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  1. Redeem old Intel IPP 5.1.1 license


    5 Feb 2016 ... ... it's considered as an invalid license file. How can we redeem that license file or get a new one for Intel IPP 5.1? Thanks in advance. Regards.

  2. Problem using IPP 9.0 legacy libraries


    14 Ene 2016 ... I'm trying to update a library built with IPP 7.0 to the latest version, 9.0 Update 1. It used the IPP speech codec libippsc which has been removed ...

  3. Obtaining Product Serial Numbers for Legacy versions of IPP and MKL


    29 Ene 2016 ... We have a legacy software product which uses the Intel MKL v9.0 and the Intel IPP Library v 5.1 and are not able to locate the product serial ...

  4. C# in IPP 9? Need 64bit C# ipp


    30 Mar 2016 ... I am looking for an IPP version that has a C# layer and examples for 64 bit Windows OS (7pro)... IPP 7 had a C# interface but not 64bit, IPP 9 ...

  5. Super-resolution image (huge image) support in Intel® IPP 2017 Beta


    21 Abr 2016 ... Intel® IPP 2017 Beta introduced the new APIs (Intel® IPP 64x functions) that can support 64-bit data length in the image and signal processing ...

  6. upgrade video codec h264 sample for ipp 7 to ipp 9


    11 Ene 2016 ... Hello, We have been using IPP 7 and their related version of h264 codec samples (vm, umc,…) but we have recently been facing some issues ...

  7. IPP smp performance


    16 Feb 2016 ... Hello, I have a problem with low porformans of IPP library on smp multicore system.( have an i7-4700EQ processor and Hyperthreading ...

  8. IPP-styled documentation


    24 Feb 2016 ... Hello, I'm really inspired by the IPP documentation and would love to make something simillar for my projects. Do you have any suggestions ...

  9. IPP Resize Cubic result does not match with matlab imresize


    8 Mar 2016 ... Hi , I am using IPP 8.0 resize "ippiResizeCubic_8u_C1R" function . But my result does not match with matlab result. ( Input Matrix ) a = 0 1 2 3 4 ...

  10. How to download olderversions of IPP


    1 Abr 2016 ... Hi, How can I download IPP V8.2 with a community licence? I have an older RHEL5 legacy machine and IPP version 8.2 seems to be the latest ...

  11. Build OpenCV with IPP 8.1


    11 Feb 2016 ... I have a build environment where I am required to use IPP 8.1 I need to rebuild the OpenCV library to use IPP 8.1. It was previously compiled ...

  12. Possible bug of Intel IPP 9.0 for Resize image.


    24 Mar 2016 ... Hi staff, I have worked for a time with the new resize functions in IPP 9.0. and I'm getting some problems which need a help: I have a input ...

  13. Getting started with IPP


    Hi, I have not used IPP before and was tasked to do benchmarking of 2D correlation/convolution function with IPP. I have some questions which will aid in my ...

  14. Intel IPP crypto support for AES-XTS


    21 Ene 2016 ... Hi, I recently downloaded (purchased) IPP crypto library. Our use case is to do encryption using AES-256 in XTS mode. Unfortunately I could ...

  15. old version od IPP (5.3) license


    26 Feb 2016 ... I then tried to download an old version of IPP (5.3) but the installation does not accept the license number I got for parallel studio latest version.

  16. Multi Threading Performance in Intel IPP 8.2 Update 6


    hace 1 día ... Hello, I'm using Intel IPP which comes with Intel Composer 2015 Update 6 (I think it is Intel IPP 8.2). I installed the Intel IPP Multi Threaded ...

  17. CMake link errors encounted while building Intel IPP Linux shared ...


    29 Sep 2015 ... After using CMake to build the Intel IPP Linux shared object with: ./build.sh -- sample=audio-video-codecs --arch=intel64 --ws=make ...

  18. Can't build IPP 8 samples on IPP 9


    11 Nov 2015 ... Intel(R) IPP was found here: /home/hc/intel/compilers_and_libraries_2016.0.109/ linux/ipp -- folder with libraries: ...

  19. Ipp 9.0 ippiMul method doens't support 32fc_C1R


    22 Feb 2016 ... I would like to update IPP from 7.0 to 9.0. But I found a method "ippiMul_" method (used to multiply two images) doesn't support complex value.

  20. Where are the IPP DLLs in w_inde_2015.1.016.exe


    17 Feb 2015 ... Hi, I just installed the evaluation of IPP from INDE, and I can see the .h files, and the .lib files, but I cannot see the .DLL files. I searched, and ...

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