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  1. building open mpi with ifort


    Hi everyone,I wish to use open-mpi for best performance of academic research.I downloaded open-mpi 1.6 and ran on my terminal the ...

  2. ifort -openmp


    28 Jun 2011 ... Hi,I am trying to compile the following sample code by using openmp switch.

  3. time ifort, dura 45 segs


    time ifort, dura 45 segs. Salvador M. Sat, 05/07/2016 - 15:32. Compre el software de parallel studio, el cual trae el compilador de fortran de intel para servidor y 5 ...

  4. New bug (or feature) in ifort 17.0.x with procedure pointer: error ...


    15 Mar 2017 ... Starting with ifort 17.0.0 code using (a certain definition of) procedure pointers does not compile anymore. It works with ifort.

  5. ifort: command line error: '-fminshared' conflicts with '-fpic'


    20 Mar 2017 ... I am using the latest code CAMB 2017-Jan with latest OSX 10.12.3 and latest ifort 17.0.2,when I run make there comes.

  6. Possible ICE with ifort 17 and -xMIC-AVX512


    3 Mar 2017 ... Hello, Please find below an issue (and reproducer) encountered by one of our development team members. Thanks, Eric.

  7. GAMESS(US), ifort and MKL on Mac issue


    19 Feb 2017 ... Hello. To maximally optimize performance of quantum chemistry calculations I decided to compile GAMESS(US) using Intel toolchain and MKL ...

  8. Is there any option in the intel fortran compiler (ifort) to compile and ...


    5 Sep 2015 ... The .exe needs to be run sequentially by hand. Is there any automatic option in the ifort driver to compile and run the .exe automatically?

  9. macos ifort / openmpi compatibility: mpi-sizeof.h


    Mar 9, 2017 ... hi guys, i am compiling my parallel application using ifort in my mac. it seems that i have a compatibility problem between openmpi and intel ...

  10. ifort version vs ifort 16. factor of 3 slower?


    29 Ago 2016 ... I use this command on a fortran.f90 program, with quite some use of mkl with version 14 ifort -O3 -xHost -prof-use -ftrapuv -o it ...

  11. More annoying regressions in ifort 17.0


    25 Feb 2017 ... Seems that v17 was not the most lucky of all releases. In our code, link, we now see several of our unit and functional tests producing double ...

  12. ifort: error #10052: could not checkout FLEXlm license


    Jan 30, 2014 ... Also fixed the dependencies but unfortunately cannot fix this error.... ev@ev- Satellite-A200-1BP:~$ ifort -v Error: A license for FCompL is not ...

  13. ifort 18 feature request: using F08 atomic subroutines with array ...


    hace 2 días ... ifort 18 feature request: using F08 atomic subroutines with array components ( using an integer array component of a derived type coarray ...

  14. deadlock/zombiie from Ifort executable


    31 Oct 2016 ... I have programmed a linear model preconditioned conjugate gradient solver in Fortran 2008, compiled with ifort 17 and linked against MKL.

  15. Thermal Desktop/SINDA/FLUINT "ifort:error#10037: could not find ...


    11 Ago 2015 ... Hello, I'm new to FORTRAN, I'm using Thermal Desktop (built into AutoCAD) and SINDA/FLUINT to run thermal analysis. I got the following ...

  16. ifort mpif90 compile mpi program error


    3 Jun 2013 ... the program is program mainuse mpicharacter *( MPI_MAX_PROCESSOR_NAME) processor_nameinteger myid,numprocs, namelen,rc,ierrcall ...

  17. ifort: command line error: no files specified; for help type "ifort -help"


    3 Feb 2016 ... I am trying to compile a Fortran code (in this case WRF model 3.6.1.), but in spite of having called the intel compiler in .bashrc, with these lines:

  18. ifort: non-commerical license expired


    7 Ene 2015 ... Hi, I have a non-commerical license of the Intel Fortran Compiler. Now if I want to use ifort I receive the following error message: Error: A license ...

  19. ifort 17.0.0 AVX dot_product bug on i5-6300HQ with -O2 -xHost


    28 Sep 2016 ... I may have found a compiler bug on Linux, for ifort version 17.0.0 on a Debian ' testing' distribution (uname -a: Linux e5470 4.6.0-1-amd64 #1 ...

  20. SOLVED: ifort installation and activation via flexlm successful, but ...


    Oct 4, 2016 ... On another machine, I have installed the full compiler package (icc, ifort, mkl, etc., Version Build 20160415), choosing activation via ...

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