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  1. Free Intel Visual Fortran for students!


    Intel Fortran is now available under a free, non-commercial license for qualified students on Linux, OS X and WIndows.

  2. Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows*


    This is the place to ask questions of and share information with other users of Intel Visual Fortran. Compaq* Visual Fortran users are also welcomed.

  3. Lahey Fortran TO Intel Fortran


    Dec 27, 2015 ... Hello, I'm finishing my PhD in Geotechincal Engineering, in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. I've implemented Fortran Code within ...

  4. Califica para el software gratruito | Zona para desarrolladores Intel®


    Herramientas Intel® para desarrollo de software gratuitas para: Investigador académico › Para investigaciones académicas en instituciones universitarias.

  5. Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux* and Mac OS X*


    This is the place to ask questions of and share information with other users of Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux* and Intel Fortran Compiler for OS X*. For technical ...

  6. How to Uninstall an Intel Fortran Licenses


    6 Jul 2016 ... Due to unusual circumstances it was necessary to install Fortran on a number of machines, including some virtual machines. Now that things ...

  7. Herramientas Intel® para desarrollo de software - Lista completa ...


    Herramientas de rendimiento de C++ y Fortran para informática técnica, informática empresarial y informática de alto rendimiento en Windows*, Linux* y OS X*.

  8. Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 11.1 is needed


    Hi All, I am a PhD student, and I am working with ABAQUS 6.11 FEM software. It requires specifically Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 11.1 to run some functions of ...

  9. segfaults seen with openmpi compiled against intel fortran compiler


    hace 5 días ... I compiled openmpi against the intel fortran compiler by following the instructions here: ...

  10. Intel Fortran compilers


    30 Jul 2016 ... Try Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran and C++ ... 1 do the Intel® Math Kernel Library include compilers for fortran and c++ ...

  11. Convergence status update - Intel Fortran and CVF


    This is an update regarding the progress Intel's Software Products Division is making in converging Intel Fortran for Windows and Compaq Visual Fortran.

  12. Please Help cant install intel fortran 2016


    Jun 12, 2016 ... Hi please help me parallel_studio_xe_2016_update1 I need install Intel fortran compiler 2016 update 1 in linux ubuntu 16.04lts (ifort) OK When ...

  13. Create a Executable Using Intel Visual FORTRAN XE


    I am looking for steps for creating a simple FORTRAN executable file using Intel Visual FORTRAN XE. I want to run the executable at the Windows 7 Command ...

  14. Is there any option in the intel fortran compiler (ifort) to compile and ...


    5 Sep 2015 ... I know that it is possible to compile in IVF from CMD by using the ifort command. However, that command only compiles and does not run the ...

  15. Intel Fortran Compiler 9 download


    I want to install hdf libraries in intel fortran compiler. When contacted the hdf group support, I recieved a response from them which essentially said that the ...

  16. transferring several strings from VS 2013 to Intel Fortran dll


    Apr 26, 2016 ... Hi, I 'm stuck when trying to transfer more than one string from VS 2013 to Intel Fortran dll. One string and some data arrays are transferred ...

  17. source environmental variables failed after installing Intel Fortran 2016


    6 Ago 2016 ... I need to install Intel Fortran to finish the numerical calculation work. After I installed the IVF 2016,I could not source my environmental variable(I ...

  18. Link netcdf library in Intel FORTRAN


    I used Compaq Visual Fortran to read netcdf file and used the following command f90 myprog.f -link c:\netcdf\lib\netcdf.lib to read netcdf format file.

  19. Linking Intel Visual Fortran v11 with abaqus 6.13


    That program required me to install Visual Fortran Compiler to run it. I have install Visual Fortran Compiler Pro 11.1.060. But when I try to verify the program, ...

  20. Intel Fortran compiler that works with Visual Studio 2008?


    17 May 2016 ... Would it be possible to get a past version of an Intel Fortran compiler that works with VS 2008, even if Intel no longer offers support for that ...

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