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  1. OMP: Error #133: Inconsistent THREADPRIVATE common block ...


    11 Abr 2012 ... I am getting the above fatal error at runtime for code which doesn't involve any common block variables. Instead, the threadprivate variables are ...

  2. Unexpected return value of omp_get_thread_num() with tasks


    9 Ene 2014 ... With icc I get inconsistency with the thread numbers inside the for loop and inside the task_func() function. An example for the output:

  3. How to profile hybrid openMP/MPI code


    Aug 17, 2016 ... I probably ran the command to check sep drivers on the login node (which could be an Ivy bridge) that is why the inconsistent result. Meanwhile ...

  4. Sparse addition


    Apr 25, 2013 ... Suppose we can circumvent this problem, will it be a problem to then perform A = A + B, because there is an inconsistency in the size of A on ...

  5. C++ and Intel MKL for Scientific programming


    Jun 23, 2011 ... There is something inconsistent in that statement. First of all, the factorization and decomposition routines are from Lapack, not BLAS. However ...

  6. Bug in MKL-Lapack95 GESDD


    Aug 5, 2010 ... This is inconsistent with what you wrote as the needed size for VT. Perhaps, the documentation needs revision. At any rate, the wrapper routine ...

  7. Cannot compile simple Hello world on Ubuntu 13.04


    10 May 2013 ... Fixing the simple include path problems discussed above seems to just leave one with a set of inconsistent header files, e.g., in which many ...

  8. ICC vs GCC vs LLVM/Clang


    Sep 14, 2012 ... If you're looking for inconsistencies among version of gcc, they're not difficult to find. People still use versions where defaults differ from current ...

  9. PMU for multi threaded environment


    Aug 5, 2016 ... ... always uses a sampling-based approach to performance monitoring, which is fundamentally inconsistent with the interval-based approach.

  10. What does "Floating Point Stack Check" mean


    Feb 3, 2006 ... Resolving the type inconsistencies is the only fix. Steve - Intel Developer Support. Inicio. ferrad. Mar, 07/02/2006 - 21:49. For the record, I fixed ...

  11. Intel® Academic Community Forum (Archived)


    Tema regular, Inconsistency in the IPCC RFP por Raghunath R. Sáb, 30/11/2013 - 07:53, 0, por Raghunath R. Sáb, 30/11/2013 - 07:53. Tema regular, Xeon E5 ...

  12. unusual concurrent bounded queue when used with SCHED_FIFO ...


    Oct 3, 2011 ... However, I see a few inconsistencies in what you wrote in different places, so would like to clarify it. First, do you use bounded queue or ...

  13. Intel® XDK


    sab, 20/08/2016 - 18:48. Tópico relevado, Adesivo: Inconsistent plugins: plugins directory and project file mismatch por Paul F. (Intel), seg, 15/08/2016 - 09:33, 5

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