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  1. OMP: Error #133: Inconsistent THREADPRIVATE common block ...


    11 Abr 2012 ... I am getting the above fatal error at runtime for code which doesn't involve any common block variables. Instead, the threadprivate variables are ...

  2. OMP abort problem - Intel® Developer Zone


    7 Sep 2005 ... Either all threadprivate common blocks must be declared identically, or the largest ... OMP abort: Inconsistent THREADPRIVATE common block ...

  3. Problem with /Qparallel and /Qopenmp? - Intel® Developer Zone


    29 Dic 2008 ... We found there are some limitations like: Threadprivate dynamic C++ ... was considered serious enough to requirethe inconsistent defaults.

  4. Serial I/O and Timeouts - Intel® Developer Zone


    18 Feb 2002 ... I unfortunately find that the behavior of the READ calls is inconsistent on the different platforms when the device does not respond; Windows ...

  5. OpenMP and pointers - Intel® Developer Zone


    18 Jun 2003 ... This is done, so that thread private copies of arrays can be generated ... If you can't find an inconsistency in your program when the arrays are ...

  6. Unexpected return value of omp_get_thread_num() with tasks


    9 Ene 2014 ... With icc I get inconsistency with the thread numbers inside the for loop and inside the task_func() function. An example for the output:

  7. porting a Fortran-Program from Windows to Linux


    24 Ago 2006 ... fortcom: Warning: /home/michael/files/Includes/linpsd.ins, line 14: Because of COMMON, the alignment of object is inconsistent with its type ...

  8. Is enumerable thread specific the right choice here?


    27 Ene 2011 ... What I want is to simulate the effects of the collisions of these particles locally and , when finished, check if there are any inconsistencies ...

  9. Intel® Open Source OpenMP* Runtime Library


    Inconsistent Speedup. Enviado por Claudia W. el Dom, 17/05/2015 - 07:58. Hi,. I' m new in using OpenMP. I would like to ask about speedup ratio. I running C ...

  10. clenqueueTask uses how many cores?? - Intel® Developer Zone


    7 Feb 2012 ... Be aware that as it's stated in the Release Notes the device fission is experimental and you might have inconsistency in your results. We would ...

  11. Cannot compile simple Hello world on Ubuntu 13.04


    10 May 2013 ... Fixing the simple include path problems discussed above seems to just leave one with a set of inconsistent header files, e.g., in which many ...

  12. Intel® Open Source OpenMP* Runtime Library


    This forum is for discussion of the open-source release of the Intel® OpenMP* runtime library project. As such it will be of interest to compiler and tools writers, ...

  13. Wrong values when calling function in Fortran - Intel® Developer Zone


    Nov 9, 2011 ... If that variable had an inconsistent declaration then you could get surprising behaviour. For what its worth, after I fixed that error and provided a ...

  14. C++ and Intel MKL for Scientific programming


    There is something inconsistent in that statement. First of all, the factorization and decomposition routines are from Lapack, not BLAS. However, if you are calling ...

  15. ICC vs GCC vs LLVM/Clang


    Dom, 01/09/2013 - 16:02. If you're looking for inconsistencies among version of gcc, they're not difficult to find. People still use versions where defaults differ from  ...

  16. Bug in MKL-Lapack95 GESDD - Intel® Developer Zone


    This is inconsistent with what you wrote as the needed size for VT. Perhaps, the documentation needs revision. At any rate, the wrapper routine should check the  ...

  17. Performance Counter Mismatch for data cache misses


    In my experience, seeing inconsistent results 5 times out of 40000 measurements is remarkably good --- especially given the extremely small counts in your ...

  18. Weeks of optimizations and still can't beat the intel compiler


    I think the inconsistent timing comes from thread creation overhead. I forgot to put "normal" in the command line arguments. If you set that, it should use a large ...

  19. MBBRC and lookahead - Intel® Developer Zone


    22 Jul 2013 ... This leads to performance drop due to natural slowness of async=1 plus some inconsistency between application pipeline vs. internal task ...

  20. Deadlock on tbbmalloc process shutdown - Intel® Developer Zone


    Jun 17, 2013 ... If we encounter a locked backRef, just skip it altogether. For these situations, the currBlock is probably in an inconsistent state. Inicio.

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