_2017_setup, and Visual Studio ...

  13. catastrophic error with Intel Fortran


    29 Nov 2016 ... Hello, I just wanted to report this compilation error that I get compiling fortran coarray code with intel

  14. call to fortran double precision function returning garbage


    Sep 13, 2016 ... Environment: Suse linux, I have a real function tbl that is invoking a fortran function. The function is double precision, the variable catching the ...

  15. Simple Fortran Question: Incrementing a FILE name within a loop


    22 Jun 2010 ... Note, I am new to character manipulation in FORTRAN, so do not understand how to formulate this problem OPEN (UNIT=100+IHIST, ...

  16. Linux Intel Fortran 2017 Update 1: problem with MPI mod files


    5 Nov 2016 ... Prior to 2017 Update 1, all worked well. After 2017 Update 1, when compiling I get the error: error #7013: This module file was not generated by ...

  17. OpenMP Compilation issue in a Fortran C code - OpenMP - Intel ...


    29 Jun 2016 ... Hello I have a Fortran code that communicates with a C code using a DLL. OpenMP directives was developed for a couple of do loops in the ...

  18. Trouble using a fortran static library in C++


    May 4, 2016 ... I have a fortran static library which I need to call from C++. I added the library to the C++ project and when I run the programI get this: error ...

  19. Fortran 77 Source coide need compilation


    29 Nov 2016 ... We have a legacy fortran 77 source files, which are compiled to construct a shared dynamic library using Solaris Dev Studio11 fortran 95 ...

  20. GNUPLOT called from FORTRAN


    25 Dic 2016 ... I want to try passing data to GNUPLOT from Fortran. The brute force method is to have my Fortran program write text files, exit the Fortran ...

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