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  1. building open mpi with ifort


    Hi everyone, I wish to use open-mpi for best performance of academic research.I downloaded open-mpi 1.6 and ran on my terminal the ...

  2. time ifort, dura 45 segs


    7 May 2016 ... fcfm1:/home/smeza # time ifort ifort:command line error: no files specified; for help type "ifort -help" real 0m45.32s user 0m0.040s sys 0m0.40s.

  3. Problem with ifort 15 and mcmodel


    30 Sep 2016 ... Hi all, Recently our university has upgraded from ifort 12 to ifort 15, and now if I compile code with "-mcmodel=medium -shared-intel", it no ...

  4. ifort: command not found


    Installation went fine, but when i tried to compile a fortran 90 program, i get the message: ifort: command not found. I am not an expert on the linux, but ...

  5. ifort 16.0.3 and HDf5 segfault


    13 Sep 2016 ... All builds I've tested (up to 1.8.17 and 1.10.0-patch1) segfault when being built on Linux with icc and ifortran 16.0.3. Any idea what's going on?

  6. ifort version vs ifort 16. factor of 3 slower?


    29 Ago 2016 ... I use this command on a fortran.f90 program, with quite some use of mkl with version 14 ifort -O3 -xHost -prof-use -ftrapuv -o it ...

  7. ifort: error #10273:


    HiI am using the Intel compilers from the cygwin environment in Windows. I am getting this error while compilingand linking my application:---------------ifort: error  ...

  8. ifort with MingW


    15 Ago 2016 ... I would like to use ifort with MingW but I don't know how to set this up (Note: I ... ifort Hello.f90 /Qlocation,link,"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft ...

  9. FFTW segmentation fault with ifort 17.0


    3 Oct 2016 ... I compiled this code with ifort 17.0 and it gives segfault. https://gist.github.com/ appleparan/be9eb47be87f5440c8008118492b4f10 It works with ...

  10. SOLVED: ifort installation and activation via flexlm successful, but ...


    Oct 4, 2016 ... On another machine, I have installed the full compiler package (icc, ifort, mkl, etc., Version Build 20160415), choosing activation via ...

  11. Broken traceback in Mac OS X 10.7.1 with ifort and ...


    Intel official documents say that the ifort Version Build 20110719 supports Mac OS* X 10.7 now supported with Xcode* 4.1. BUT, the new ifort has  ...

  12. Ifort array alignment problem


    19 Abr 2016 ... Dear Intel Fortran developers, I'm using ifort 15.0.1 in my code. I have a problem with array alignment. This is a piece of my code in a ...

  13. ifort -openmp


    28 Jun 2011 ... When I use ifort I get the following message. Could someone help me figure out what I am missing? I checked the ifort switches and openmp is ...

  14. Compiling Fortan modules in python using f2py and ifort


    Hello,Could someone advise me as to whether I can (and if yes, then how) use ifort compiler with python's f2py package to develop modules in fortran that can ...

  15. Specifying ifort switches in Parallel Studio XE


    Hi All, In command prompt it is easy to specify the switches of IFORT and make the exe file. But when it comes to debugging, it is easier to use the visual studio ...

  16. ifort is not recognized as an internal command... Windows 64-bit


    12 Jul 2016 ... I've been trying to compile some fortran code using the Intel Compiler, but I keep getting the same error saying that 'ifort' is not recognized as ...

  17. ifort 17.0.0 AVX dot_product bug on i5-6300HQ with -O2 -xHost


    28 Sep 2016 ... I may have found a compiler bug on Linux, for ifort version 17.0.0 on a Debian ' testing' distribution (uname -a: Linux e5470 4.6.0-1-amd64 #1 ...

  18. assembler compatibility with ifort -S


    12 Jun 2016 ... Is there a way to make ml64 or some assembler accept ifort .asm files? ml64 rejects the code labels beginning with '.'. I'm looking for a way to ...

  19. make: ifort: command not found on ubuntu12.04 - 64bit


    I install l_fcompxe_intel64_2011.11.339 on ubuntu12.04 -64bit. When I compile MFIX software with ifort this error occured : make: ifort: command not found.

  20. inline problems with ifort 17.0.0


    3 Oct 2016 ... I upgraded my Intel C++ and Fortran compilers last week (September 26-30, 2016) to the Intel 17 versions 17.0.0 and immediately ran into what ...

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