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  1. fail with compiler .f90 code


    8 Feb 2017 ... I have compile a .f90 code in Linux environment and get error like this:

  2. Can't get fortran 90 program to link to mkl libraries


    Oct 11, 2005 ... However, I get back:IPO Error: unresolved : dzfft1d_ Referenced in ... oTest_FFTW3.o(.text+0x488): In function `MAIN__':Test_FFTW3.f90: ...

  3. Error passing variables from Gnu C/C++ main to ifort F90 shared ...


    Sep 13, 2016 ... Hi Folks, I have an F90 shared object library compiled with the Intel FORTRAN ... for different path to ifort only) I get an error passing arguments.

  4. compiler problems with DFLIB.F90


    Mar 19, 2007 ... When I compile the code I get an error stating "Error: The procedure name of the ... F90 file in the Microsoft Visual StudioDF98Include folder.

  5. Intel Fortran Compiler: a request to check when dummy arguments ...


    10 Mar 2017 ... ... Compiler: a request to check when dummy arguments get defined/referenced .... ifort -c /standard-semantics /traceback /stand /warn:all m.f90 ...

  6. Floating point exceptions C++ / Fortran


    11 Feb 2010 ... Compile with: ifort aaa.f90 -g -traceback -fpe0 -o aaa ... a cpp main program (bb. cpp) and a subroutine (aa.f90) I cannot get similar behaviour:.

  7. converting f77 to f90, IO read error.


    14 Nov 2001 ... I am trying to convert f77 language to f90 with a convert program. When I run it I get a severe error (29) file not found. But the file is in the DSP ...

  8. Beginner question - Compiling with MKL_DFTI in Fortran


    12 Jun 2009 ... I get the following error: error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module ... procsl.f90 -L/opt/intel/Compiler/11.0/083/mkl/lib/em64t/ -lmkl_core ...

  9. can't get VERF function to work


    30 Sep 2011 ... include "mkl_vml.f90" ... ... call verf(1,a,y) end program. Then I tried the following to build it: ifort myfortran.f90 %LINK_FNL_HPC% but I got the ...

  10. Converting .f90 file to .for


    May 29, 2014 ... ABAQUS requires a .for file for the input and mine is now in .f90 format. Is there an easy way to ... How do I get the compiled object file? Inicio.

  11. Mixed F77 and F90 code fails when incorporating the same ...


    Dec 7, 2010 ... When I compile things in the following order:ifort -c iso_varying_string.f90ifort -c mrst2004qed.fifort -c pdf_builtin.f90then I get the following error ...

  12. Linking IMSL routines any ideas gratefully received


    8 Jun 2005 ... USE imslf90. I get different error messages. C: est.f90(21) : Error: The type of the actual argument differs from the type of the dummy argument.

  13. f90 vs ifort


    15 Ene 2010 ... on double precision underflow ignore Is there a way to get this to work, ... This worked with f90 before, but using ifort the code doesnt even ...

  14. Converting older fortran files to .f90 or .f95


    9 Feb 2010 ... I have the source code for a program that was written in Fortran 77 (i.e. program. for). I get many compiler errors when I try to compile this file.

  15. fortran_winprint.f90 not working with a printer


    fortran_winprint.f90 not working with a printer ... They just get a strange black line across the top of the page. I went to the Ricoh site and it mentioned MS Access ...

  16. f90 fortran program with mkl fft's, omp threads, and asynch fortran i/o


    11 Ago 2009 ... How do you get MKL FFT threads to work with OMP threads in a fortran 90 program usingasynchronous fortran i/o. Such a program seg fault's ...

  17. compilation problem with ifort in openmp


    31 Ago 2004 ... ... version of ifort and icc if i use ifort to compile the code i get a error message. compile command:ifort -openmp -openmp_reprot2 -o file file.f90 ...

  18. Can I get a running sample code for Intel Fortran 9.0 for EM64T ...


    Oct 26, 2005 ... myfor.f90. program myfor. write(*,*) 'Hello World'. end program myfor. I can compile this program under VS 6.0 with CVF6.0. And get the correct ...

  19. Visual studio integration : new file dialog : case of name extension


    Apr 6, 2009 ... .F .F90 files tell the compiler to run the Fortran preprocessor (FPP) on the source file, where .f .f90 files do not get run through the preprocessor.

  20. omp_set_num_threads broken when compiling with iface:cvf


    7 Mar 2012 ... ifort /Qopenmp proga.f90. Running it you get the expected results: proga.exe maxthd = 2 omp_get_max_threads() returns 2. But if you switch on ...

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