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  1. Using lapack in fortran code


    6 Nov 2009 ... Hello friends,Im facing a problem when I compile my fortran file (.f90) calling a routine from lapack.I want to use the routine GETRS to solve ...

  2. error in compiling in intel fortran


    19 May 2013 ... I am using getrf,getrs function in my program. before compiling ,I set the ... the following command ifort beta4.f90 -mkl i am getting the following ...

  3. compiler problems with DFLIB.F90


    When I compile the code I get an error stating "Error: The procedure name of the INTERFACE block ... F90 file in the Microsoft Visual StudioDF98Include folder.

  4. how to get color text in VS2013 using Fortran XE2016


    Oct 28, 2015 ... Is there another setting or option needed to get these syntax color choices ... or installation enough to get VS2013 to recognize the .f90 file or to ...

  5. What am I doing wrong here?


    jetto.f90(8) : Error: Syntax error, found IDENTIFIER 'WRITE' when expecting one of: . .... But now that OS X is based on Unix, it's quite possible to get files with LF ...

  6. f90gl: trivial.f90 is not trivial


    4 Sep 2006 ... Also, I would compile "trivial.f90" (an example of f90gl distribution) .... You'll get that if you're building in a Debug configuration - you can ...

  7. Problem in including a fortran file into another one


    F90 fortran code which needs to use some functions in another code named supp. ... I also used Parallel Studio XE but I get the same error although I put supp.

  8. Previous declaration error


    I get the following compile time error: 1>Compiling with Intel Visual Fortran ... Studio 2005\Projects\mpr_apr3d\asbne.f90(2): error #5508: Declaration of routine ...

  9. Can I get a running sample code for Intel Fortran 9.0 for EM64T ...


    Can I get a running sample code for Intel Fortran 9.0 for EM64T, Windows XP 64? .... Your error now is that the file type should be .f90, not .90. Steve - Intel ...

  10. can't get VERF function to work


    30 Sep 2011 ... include "mkl_vml.f90" ... ... call verf(1,a,y) end program. Then I tried the following to build it: ifort myfortran.f90 %LINK_FNL_HPC% but I got the ...

  11. Linking IMSL routines any ideas gratefully received


    8 Jun 2005 ... then I get the following error messages ... C: est.f90(21) : Error: The type of the actual argument differs from the type of the dummy argument.

  12. converting f77 to f90, IO read error.


    14 Nov 2001 ... Can anyone help? I am trying to convert f77 language to f90 with a convert program. When I run it I get a severe error (29) file not found. But the ...

  13. omp_set_num_threads broken when compiling with iface:cvf


    7 Mar 2012 ... ifort /Qopenmp proga.f90. Running it you get the expected results: proga.exe maxthd = 2 omp_get_max_threads() returns 2. But if you switch on ...

  14. How do you call SaveImage?


    XftGDI.f90(279) : Error: This derived type name has not been declared. .... maybe I'm not calling them correctly. as I still get white lines on a black background.

  15. Dependency Generation from Compiler


    4 Abr 2016 ... ... as I expect it to work... Assume the following source file "class_a.F90": ... I can't predict when this will get fixed, though it seems likely to me ...

  16. mixing f90 and f77 comment types in a compile


    26 Oct 2007 ... I have f90 code that I am trying to link to MPICH2. the MPICH header file mpif.h is written for f77 so it has C in column 1 for comment lines. I get:.

  17. Compile with Multiple INCLUDE files


    29 Ene 2016 ... Here are the commands I tried: ifort -cpp mc_st.f90 molecules.f90 orientation.f90 ... Could you kindly tell me how to get my desired output files?

  18. Compilation error using 11.1.046 & not 10.1.018


    Hi, I tried to compile a code that uses both C and F90 languages. But with 11.1. 046 i get this error which 10.1.018 does not show:

  19. Compiling without MAIN program to Link with ABAQUS


    Jul 29, 2015 ... The subroutine uses many supporting modules to get the job done, and works ... I Interpret your "container" source code as a single f90 file with ...

  20. Create a makefile


    25 Feb 2011 ... ... subroutine dependent is escribir.f90. I write a makefile, but I get the following message:felipe@felipe-desktop:~/Escritorio/mis pruebas make$ ...

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