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  1. Announcing Intel IPP 2017 release


    7 Sep 2016 ... Intel® IPP 2017 is now available. This release added new Platform-Aware APIs to support 64-bit parameters for image dimensions and vector ...

  2. ipp 8 deploymeny


    28 Oct 2016 ... Dear IPP Friends: I am wondering where I can information regarding .dll of ipp 8 deployment? I remember it used to be very easy to find with ...

  3. reason for parallel studio xe 2017 with ipp download?


    26 Sep 2016 ... I wanted IPP 2017, Community version (or as the free version may be called). Last I used IPP was mostly in the v3 and v4 days, for ARM.

  4. Intel® IPP 9.0 Update 3 is available


    Intel® IPP 9.0 Update 3 is now available. IPP 9.0.x release added the new Intel® AVX-512 optimization for the computer vision and image processing functions, ...

  5. IPP Java language interface for 64 bit environment


    29 Ago 2016 ... Do you happen to know what is the latest ComposerXE/IPP version where the java ... no longer provide java language-interface IPP-sample.

  6. Missing ipp_zlib in IPP 9.0 Update 3?


    19 Ago 2016 ... Hi, I've decided to try out the IPP version of zlib, but its /interfaces/data- compression/ipp_zlib folder (according to the documentation seems to ...

  7. How to get the old version of IPP sample for speech codec?


    25 May 2016 ... hi, I want to use the Speech Codec of IPP to optimize my application in linux, but I found they are not the part of the newest IPP, I checked the ...

  8. Download IPP Old Versions


    3 Oct 2016 ... Hi, Although I know the guides about downloading product old versions, I cannot see the download link for old versions. I have a registered ...

  9. IPP and modern C++ techniques


    ... out), and I think it is time to ask it again. In my discussion I mainly refer to the image processing part of IPP though the general idea extends to other part as well.

  10. About IPP Function "DemosaicAHD"


    25 Sep 2016 ... I'm interested in evaluating the performance of the IPP CFAToRGB and DemosaicAHD demosaicing functionality. I am new in using IPP library.

  11. where is ippsc in ipp 9.0


    19 Jul 2016 ... Hi, Recently, I use Intel IPP 9.0 for G729 speech codec, but I can't find ippsc module which I have used in IPP 6.0. Some IPP 6.0 function like ...

  12. IPP version 6


    30 Ago 2016 ... Hi, Is IPP version 6 is still available fur purchase or download? Thanks.

  13. Pascal interfaces for IPP 9


    8 Sep 2016 ... I have created and uploaded FreePascal interfaces for IPP version 9 here http:// adriaan.biz/intel/ipp.pas.zip. Regards, Adriaan van Os.

  14. Compatibility of IPP with Universal Windows Platforms (UWP ...


    15 Jun 2016 ... We want to use a thirdparty library in our Windows Universal App which is using Intel IPP 8.1. But the upload to the Windows App Store failed.

  15. Using Hardware Acceleration for Video Decoding in C++ with IPP on ...


    Dear reader, in our own video decoder software we use the IPP to decode simple CIF videos with 352x288 as resolution. On our target this video format is ...

  16. How to enable IPP library on C1000 sensor subsystem core


    13 Oct 2016 ... Hi From the example "Accelerometer", It mentions that can optionally make use of the IPP library to print statistical data. But how to config the ...

  17. Super-resolution image (huge image) support in Intel® IPP 2017 Beta


    21 Abr 2016 ... Intel® IPP 2017 Beta introduced the new APIs (Intel® IPP 64x functions) that can support 64-bit data length in the image and signal processing ...

  18. Problem using IPP 9.0 legacy libraries


    14 Ene 2016 ... I'm trying to update a library built with IPP 7.0 to the latest version, 9.0 Update 1. It used the IPP speech codec libippsc which has been removed ...

  19. C# in IPP 9? Need 64bit C# ipp


    30 Mar 2016 ... I am looking for an IPP version that has a C# layer and examples for 64 bit Windows OS (7pro)... IPP 7 had a C# interface but not 64bit, IPP 9 ...

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