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  1. hardware change -> single user to be re-licensed?


    31 Ene 2011 ... I'd like to reinstall (a well licensed) Visual Fortran Composer on a new machine. There's no button "modify host information" in the registration ...

  2. Intel Phi on Ubunt 14.04


    I will not have a single not on a completely different ecosystem, so I decided to compile the ... It might benefit other Ubuntu folks if you posted the change you make here. ..... So when I was put to charge of a new cluster, all new hardware, all new... ..... my bet is that /dev/mic/scif is not accessible (enough) to a non-root user.

  3. Xeon Phi not using more than 1 or 2 cores - Intel® Developer Zone


    when run on the Phi in a single thread: 0.59 seconds ... So partly core`s hardware threads will spent some time creating OS threads for your program. ... The user is free to experiment as to if the flags are packed into adjecent ..... We're going to purchase a license for the latest release which will take time to be authorised.

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