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  1. Optimize C code by SSE2


    Jan 17, 2013 ... I have thought that the use of SSE can improve CPU usage. ... how a correct application of _mm_prefetch improves performance of copy ...

  2. Why is CPU use only 50%?


    A 15% improvement in throughput would be excellent. .... needed ( CPU utilization could be even lower than 50% because CPU doesn't do anything until I /O

  3. IPP FFT shows no improvement with multiple threads


    Apr 5, 2010 ... I have tried FFT lengths from 2^3 to 2^20. Parallel Amplifier shows CPU Usage is 1 regardless of number of threads. What's up/what should I ...

  4. Why are multipliers low-locked?


    Jun 12, 2008 ... Yes, improving data locality would decrease cache misses and memory .... for determining processor utilization which is meant to be used for

  5. MKL versus number of threads on two Xeon 5160 core 2 duo's


    Nov 29, 2006 ... Why such a poor improvement in run time as the number of threads ... showed 25 % utilization with one of the processor CPU time at 100%.

  6. Large overhead and spin time reported in MKL functions


    Aug 7, 2013 ... I wonder if the picture improves with OMP_SCHEDULE=DYNAMIC and .... After that CPU time and CPU utilization are reported as expected.

  7. ijl15 vs ijl20 vs IPP jpeg decode performance


    Jan 24, 2008 ... JPEG codec: 20 ms per picture (100% CPU usage, 100% of each core) .... Finally , I have noticed that IPP JPEG decompression speed is poor for some .... I haven't been able to get the performance improvement with the 5.3 ...

  8. Low Latency H.264 Encode


    29 Feb 2012 ... CPU:Intel i5-2540MGPU:Intel HD Graphics 3000(Intel Quick Sync Video ... Can I improve latency about 10ms, if I can not use HW acceleration ... sdk version in my sourcecode from 1.0 to 1.3, my cpu usage up to 100%. Thanks.

  9. Using Intel Quick Sync on MAC OSX


    18 Sep 2014 ... ... would use QSV to have good performances with low CPU usage ? ... HW and become more mainstream, Apple will switch to it and improve ...

  10. AppUp hangs on Win 7


    Apr 22, 2010 ... I tested the AppUp(SM) as you stated (categories) and I could see a considerable increase in CPU usage while it is loading the categories and ...

  11. unusual concurrent bounded queue when used with SCHED_FIFO ...


    Oct 3, 2011 ... The application requires low latency, and experiences lots of data in short ... cpu utilization, or the 6 "worker" threads spin with 100% cpu utilization. .... you might see improvement from switching to the _src package instead?

  12. Stream desktop screen using Intel media SDK with intel atom E3825


    Dec 18, 2015 ... The CPU usage on atom for the application is 25% and fps is 30 . ... so that it happens on hw instead of using sw and that should improve the performance. ... For the screen capture, my bad seems like my reply was confusing.

  13. openMP performance comprisons and concerns about MP overhead


    Mar 21, 2004 ... I learned a bit of boost::threads but I was glad that I did not dive into it before I find openMP. ... 1. without openmp, 1 full-speed process, 25% CPU usage. ... low cache affinity: This might well explain the difference between 4 (2 ...

  14. Image processing and threading


    Or should i do something like image slicing perhaps to improve on this? .... build a threading/concurrency model to squeek out as much cpu utilization as ...

  15. Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 Beta is now open – register and ...


    Apr 6, 2016 ... ... Characterization Analysis monitors utilization of the CPU, memory, ... Several enhancements improve your performance and vectorization ...

  16. big latency of decoding H.264 stream with Media SDK


    Nov 2, 2014 ... With this you should definitely see an increase in decoding speed, hence reducing the ... GopRefDist = 1; //1 is best for low latency, I and P frames only .... The avg. cpu usage is cut down to 5% for one realtime stream of 30fps, ...

  17. Noticeable performance drop in 1.19 (2017) on Centos 7.2


    Dec 28, 2016 ... After installing SDK 2017, the GPU load jumps up to 90-95%. ... In MSS 2017 this was reworked and now you see low VDBOX engines utilization meaning ..... the GPU-bound server workloads is to disable CPU Turbo boost in ...

  18. Huge overhead and spin time: openmp worker clone


    31 Jul 2014 ... ... and spin time, which covered almost 100% of the CPU usage bar. ... Increase more workload in parallel OMP region, and reduce wait time. 2.

  19. FilterBoxBorder, still not perfect?


    Aug 26, 2014 ... Why enhance it with a border feature? (& yes I know about the convolution, but the reason I'm using FilterBox is purely CPU usage, otherwise I ...

  20. Best CPU for intensive programming and comprarisions with ...


    Jun 5, 2014 ... Regarding proper utilization of those computing resources by managed C# code ... Would removing them improve over-all development time?

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