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  1. ipp-samples 7.0.6 H264 decoder ... - Intel® Developer Zone


    2 May 2012 ... I switched from old IPP 5 with coresponding IPP-samples to 7.0.6 IPP + ipp- samples It appeeared, that MP4 decoder works fine, but H264 ...

  2. IPP H264 decoder performance issue with high resolution


    30 Mar 2016 ... Hi, I am using IPP version 7.0 for decoding H264 video stream for RT application. When trying to decode high resolution of 2640x2640@30fps I ...

  3. In IPP 7.0 release H264 decoder enters in infinite loop


    17 Dic 2010 ... Hi, I was trying to run H264 decoder using the IPP 7 libraries and Sample code but H264 decoder enters in infinite loop. while trying to debug i ...

  4. H.264 performence issues in IPP 7.0.2 - Intel® Software


    Mar 10, 2011 ... Hello, after changing from IPP version 6.1 to 7.0.2 we encountered a performance issue with our video decoder implementation.

  5. IPP 7.0.5 H264 init tables thread safe - Intel® Developer Zone


    27 Oct 2011 ... I think that the variableIpp32u H264VideoDecoder::m_iInstances = 0;it's not threadsafe. So could be a problem if multiple threads access the ...

  6. IPP Samples 7.0 H264 distorted color - Intel® Developer Zone


    15 Abr 2011 ... Hi all, I'm developing a real time streaming application on 32bit Linux platform where raw YUY2 images are encoded using H264 codec.

  7. IPP 7.0 H264 decoder gives corrupted o/p when i/p with H264 High ...


    9 Ene 2011 ... Hi, i was trying to decode a H264 high profile encoded video stream (1920x1080) using IPP 7.0 single threaded H264 decoder. The decoded ...

  8. IPP 7.0.4 H264 error - Intel® Developer Zone


    26 May 2011 ... I think the problem could be in the H264 Initialization table: in 7.0.3 the task was done by a static class. in 7.0.4 the code is moved in the ...

  9. IPP 7.0 H264 decoder problems (windows) - Intel® Developer Zone


    3 Feb 2011 ... Hi,we have migrated our h264 decoder which used ipp 6 to ipp 7.0.2. Unfortunately, it doesn't work well. When in debug mode it throws ...

  10. IPP H.264 Encoder Question (possibly a bug?)


    8 Ago 2011 ... Hello, I have a question about the UMC H.264 Encoder. ... Code Samples for the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel IPP) Library 7.0*.

  11. "FRAME_INTERPOLATION" definition in the IPP 7.0 H264 encoder


    17 Feb 2012 ... The "FRAME_INTERPOLATION" definition IS USED BY THE CURRENT ipp SAMPLE CODE (H264 encoder) to switch the way how the half pel ...

  12. H264 decoding problem - Intel® Software


    Apr 24, 2012 ... I have a H264 decoder based on IPP 6.1.6 (both the IPP and the ... H264 streams (the problem can be reproduced with 7.0.6 version as well).

  13. h264 Encoder in 7.1 slower than in 7.0 - Intel® Developer Zone


    1 Mar 2013 ... Hi there, I ported my H264 Encoder to IPP v7.1 using the samples that I built as dynamic multithreaded libraries and now the performance is ...

  14. Buscar | Zona para desarrolladores Intel® - Intel® Developer Zone


    30 Mar 2016 ... Hi, I am using IPP version 7.0 for decoding H264 video stream for RT application. When trying to decode high resolution of 2640x2640@30fps I ..

  15. H264 decoder high CPU usage issue - Intel® Developer Zone


    13 Dic 2013 ... Hi, I want to use the H264VideoDecoder of IPP 7.0 I built the example " simple_player.exe" to play a 1920x1080 h.264 video. I found very high ...

  16. H264 exception - Intel® Developer Zone


    Feb 19, 2012 ... Dear H264 experts, we have a H264 decoder based on Intel IPP 6.1 and the ... IPP 6.1 h264 decoder to produce an exception and the IPP 7.0.6 ...

  17. Buscar | Software Intel® - Intel® Developer Zone


    I think the IPP 7.0 beta is built by intel C++ with VS 2008, so some library is ... You should see better threading ... IPP H.264 Encoder Question (possibly a bug?)

  18. IPP H.264 Encoder - Intel® Developer Zone


    9 Jul 2011 ... Right now I would like to do the same thing with Intel IPP H.264 Encoder ... Intel IPP for Windows* version 7.0; Intel C++ Compiler for Windows*: ...

  19. callgrind / valgrind + h264 decoder gets killed in ipp libraries


    Jun 19, 2011 ... callgrind / valgrind + h264 decoder gets killed in ipp libraries .... (in /opt/intel/ composerxe-2011.3.174/ipp/lib/intel64/libippsy8.so.7.0)==26274== ...

  20. Linking IPP 7.0.1 libraries - Intel® Developer Zone


    11 Jul 2014 ... I am creating a MP4 video with MPEG4 muxer and H264 Encoder using IPP UMC samples version I need help in linking the IPP ...

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