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  1. Intel® MKL 11.0 Release Notes | Intel® Developer Zone


    Jul 10, 2012 ... Release Notes for Intel MKL 11.0. ... What's New in Intel® MKL 11.0 update 4. Included a fix for SVD multithreading Issue ... From Tools > Internet Options > Security, add “about:internet” to the list of trusted sites. Optionally, you ...

  2. Intel® MKL 11.0 System Requirements | Intel® Developer Zone


    Aug 17, 2012 ... The lists below pertain only to the system requirements necessary to support developing applications with Intel MKL. Please review your ...

  3. Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) | Intel® Developer Zone


    Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) accelerates math processing routines that increase application performance and reduce development time.

  4. Intel® Math Kernel Library – Documentation | Intel® Developer Zone


    Aug 15, 2012 ... Documentation Intel® Math Kernel Library Release Notes Intel® ... Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.2 for Linux* User's Guide (PDF) ... Downloadable HTML | PDF; Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.0 Update 5 Reference Manual

  5. Intel® MKL 11.0 Install Guide | Intel® Developer Zone


    Apr 13, 2012 ... Installation instructions for the Intel® Math Kernel Library. ... Requirements · Intel ® MKL 11.0 Getting Started · Intel® MKL 11.0 Bug Fixes ... Intel MKL no longer has a distinct installation directory, it is located in a subdirectory of ...

  6. Intel MKL 11.1 Install Guide | Intel® Developer Zone


    Mar 29, 2013 ... Intel MKL no longer has a distinct installation directory, it is located .... (C++ Composer XE 2013, Fortran Composer XE 2013, MKL 11.0, …) .... strongly recommended that you fix all issues before continuing with the installation.

  7. Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.0 | Intel® Developer Zone


    Jul 2, 2012 ... This document contains details about the Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.0 (Intel® MKL 11.0) new features.

  8. Seg fault in dqeqp3_ with 2012 Composer XE on Linux 64bit


    27 Jun 2013 ... The MKL 11.0.5 version solved this problem. ... add bug list reference here. ... http ://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-mkl-102-fixes-list.

  9. Notas de la versión


    Enviado por Kittur Ganesh (... el Dom, 27/09/2015 - 11:28. This page provides ... 23/08/2015 - 17:14. A list of bugs fixed in Intel® Math Kernel Library update 11.3.

  10. Welcome to the Intel C++ Compiler Forum!


    26 Sep 2008 ... The 14.0 Intel compiler does support the c++11 initializer list feature. .... so, how to build openmp (static)? how to fix the error above? ... lib/intel64:/opt/intel/ composer_xe_2013.5.192/mkl/lib/intel64:/opt/intel/composer_xe_2013 ...

  11. Large overhead and spin time reported in MKL functions


    note: Vtune Amplifier update 11, Intel Composer XE 2013 are used. .... I haven't seen MKL use schedule dynamic, rather, an internal algorithm is used for ... To fix this, VTune should apply smarter rules, so library computations are not marked ...

  12. MKL DFTI Linking Takes Forever


    Mié, 28/10/2009 - 11:51 ... If I don't have the Fortran => Libraries => Use Intel Math Kernel Library set to ... Turning off IPO in the Linker did indeed fix the problem. ... Fortran->Libraries->Runtime Library contains a list of configurations, pick one ...

  13. getrf & getrs caused a 'corrupted double-linked list' error


    12 Mar 2015 ... Hi, We are using MKL calls dgetrf & dgetrs from MKL 11.2 Update 2 to ... https:// software.intel.com/en-us/node/520892#642A8C07-088C-408D-BC89-D0F. ... fixes the bug i.e. we do not see the 'corrupted double-linked list' error anymore and the program exits normally. ... 11, Integer , Allocatable :: ipiv(:) ...

  14. ZGEMM on Intel MIC


    12 Mar 2013 ... My suggestion is to try ZGEMM from Intel MKL for MIC. ... (Resolution Update on 11/27/2013): This defect is fixed in the Intel C++ Composer XE 2013 SP1 Initial Release ... Here is the list of shuffle/permute intrinsics for KNC:.

  15. catastrophic error: cannot open source file "iostream"


    mpich- install /bin/mpiicpc -mkl nine_by_nine.c -o nnine_by_nine.c ... PS - My product is: Intel® Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition for C++ Linux* for student-use only. EDIT: ... 11, g++: error: /lib/intel64/libmkl_intel_thread.a: No such file or directory ... You would check mpich docs on how to fix that with mpich. it doesn't ...

  16. can't use IMSL fortran library - Intel® Developer Zone


    Dear all I have followed the instruction as to how use IMSL from Intel Fortran Compiler. ... You also need to correct the entry $(FNL_DIR)\IA32\lib in the list of library .... After you fix that, please set the project property Linker > General > Show .... /debug:full /Od /I"C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Compiler\11.1\067\mkl\ ia32\lib" ...

  17. Free Intel Fortran for students is back!


    30 Jun 2015 ... Intel Fortran is now available under a free, non-commercial license for ... Please submit a request to add your college to our list, and check back ... Mar, 11/08/ 2015 - 07:17 ... Intel (Linux*)--Intel® Math Kernel Library for Linux*--version 11.2 to ... The links on the Free Tools for Students page have been fixed.

  18. Calls using FFTW wrapper don't seem to be thread safe


    The only change required to use Intel MKL through the FFTW3 wrappers is to link your ... Implementation of the fix is in progress. .... 11, export KMP_AFFINITY= " VERBOSE,granularity=fine,proclist=[0,4,8,12,16,20,24,28,1,2,3,5,6,7,9,10,11 ... The affinity for OMP_NUM_THREADS=16 lists only 15 CPUs -- this is likely an error.

  19. Apple OS X 10.9: ld: warning: can't find atom for N_GSYM stabs


    11, /path/to/lapack-3.5.0_intel-15.0_osx-10.9/lib/liblapack.a ..... m_ccompxe_2016.0.033 seems to have fixed the problem. ... fxeomac08/ libtbbmalloc/backend.o unable to open object file: No such file or directory (null): warning: (x86_64) ...

  20. Why no simple linear equation solver?


    Aug 24, 2015 ... I looked in the INTEL MATH KERNEL library, and could not find a routine ... Reading the contents list of the MKL manual, or reading the similar listing of the contents of Lapack on .... But I also had to fix that REAL(WP) statement made it REAL(4) ... The F95 interface works fine, as you should see from #11.

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