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  1. Video Conference setup on h264 decoder has huge latency


    7 Jul 2015 ... The encoded stream is not from MSDK, but from other h264 encoder. ... iOS encoded H264 stream as input, the decoder delay issue happened.

  2. Linux, Media SDK 2014, h264, low latency encoding


    10 Jun 2014 ... My task is research capabilities of Media SDK hardware encoding with low latency for video conf. I am using core i7 Haswell. I am encoding ...

  3. DirectShow h264 Encoder KeyFrames only and then Decode ...


    Nov 7, 2011 ... DirectShow h264 Encoder KeyFrames only and then Decode KeyFrames only ... So to reduce this delay and have the Decoder release a ...

  4. Problem to decode H264 video in real-time


    Hi all, I plan to use Intel H264 decoder to decode real-time video feeds. ... This issue creates delay between real-time and decoded feed. ... Unfortunately, the encoder is not using the Intel Media SDK, so I cannot change the encoder settings to ...

  5. Skylake HW HEVC encoding too slow to keep up with live video ...


    Nov 5, 2015 ... Regular HW H.264 encoding and decoding are already plenty fast for live ... in CQP/CBR modes for low delay as well as regular use-cases.

  6. H264 Encoding Memory leak with latest HD Graphics 510 driver


    22 Jul 2016 ... H264 Encoding Memory leak with latest HD Graphics 510 driver .... which might can cause delays but I will keep you posted with progress.

  7. How to change encoder's base pts-dts shift?


    3 Oct 2013 ... imsdk h264 encoder always produce first encoded frame's dts = minimal_input_pts - 80ms (-2 frames at 25 fps rate), except low-delay I/P-only ...

  8. VPP or h.264 encode reducing mean intensity


    I have modifiedsample codeto read from an RGB3 AVI and encode to h.264 using VPP for RGB4 to NV12 color format ... sorry for the delayed response.

  9. Difference in h264 stream generated by IMSDK HW encoder and ...


    Jan 11, 2016 ... Difference in h264 stream generated by IMSDK HW encoder and SW .... If I set IDRInterval to 50, it delays the IDR generation till 50th I frame ...

  10. Mad DTS jumps are observed sometimes at h264 encoder output


    10 Feb 2014 ... Mad DTS jumps are observed sometimes at h264 encoder output ... imsdk_h264enc_dtsjump.zip, 10.66 KB ... Sorry for the delayed reply.

  11. H.264 - B-Frames cause hiccups, only with HW encoding


    3 Jul 2011 ... A very off thing that I've had with the H264 encoder : When ... P.S. sorry for the delays, the forum doesn't send me E-mail updates for this thread.

  12. Useful information for anyone using VBR with HW HEVC encoding ...


    Jun 21, 2016 ... The same sequence, for H.264, doesn't result in the same problem. ... which would delay encoding, something that would be problematic for ...

  13. Handling of the emulation prevention byte in the H264 encoder


    30 Oct 2013 ... Hi, I'm using the H264 encoder to encode video and some SEI registered and unregistered data. ... for instance) to generate the emulation prevention byte or if is done by the Media SDK's encoder. ... Sorry for the delay.

  14. Slow H264 encoding - How to speed up?


    I need the encode to take no longer than 33ms per frame. ... Any changes to the UMC code perhaps (this almost seems like an artificial delay)? I have CPU cores just .... Or is the UMC H264 encoder not designed for realtime HD encoding?

  15. How to predict h264-encoder's PTS-DTS shift?


    10 Feb 2014 ... It is called "Multiple-Segment Encoding" at the imsdk documentation. ... Consider a scenario with several h264-streams stitching/concatenation (streams are created by different encoders). ... Sorry for the delay in replying.

  16. low latency decode problem


    i made this first test using a recorded elementary h264 file from my encode .... To ensure overall pipeline low latency you must make sure that your encoder is ...

  17. H264 Timecode absent in QSV


    11 Jul 2013 ... HI, I'm doing an H264 encoding with timecode using Intel Media QSV encoder. The encoded file ... sorry for the delayed answer. We are ...

  18. Media SDK Decode vs. FFMPEG Decode


    24 Abr 2015 ... The output is thrown away to minimize any I/O delays in writing out the ... LS h264 H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10 (encoders: ...

  19. H.246 HW encoding interlaced video


    I am trying to encode 1080i30 video to h264, using HW acceleration. I am using ... H.246 HW encoding interlaced video ..... sorry for the delayed reply.

  20. SetAcceleration returns MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED


    Sorry for delay with answer, I needed some time to gather the information. .... Will both Intel Media SDK MPEG-2 Video Decoder and H264 Encoder work in ...

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