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  1. CPU usage not improved


    10 Jun 2010 ... When I ran the program, the windows task manager showed that the total threads increased while the CPU usage did not change much (still ...

  2. Optimize C code by SSE2


    I have thought that the use of SSE can improve CPU usage. ... which demonstrate how a correct application of _mm_prefetch improves performance of copy ...

  3. sample_decode_x11 cpu usage


    My computer cpu information : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30GHZ. ... gaps in our documentation communication, and we will improve them for future. ... So we want local decoding and displaying at very low cpu usage in order to give ...

  4. Very low L3 cache hits on Sandy Bridge according to PCM


    So it appears that either (1) something is churning through the CPU, killing ... Anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing such low L3 cache utilization? .... and Sandy Bridge, but the improvement was much more dramatic on SNB.

  5. Why are multipliers low-locked?


    Yes, improving data locality would decrease cache misses and memory references, but .... for determining processor utilization which is meant to be used for

  6. Large overhead and spin time reported in MKL functions


    I wonder if the picture improves with OMP_SCHEDULE=DYNAMIC and OMP_DYNAMIC=1? ... The CPU utilization is zero, because all CPU time is overhead.

  7. HEVC decoding in Linux platform


    16 Dic 2015 ... The decode rate was very low, as low as 7FPS. The Intel Media SDK that I am ... I tried without writing in to a file. And the performance has improved up to 50FPS. But CPU usage is veru high during the decoding process.

  8. ijl15 vs ijl20 vs IPP jpeg decode performance


    IJL15: 13.5 ms per picture (50% CPU usage, 100% of one core) .... Finally, I have noticed that IPP JPEG decompression speed is poor for some particular .... I haven't been able to get the performance improvement with the 5.3 application I ...

  9. Low Power Intel® Architecture for Small Form Factor Devices | Intel ...


    Mar 5, 2012 ... This new low power platform infrastructure must address battery life, heat ... focuses on CPU cores and clusters that perform optimized load balancing ... set extensions to enhance performance and lower power usage by ...

  10. Memory Bandwidth Issue


    I have attached an example CPU plot that shows the problem; basically if we run ... plot is that the CPU usage of the Media SDK process is actually relatively low, .... called Intel Turbo Boost Technology which in essence lets the GPU and CPU ...

  11. About GMA 500 Driver Development


    So you see we are working to improve GMA 500 driver and no need to pressurize .... Drivers is close-source and has many bugs and poor performance. .... ...and still wonder if you're doing it rightbecause the CPU utilization is still so high and ...

  12. Low Latency H.264 Encode


    29 Feb 2012 ... CPU:Intel i5-2540MGPU:Intel HD Graphics 3000(Intel Quick Sync Video ... Can I improve latency about 10ms, if I can not use HW acceleration ... sdk version in my sourcecode from 1.0 to 1.3, my cpu usage up to 100%. Thanks.

  13. 100% when using sample on CentOS


    28 Abr 2015 ... ... 100% CPU utilization for the process when running the following: ... In this case , "-1" refers to unknown error - we are working to improve the ...

  14. Parallel iterative solver (CG or FGMRES)


    7 Nov 2012 ... THere is only a very little improvement from sequential and parallel mode. ... and run the CG using RCI communication and it behaved very poor. ... Although the CPU usage is close to 100%, the speed for solving the equation ...

  15. Stream desktop screen using Intel media SDK with intel atom E3825


    The CPU usage on atom for the application is 25% and fps is 30 . ... to NV12 format so that it happens on hw instead of using sw and that should improve the performance. ... For the screen capture, my bad seems like my reply was confusing.

  16. unusual concurrent bounded queue when used with SCHED_FIFO ...


    The application requires low latency, and experiences lots of data in short ... spin with 100% cpu utilization, or the 6 "worker" threads spin with 100% cpu utilization . .... icc you might see improvement from switching to the _src package instead?

  17. HPC and Magic of OpenMP thread Affinity Management: Compare ...


    ... core affinity pinned to specific threads helped to increase performance. ... node ) without process binding resulted in an average CPU utilization of about 13.5 ...

  18. Researching??


    Oct 25, 2015 ... And parallel_sort used more of my cpu, but seems to have wasted cpu as the time was actually a bit slower for twice as much cpu usage. ... This is a release build (as the debug build was crazy slow) and I placed a tick count ... used via std ::sort and maybe why parallel_sort does not show any improvement.

  19. Using Intel Quick Sync on MAC OSX


    18 Sep 2014 ... ... would use QSV to have good performances with low CPU usage ? ... HW and become more mainstream, Apple will switch to it and improve ...

  20. Compiler option "Enable parallelization" causing exceptions on ...


    18 Oct 2010 ... The task manager shows 4 CPU Usage History windows, assumedly ... though no significant performance improvement is observed over the ...

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