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  1. how to get color text in VS2013 using Fortran XE2016


    28 Oct 2015 ... Is there another setting or option needed to get these syntax color choices ... The new test project I created using VS2013 also has a .f90 file ...

  2. type T_MSG in ifwinty.f90 seems not to work on 64bit


    19 Oct 2010 ... I want to report, that the T_MSG definition in ifwinty.f90 seems to be not ... couldnt get any reasonable results from the GetMessage function, so I ...

  3. What am I doing wrong here?


    jetto.f90(8) : Error: Syntax error, found IDENTIFIER 'WRITE' when expecting one of: . .... But now that OS X is based on Unix, it's quite possible to get files with LF ...

  4. Create a makefile


    25 Feb 2011 ... ... subroutine dependent is escribir.f90. I write a makefile, but I get the following message:felipe@felipe-desktop:~/Escritorio/mis pruebas make$ ...

  5. Finding source of crashes for Java/C encapsulation of F90 code


    27 Sep 2014 ... I have ~35k lines of F90 code as a main library and executables. ... But it does not get to line #1 in the failing subroutine with the java ...

  6. Compiling without MAIN program to Link with ABAQUS


    Jul 29, 2015 ... The subroutine uses many supporting modules to get the job done, and works ... I Interpret your "container" source code as a single f90 file with ...

  7. error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol using module


    Jun 4, 2015 ... These files are in attachment. I compiled the module without error with ifort –c mymod.f90 and get files 'mymod.obj' and 'mymod.mod' created.

  8. Compaq Visual Fortran with DISLIN & GINO


    14 Jun 2011 ... I created a project file for the example file exa_f90.f90 provided by the DISLIN package. Problem: I cannot get the file to compile right and ...

  9. omp_set_num_threads broken when compiling with iface:cvf


    7 Mar 2012 ... ifort /Qopenmp proga.f90. Running it you get the expected results: proga.exe maxthd = 2 omp_get_max_threads() returns 2. But if you switch on ...

  10. linking problem?


    When I compile my code I get the following error, 04.mpiinc.f(23): error #5102: ... I tried adding "$ ifort -I/home/cbisher SPG4Series.f90" to the command line, but I ...

  11. f90gl: trivial.f90 is not trivial


    4 Sep 2006 ... Also, I would compile "trivial.f90" (an example of f90gl distribution) .... You'll get that if you're building in a Debug configuration - you can ...

  12. can't get MKL to work


    29 Sep 2011 ... include "mkl_vml.f90" ... ... call verf(1,a,y) end program. Then I tried the following to build it: ifort myfortran.f90 %LINK_FNL_HPC% but I got the ...

  13. building open mpi with ifort


    Jun 8, 2012 ... scripts/mpi_sizeof.f90.sh /home/hugo/openmpi-1.6/ompi/mpi/f90 ... If I ignore all these building mpi warnings and I compile my program I get.

  14. bug, parse error


    22 Ago 2012 ... MODULES=/usr/local/cula/src/interfaces/fortran/cula.F90. # ... I get this error that I posted, but if I compile with. F90 ... I get a bunch of errors :S.

  15. Can't access GetMenuInfo function from USER32.f90


    26 Mar 2015 ... Can't access GetMenuInfo function from USER32.f90 ... When I attempt to compile this, I get the following error: error #6404: This name does ...

  16. Procedure component


    ... I am doing :) ) But I get compilation error as: For Test # 1 (see below for source ... C:\Abhi\MySource\Tests\Test_TypewithPointers\NewMain.f90(288): error ...

  17. Make a subdirectory in F90


    27 Oct 2010 ... Make a subdirectory in F90 ... Could I please get a bit more help. Some syntax? I find no refs for the command mkdir in any of my Visual Fortran ...

  18. using lapack and blas libraries


    15 May 2010 ... If I try to compileifort programma.f90 -llapack -lblas I get this error message: ld: cannot find -llapack remembering that to run ifort I added this to ...

  19. Win IVF 9.1: WinAPI for GetProcessMemoryInfo


    Recently found how to get WinXP IVF 9.1 task manager memory information using the ... Need a f90 interface for GetProcessMemoryInfo and for the data type  ...

  20. tracebackqq


    19 Jul 2010 ... Console_test.exe 00401037 _MAIN__ 4 Source1.f90 .... have the access violation bug, however, as I use ifcore, I no longer get the stack trace.

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