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  1. time ifort, dura 45 segs


    7 May 2016 ... fcfm1:/home/smeza # time ifort ifort:command line error: no files specified; for help type "ifort -help" real 0m45.32s user 0m0.040s sys 0m0.40s.

  2. building open mpi with ifort


    Jun 8, 2012 ... Hi everyone, I wish to use open-mpi for best performance of academic research.I downloaded open-mpi 1.6 and ran on my terminal the ...

  3. ifort with MingW


    15 Ago 2016 ... I would like to use ifort with MingW but I don't know how to set this up (Note: I already use ifort with VS). Is this possible? Thanks for any help.

  4. Symbolic Link to ifort


    The following question is related to an earlier forum topic linked here. It talks about Geany not being able to use ifort. Even if the 'source-ing' command has been ...

  5. ifort is not recognized as an internal command... Windows 64-bit


    12 Jul 2016 ... I've been trying to compile some fortran code using the Intel Compiler, but I keep getting the same error saying that 'ifort' is not recognized as ...

  6. setting the paths for MKL library and ifort compiler


    25 May 2016 ... I guess that the ifort compiler is included in some of the folders within the ... know how to set the environment variables for ifort in the .bashrc file.

  7. Compiler Bug (missing symbol / ICE) in ifort 16.0.3 on Linux 64


    4 Ago 2016 ... Dear Intel support team When I compile the attached example with "debugging" flags I obtain an ICE. With "release" flags it compiles fine, but at ...

  8. Complex Matrix Assign Crashes in IFORT 16.0.3


    15 Jun 2016 ... Hi, Attached is a simple test case that crashes on a complex matrix assign in ifort 16.0.3. It works with all previous ifort versions I have used.

  9. Download and install ifort for ubuntu 14.04


    Hello I need to install ifort non-commercial version on my 64 bit system with OS ubuntu 14.04. From the intel website i have the non-commercial tool but it doest ...

  10. ifort: command not found


    Installation went fine, but when i tried to compile a fortran 90 program, i get the message: ifort: command not found. I am not an expert on the linux, but ...

  11. Optimization Flags for ifort 9


    Can any one tell me the optimization flags for ifort 9 compiler (for the latest Intel Quad Core processor). --Sangamesh.

  12. A bug of ifort for mac?


    There is a testing program of two pieces of source code. I compiled them on Linux (Debian 5 and ifort 11.1) and Mac (10.5.8 and ifort 11.1), but the run-time ...

  13. ifort -openmp


    28 Jun 2011 ... When I use ifort I get the following message. Could someone help me figure out what I am missing? I checked the ifort switches and openmp is ...

  14. best ifort equivalent flag to gfortran -O3 -ffast-math?


    As a first approach I am using ifort with "-O3" and I obtain a ~20% performance gain compared with gfortran, so I would like to check if there are other flags that ...

  15. Ifort array alignment problem


    19 Abr 2016 ... Dear Intel Fortran developers, I'm using ifort 15.0.1 in my code. I have a problem with array alignment. This is a piece of my code in a ...

  16. no quadruple precisionin icc! icc versus ifort


    I have just checked that ifort compiler supports quadruple precision (real*16) and keeps 35 digits while icc compiler with 'long double' supports only 20 digits ...

  17. ifort lapack eclipse


    hi every one,I would like to use the lapack library with my intel project in eclipse. my source code is:PROGRAM testLapack_CGEEVUSE COMUNIuse ...

  18. make: ifort: command not found on ubuntu12.04 - 64bit


    I install l_fcompxe_intel64_2011.11.339 on ubuntu12.04 -64bit. When I compile MFIX software with ifort this error occured : make: ifort: command not found.

  19. OpenMP Task Dependency with ifort 15


    5 Ago 2016 ... I am currently trying to use the *task* construct of OpenMP 4.0 including the * depend* statement for my Fortran codes. Therefore, I create the ...

  20. Compiling Fortan modules in python using f2py and ifort


    Hello,Could someone advise me as to whether I can (and if yes, then how) use ifort compiler with python's f2py package to develop modules in fortran that can ...

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