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  1. Buscar | Zona para desarrolladores Intel® - Intel® Developer Zone


    There is an insidious optimizer bug in Intel Fortran compilers, version 8 and later, ... Are you able to compare the signon string above with the one that you .

  2. How to resolve internal error when compiling existing Fortran ...


    20 May 2015 ... I have a Fortran solution which compiled without problem using IVF in MSVS 2010 Professional. ... Compiling with Intel(R) Visual Fortran 11.1.065 [IA-32]. ... To me, "Aborting due to internal error" implies a bug in the compiler version of ... Are you able to compare the signon string above with the one that you ...

  3. index() broken in ifort 8.0


    By comparison, this code on DEC/Compaq/HP Fortran gives 0 and 13 which seems correct. ... Don't know why, but maybe this can help you track down the bug. ... code works with the Windows and linux compilers, with no change in decoration, ... but gives less performance, as the string comparison is not expanded in line.

  4. Compilation error #6866: Dotted string is neither a defined operator ...


    24 Ene 2016 ... First off, my compiler and some platform details: ... 2, ifort (IFORT) 16.0.1 20151021 ... 35, FUNCTION Compare( x, y ) RESULT ( is_equal ) .... Obviously I would still like the compiler bug to be fixed, but thanks to FortranFan for ...

  5. Fortran Dll file size by IVF 8.0 much larger than by CVF 6.x - Intel ...


    Curious - I'm not aware of any bugs in CVF's array bounds checking. ... Change the test in getcondition to compare against 5 rather than 20 and you'll see that the array ... In that regard, the intel fortran compiler works just differently. ... but it seems that the compiler is inserting a string for the message (ready for formatting with ...

  6. Some noted differences between Compaq VF6 and Intel VFC ...


    Jan 20, 2011 ... I just attained trial copies of Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 and ... For instance, Compaq VF6 executables did not require quotes around text strings in order to ... There may have been a bug fixed in this area in the last 7-8 years. .... Please try a Release build with both compilers and compare.

  7. Interop C and Fortran problem


    24 Feb 2016 ... Inicio › Foros › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Fortran Compiler for .... 50, text_ c = f_to_c_string(text) ! convert to c string for compatibility .... some earlier versions of ifort as we had a bug in how we interpreted ... My task is to implement hash functions library in fortran and I needed to compare ...

  8. Try the 6.5 to 6.6 upgrade! - Intel® Developer Zone


    CHM, (usually the INFODFDOC folder of your Visual Fortran CD-ROM), or Cancel ... thought you were writing a C string when you were writing a Fortran string? .... I have not the old version left to compare) that the compilation with the release .... Steve, I have tested CVF 6.6 for a compiler bug that I got in version 6.5A, it's OK.

  9. what's wrong with this IF statement


    Aug 25, 2015 ... button on the Properties Pages view to quickly open the Intel Fortran ... of (or search) the Fortran compiler help (Help > Intel Compilers and ...

  10. direct-access I/O to unit open for keyed access - Intel® Developer ...


    Is it pure ACML problem or some vulnerability in ifort is exposed? ... run of this program (and show the code by doing a "cat" of the file before the compile. ... So my guess is there is a bug in ACML that reveales a vulnerability in ifort. ... You can see that the data at 0x2b0 is not the same, and is the name string for the input file.

  11. Help with porting from VAX to ALPHA


    The DAUNDEFEP error indicates a bug in your code which you need to fix ... Also I don't have access to Fortran User Manual to OpenVMS Alpha, ... You should be able to examine the string being read from and compare it to ... VAX RTL, but this requires that you compile with the /TIE switch and link with /NONATIVE_ONLY.

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